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Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)


[ABoVE logo]The Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) is a NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program field campaign being conducted in Alaska and western Canada, for 8 to 10 years, starting in 2015. Research for ABoVE links field-based, process-level studies with geospatial data products derived from airborne and satellite sensors, providing a foundation for improving the analysis, and modeling capabilities needed to understand and predict ecosystem responses to, and societal implications of, climate change in the Arctic and Boreal regions.

Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment Datasets List

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Airborne Science (27 datasets)

select all Airborne Science ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size THREDDS
*ABoVE/ASCENDS: Atmospheric Backscattering Coefficient Profiles from CO2 Sounder, 20172022-05-04 user guide download 209.3MB
*Summary of the ABoVE L-band and P-band Airborne SAR Surveys, 2012-20222023-10-20 user guide download 4.5MB
*ABoVE/ASCENDS: Active Sensing of CO2, CH4, and Water Vapor, Alaska and Canada, 20172022-05-04 user guide download 27.1MB
*ABoVE/ASCENDS: Merged Atmospheric CO2, CH4, and Meteorological Data, 20172022-12-29 user guide
*ABoVE: LVIS L3 Gridded Vegetation Structure across North America, 2017 and 20192022-05-04 user guide
*ABoVE: Aerial Photographs of Frozen Lakes near Fairbanks, Alaska, October 20142021-03-31 user guide download 4.5GB
*ABoVE: Bias-Corrected IMERG Monthly Precipitation for Alaska and Canada, 2000-20202022-11-17 user guide download 159.1MB
*ABoVE: Hyperspectral Imagery AVIRIS-NG, Alaskan and Canadian Arctic, 2017-2019 V22022-11-17 user guide
*ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness from Airborne L- and P- band SAR, Alaska, 2017, Ver. 32022-08-31 user guide download 7.0GBthredds
*ABoVE: Wetland Vegetation Classification for Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada, 20192022-06-24 user guide download 58.4MB
*ABoVE: Atmospheric Gas Concentrations from Airborne Flasks, Arctic-CAP, 20172020-01-28 user guide download 809.1KB
*ABoVE: Lake and Wetland Classification from L-band SAR, Alaska and Canada, 2017-20192021-12-21 user guide download 1.2GB
*ABoVE: Level-4 WRF-STILT Footprint Files for Circumpolar Receptors, 2016-20192021-12-08 user guide
*ABoVE: Level-4 WRF-STILT Particle Trajectories for Circumpolar Receptors, 2016-20192021-12-08 user guide
*ABoVE: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from UAVSAR P-band SAR, Alaska and Canada, 20172021-02-18 user guide
*ABoVE: Annual Aboveground Biomass for Boreal Forests of ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-20142021-02-27 user guide
*ABoVE: Needle-Level Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Alaska and Idaho, USA, 2017 and 20192020-09-17 user guide download 270.9KB
*ABoVE: SAR-based Methane Ebullition Flux from Lakes, Five Regions, Alaska, 2007-20102020-07-15 user guide download 20.5MB
*ABoVE: Vegetation Composition across Fire History Gradients on the Y-K Delta, Alaska2020-05-15 user guide download 1.3GB
*ABoVE: AirSWOT Water Masks from Color-Infrared Imagery over Alaska and Canada, 20172020-02-21 user guide download 1.4GB
*Pre-ABoVE: L1 S-0 Polarimetric Data from AirMOSS P-band SAR, Alaska, 2014-20152019-10-30 user guide
*ABoVE: AirSWOT Radar, Orthomosaic, and Water Masks, Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska, 20152019-05-30 user guide download 11.3GB
*ABoVE: Atmospheric Profiles of CO, CO2 and CH4 Concentrations from Arctic-CAP, 20172019-05-02 user guide download 5.7MB
*ABoVE: Active Layer and Soil Moisture Properties from AirMOSS P-band SAR in Alaska2019-04-25 user guide download 14.2GB
*ABoVE: AirSWOT Ka-band Radar over Surface Waters of Alaska and Canada, 20172019-03-29 user guide
*ABoVE: AirSWOT Color-Infrared Imagery Over Alaska and Canada, 20172018-11-29 user guide
*ABoVE: Directory of Field Sites Associated with 2017 ABoVE Airborne Campaign2018-09-18 user guide download 2.8MB

Carbon Dynamics (18 datasets)

select all Carbon Dynamics ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*CO2 and CH4 Fluxes from Waterbodies, Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska, 2016-2019 NEW2024-05-09 user guide download 21.2MB
*ABoVE: Year-Round Soil CO2 Efflux in Alaskan Ecosystems, Version 2.12020-02-14 user guide download 6.4MB
*Gridded Winter Soil CO2 Flux Estimates for pan-Arctic and Boreal Regions, 2003-21002019-09-12 user guide download 165.7MB
*Gridded CO2 and CH4 Flux Estimates for pan-Arctic and Boreal Regions, 2003-20152024-03-22 user guide
*ABoVE: Light-Curve Modelling of Gridded GPP Using MODIS MAIAC and Flux Tower Data2022-09-08 user guide
*ABoVE: Methane Ebullition Hotspots in Frozen Lakes near Fairbanks, Alaska, Oct 20142021-03-31 user guide download 1.2MB
*Soil Respiration Maps for the ABoVE Domain, 2016-20172022-04-20 user guide download 3.3GB
*The ABCflux Database: Arctic-Boreal CO2 Flux and Site Environmental Data, 1989-20202021-11-23 user guide download 963.6KB
*Synthesis of Winter In Situ Soil CO2 Flux in pan-Arctic and Boreal Regions, 1989-20172019-09-13 user guide download 358.2KB
*ABoVE: MODIS-Derived Daily Mean Blue Sky Albedo for Northern North America, 2000-20172020-01-23 user guide
*ABoVE: Spatial Estimates of Carbon Combustion from Wildfires across SK, Canada, 20152020-07-15 user guide download 150.8MB
*ABoVE: Methane Flux across Two Thermokarst Lake Ecosystems, Interior Alaska, 20182020-06-26 user guide download 651.7KB
*ABoVE: Characterization of Burned and Unburned Boreal Forest Stands, SK, Canada, 20162020-02-14 user guide download 5.6MB
*ABoVE: Multi-model Uncertainty of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes across ABoVE Domain, 20032019-04-18 user guide download 424.5KB
*ABoVE: Wildfire Carbon Emissions and Burned Plot Characteristics, NWT, CA, 2014-20162018-07-30 user guide download 350.2MBsdat
*ABoVE: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes and Meteorology at Flux Tower Sites, Alaska, 2015-20172018-05-24 user guide download 20.9MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Gridded Footprints from WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, Alaska, 1982-20112018-05-15 user guide download 1.4GB
*Pre-ABoVE: Particle Trajectories for WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, AK, 1982-20112018-05-15 user guide

Fire Disturbance (18 datasets)

select all Fire Disturbance ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*Simulated Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Estimates over Alaska, 2001-20152024-04-24 user guide download 243.6MB
*Arctic Boreal Annual Burned Area, Circumpolar Boreal Forest and Tundra, V2, 2002-20222024-03-18 user guide download 9.4MB
*ABoVE: Synthesis of Post-Fire Regeneration Across Boreal North America2022-09-14 user guide download 403.5KB
*ABoVE: Post-Fire and Unburned Vegetation Community and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 20192022-09-08 user guide download 4.1MB
*ABoVE: Burned Area, Depth, and Combustion for Alaska and Canada, 2001-20192022-06-24 user guide download 203.0MB
*ABoVE: Synthesis of Burned and Unburned Forest Site Data, AK and Canada, 1983-20162020-05-07 user guide download 607.1KB
*Burned and Unburned Field Site Data, Noatak, Seward, and North Slope, AK, 2016-20182022-03-21 user guide download 217.9MB
*ABoVE: Ignitions, Burned Area, and Emissions of Fires in AK, YT, and NWT, 2001-20182021-06-22 user guide download 44.3MB
*ABoVE: Wildfire Date of Burning within Fire Scars across Alaska and Canada, 2001-20192017-12-27 user guide download 2.2GB
*ABoVE: Burn Severity of Soil Organic Matter, Northwest Territories, Canada, 2014-20152020-02-14 user guide download 15.7MB
*ABoVE: Ecosystem Map, Great Slave Lake Area, Northwest Territories, Canada, 1997-20112019-11-18 user guide download 152.6MB
*ABoVE: Post-Fire and Unburned Vegetation Community and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 20182019-08-30 user guide download 626.4KB
*ABoVE: Characterization of Carbon Dynamics in Burned Forest Plots, NWT, Canada, 20142019-04-12 user guide download 1.2MB
*ABoVE: Characterization of Burned and Unburned Spruce Forest Sites, Tanana, AK, 20172019-02-26 user guide download 517.5KB
*ABoVE: AVHRR-Derived Forest Fire Burned Area-Hot Spots, Alaska and Canada, 1989-20002018-02-14 user guide download 17.1MB
*ABoVE: Landsat-derived Burn Scar dNBR across Alaska and Canada, 1985-20152018-07-13 user guide download 4.5GBsdat
*ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 2015-20162017-09-27 user guide download 3.6GB
*ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, Landcover and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 20142016-05-11 user guide download 1.8GBsdat

Hydrology & Permafrost (42 datasets)

select all Hydrology & Permafrost ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*ABoVE: Soil Temperature and VWC at Unburned and Burned Sites Across Alaska, 2016-20232021-08-27 user guide download 3.5MB
*ABoVE: Active Layer Soil Characterization of Permafrost Sites, Northern Alaska, 20182020-07-08 user guide download 3.7MB
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snowpack Main Melt Onset Date Maps, 1988-20182021-04-30 user guide download 5.0MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Ground-penetrating Radar Measurements of ALT on the Alaska North Slope2015-09-25 user guide download 148.8MB
*ABoVE: Upscaled Active Layer Thickness in Northern Alaska, 2014-20172024-04-24 user guide download 7.1GB
*Probabilistic Freeze-Thaw Record for the Northern Hemisphere, 2016-20202024-04-24 user guide download 3.9GB
*Trends of Thermal, Wetness, and Vegetative Change in the Circumpolar Arctic2024-02-29 user guide download 273.2MB
*ABoVE: Thaw Depth at Selected Unburned and Burned Sites Across Alaska2018-04-17 user guide download 272.0KB
*ABoVE: Active Layer Soil Characteristics at Selected Sites Across Alaska2024-01-30 user guide download 290.4MB
*Lake Bathymetry Maps derived from Landsat and Random Forest Modeling, North Slope, AK2024-01-12 user guide download 307.9MB
*Soil Matric Potential, Dielectric, and Physical Properties, Arctic Alaska, 20182023-07-13 user guide download 509.0KB
*ABoVE: Lake and Pond Extents in Alaskan Boreal and Tundra Subregions, 2019-20212023-02-15 user guide download 195.3MB
*Daily SnowModel Outputs Covering the ABoVE Core Domain, 3-km Resolution, 1980-20202023-01-27 user guide
*ABoVE: Wetland Inundation Coverage at Yukon Flats, AK and PA Delta, Canada, 2017-20192022-09-22 user guide download 158.1MB
*ABoVE: Soil Temperature Profiles, USArray Seismic Stations, 2016-20212019-06-17 user guide download 3.8MB
*Projections of Permafrost Thaw and Carbon Release for RCP 4.5 and 8.5, 1901-22992022-04-20 user guide
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snow Melt Duration Date Maps, 1988-20182021-04-30 user guide download 3.2MB
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snowoff Date Maps, 1988-20182020-01-09 user guide download 2.6MB
*ABoVE: Environmental Conditions and Subsistence Resource Access, Alaska, 2016-20172019-08-26 user guide download 405.0MB
*Methane Fluxes from Shorelines and Differing Surfaces, Big Trail Lake, Alaska, 20192021-12-21 user guide download 293.7KB
*ABoVE: Soil Moisture and Active Layer Thickness in Alaska and NWT, Canada, 2008-20202021-10-29 user guide download 5.2MB
*ABoVE: Lake Growing Season Green Surface Reflectance Trends, AK and Canada, 1984-20192021-07-21 user guide download 151.5MB
*ABoVE: Historical Lake Shorelines and Areas near Fairbanks, Alaska from 1949-20092021-03-31 user guide download 1.8MB
*ABoVE: High Resolution Cloud-Free Snow Cover Extent and Snow Depth, Alaska, 2001-20172020-07-02 user guide download 2.0GB
*ABoVE: Soil Temperature Profiles, USArray Seismic Stations, AK and Canada, 2016-20192020-06-30 user guide download 2.9MB
*ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness from Remote Sensing Permafrost Model, Alaska, 2001-20152020-05-06 user guide download 34.1MB
*ABoVE: Annual Thaw Slump Expansion on East Fork Chandalar River, Alaska, 2008-20172019-12-17 user guide download 6.9MB
*ABoVE: Soil Active Layer Thaw Depths at CRREL sites near Fairbanks, Alaska, 2014-20182019-08-28 user guide download 9.3MB
*ABoVE: End of Season Snow Depth at CRREL sites near Fairbanks, Alaska, 2014-20192019-08-27 user guide download 1.7MB
*ABoVE: River Ice Breakup and Freeze-up Stages, Yukon River Basin, Alaska, 1972-20162019-07-20 user guide download 329.0KB
*ABoVE: Monthly Hydrological Fluxes for Canada and Alaska, 1979-20182019-06-13 user guide download 1.2GB
*Timeseries of Arctic-Boreal Lake Area Derived from CubeSat Imagery, 20172019-05-10 user guide download 390.0MB
*Snow Depth, Stratigraphy, and Temperature in Wrangell St Elias NP, Alaska, 2016-20182019-04-12 user guide
*ABoVE: Surface Water Extent, Boreal and Tundra Regions, North America, 1991-20112018-08-03 user guide download 1.7GBsdat
*ABoVE: Riverbank Erosion and Vegetation Changes, Yukon River Basin, Alaska, 1984-20172018-12-31 user guide download 5.8MBsdat
*ABoVE: Rain-on-Snow Frequency and Distribution during Cold Seasons, Alaska, 2003-20162018-12-19 user guide download 1.6MBsdat
*ABoVE: Permafrost Measurements and Distribution Across the Y-K Delta, Alaska, 20162018-09-18 user guide download 1.1GB
*ABoVE: Last Day of Spring Snow, Alaska, USA, and Yukon Territory, Canada, 2000-20162017-11-10 user guide download 138.9MBsdat
*ABoVE: Fractional Open Water Cover for Pan-Arctic and ABoVE-Domain Regions, 2002-20152016-12-07 user guide download 560.1MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness and Soil Water Content, Barrow, Alaska, 20132016-11-15 user guide download 62.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Barrow, Alaska, 2006-2011 2015-01-23 user guide download 21.5MBthredds
*Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1992-2000 2015-01-23 user guide download 23.4MBthredds

Project Standards (3 datasets)

select all Project Standards ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*ABoVE: Study Domain and Standard Reference Grids, Version 22017-11-29 user guide download 3.9MBsdat
*A Concise Experiment Plan for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment2018-07-13 user guide download 12.4MB
*Alaska's Changing YK Delta: Knowledge Exchange between Elders and Geoscientists, 20182021-11-18 user guide download 38.3MB

Vegetation (74 datasets)

select all Vegetation ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*Ground-Based Vegetation Community Photos, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2014-20152019-10-08 user guide download 6.5GB
*Post-fire Recovery of Soil Organic Layer Carbon in Canadian Boreal Forests, 2015-20182024-02-01 user guide download 265.9KB
*ABoVE: Alder Shrub Cover and Soil Properties, Alaska, 2019, V22024-01-18 user guide download 609.2KB
*Spectral Reflectance and Ancillary Data, Tundra Transect, North Slope, AK, 2000-20222024-01-18 user guide download 835.7MB
*Deciduous Fractional Cover and Tree Canopy Cover for Boreal North America, 1992-20152023-10-18 user guide
*Field Data on Soils, Vegetation, and Fire History for Alaska Tundra Sites, 1972-20202023-08-23 user guide download 3.2MB
*Aboveground Biomass Density for High Latitude Forests from ICESat-2, 20202023-08-23 user guide
*Dendrometer, Soil, and Weather Observations, Arctic Tree Line, AK and NWT, 2016-20192023-08-23 user guide download 318.2MB
*ABoVE: White Spruce Photosynthetic and Leaf Traits, Alaska and New York, 20172023-03-17 user guide download 168.9KB
*ABoVE: Tree Canopy Cover and Stand Age from Landsat, Boreal Forest Biome, 1984-20202022-11-07 user guide
*Spruce Leaf, Tree Traits, and Respiration at Range Extremes, AK and NY, USA, 20182022-10-12 user guide download 1.0MB
*ABoVE: Post-Fire and Unburned Vegetation Community and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 20172022-06-24 user guide download 1.4GB
*ABoVE: Modeled Top Cover by Plant Functional Type over Alaska and Yukon, 1985-20202022-05-01 user guide
*High-Resolution Vegetation Community Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2013-20152019-08-15 user guide download 66.2MB
*ABoVE: Landsat Vegetation Greenness Trends, Boreal Forest Biome, 1985-20192022-04-30 user guide download 747.5MB
*Tundra Plant Leaf-level Spectral Reflectance and Chlorophyll Fluorescence, 2019-20212022-04-30 user guide download 615.8KB
*Tundra Plant Reflectance, CO2 Exchange, PAM Fluorometry, and Pigments, AK, 2001-20022022-04-30 user guide download 106.9MB
*ABoVE: Wetland Type, Slave River and Peace-Athabasca Deltas, Canada, 2007 and 20172022-03-21 user guide download 50.5MB
*ABoVE: TVPRM Simulated Net Ecosystem Exchange, Alaskan North Slope, 2008-20172022-03-17 user guide
*ABoVE: Landsat-derived Annual Disturbance Agents Across ABoVE Core Domain, 1987-20122022-02-28 user guide
*ABoVE: Angular-corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance across Alaska and Canada, 2000-20172021-12-21 user guide
*Tower-based PhotoSpec Products for the 2019 and 2020 Spring Transition Season, SK, CA2021-12-21 user guide download 271.2KB
*NDVI, Species Cover, and LAI, Burned and Unburned sites, Interior Alaska, 2017-20182021-10-28 user guide download 251.0KB
*ABoVE: Landsat Tundra Greenness and Summer Air Temperatures, Arctic Tundra, 1985-20162021-09-17 user guide download 46.5MB
*ABoVE: Tundra Plant Functional Type Continuous-Cover, North Slope, Alaska, 2010-20152021-08-27 user guide download 3.6GB
*ABoVE: Lichen Forage Cover over Fortymile Caribou Range, Alaska and Yukon, 2000-20152021-07-21 user guide download 2.5GB
*ABoVE: Photochemical Reflectance and Tree Growth, Brooks Range, Alaska, 2018-20192020-11-10 user guide download 105.0MB
*ABoVE: Landsat-derived Annual Dominant Land Cover Across ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-20142019-08-27 user guide download 14.3GB
*ABoVE: Terrestrial Lidar Scanning Forest-Tundra Ecotone, Brooks Range, Alaska, 20162020-09-22 user guide
*ABoVE: Distribution Maps of Wildland Fire Fuel Components across Alaskan Tundra, 20152020-01-28 user guide download 3.5GB
*ABoVE: Annual Phenology Derived from Landsat across the ABoVE Core Domain, 1984-20142020-01-16 user guide
*ABoVE: Reflectance Spectra of Tundra Plant Communities across Northern Alaska2019-08-15 user guide download 4.6GB
*ABoVE: Corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance at Tower Sites, Alaska and Canada, 2000-20162019-07-31 user guide download 39.9MB
*ABoVE: NDVI Trends across Alaska and Canada from Landsat, 1984-20122019-03-14 user guide
*ABoVE: MODIS- and CCAN-Derived NDVI and Trends, North Slope of Alaska, 2000-20152019-02-26 user guide download 22.5MB
*Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Maps, 1993-20052016-11-29 user guide download 10.8MBsdat
*Arctic Vegetation Plots ATLAS Project North Slope and Seward Peninsula, AK, 1998-20002018-01-30 user guide download 20.9MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots Legacy Project Barter Island and Point Barrow, Alaska, 19942018-01-30 user guide download 11.1MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at ARCSS/LAII Flux Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 1995-1996 2018-01-30 user guide download 9.7MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska, 1978-19812017-02-28 user guide download 417.8KB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Atqasuk, Alaska, 1975, 2000, and 20102017-03-09 user guide download 62.8MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Frost Boil Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 2000-20062016-12-19 user guide download 17.2MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Happy Valley, Alaska, 19942016-11-30 user guide download 20.0MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Imnavait Creek, Alaska, 1984-19852016-11-29 user guide download 10.8MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Nome, Alaska, 1951 2017-02-16 user guide download 1.4MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Oumalik, AK, 1983-1985 2017-06-22 user guide download 88.5MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1973-19802016-11-29 user guide download 16.3MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Toolik Lake, Alaska, 19892016-09-28 user guide download 7.5MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots at Umiat, North Slope, Alaska, 1951 2016-05-11 user guide download 2.8MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots for IBP Tundra Biome, Barrow, Alaska, 1972-20102018-01-30 user guide download 88.1MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots for NGEE-Arctic at Barrow, Alaska, 20122017-08-17 user guide download 6.9MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots from Pingo Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1984-19862017-06-29 user guide download 4.7MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in Burned and Unburned Tundra, Alaska, 2011-2012 2018-01-30 user guide download 14.6MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in Flux Tower Footprints, North Slope, Alaska, 20142018-01-30 user guide download 3.3MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in NPS Arctic Network Parks, Alaska, 2002-20082018-01-30 user guide download 28.5MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in Northern NWT and YT, Canada, 1965-1966 2018-01-30 user guide download 26.6MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in Willow Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1997 2017-02-06 user guide download 4.0MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots on Unalaska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 2007 2017-02-16 user guide download 51.0KB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Poplars, Arctic and Interior AK and YT, Canada, 2003-20052017-03-21 user guide download 3.7MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Prudhoe Bay ArcSEES Road Study, Lake Colleen, Alaska, 2014 2018-01-30 user guide download 136.1MB
*Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Maps, 1982-20032016-09-28 user guide download 253.6MBsdat
*Geobotanical and Impact Map Collection for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska, 1972-2010 2017-06-30 user guide download 149.0MBsdat
*Land Cover and Ecosystem Map Collection for Northern Alaska 2017-01-30 user guide download 325.6MBsdat
*Land Cover and Vegetation Map Collection for Seward Peninsula, Alaska 2017-01-12 user guide download 44.9MBsdat
*Land Cover and Vegetation Map, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge2017-05-25 user guide download 17.2MBsdat
*Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Imnavait Creek, Alaska 2017-09-26 user guide download 47.6MBsdat
*Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Kuparuk River Basin, Alaska 2017-06-21 user guide download 78.1MBsdat
*Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska 2017-04-19 user guide download 5.7MB
*Maps of Vegetation, NDVI, Snow and Thaw Depths: North Slope, Alaska and NWT, Canada2017-09-14 user guide download 2.9MB
*ABoVE: Climate Drivers of Pan-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Productivity, 1982-20152018-12-19 user guide download 280.2KB
*ABoVE: MODIS-derived Maximum NDVI, Northern Alaska and Yukon Territory for 2002-20172018-10-26 user guide download 99.6MBsdat
*ABoVE: Peak Greenness for Canadian Boreal Forest from Landsat 5 TM Imagery, 1984-20112018-05-15 user guide download 1.4GB
*High-Resolution Shrub Biomass and Uncertainty Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 20132018-04-09 user guide download 68.2MBsdat
*ABoVE: Gridded 30-m Aboveground Biomass, Shrub Dominance, North Slope, AK, 2007-20162018-02-19 user guide download 2.4GBsdat

Wildlife (8 datasets)

select all Wildlife ABoVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size THREDDS
*Snow Properties and Wildlife Tracks in Washington and Alaska2023-09-21 user guide download 829.0KB
*ABoVE: Post-Fire and Unburned Field Site Data, Anaktuvuk River Fire Area, 2008-20172023-02-15 user guide download 569.9KB
*ABoVE: Dall Sheep Lamb Recruitment and Climate Data, Alaska and NW Canada, 2000-20152018-11-01 user guide download 1.2MB
*ABoVE: Subsistence Resource Use Areas of Interior Alaskan Communities, 2011-20172019-10-31 user guide download 10.3MB
*ABoVE: Dall Sheep Response to Snow and Landscape Covariates, Alaska, 2005-20082018-08-21 user guide thredds
*ABoVE: Wolf Denning Phenology and Reproductive Success, Alaska and Canada, 2000-20172021-02-18 user guide download 275.3KB
*ABoVE: Environmental Conditions During Fall Moose Hunting Seasons, Alaska, 2000-20162020-02-06 user guide download 208.8KB
*ABoVE: Dall Sheep Track Sinking Depths, Snow Depth, Hardness, and Density, 20172018-04-17 user guide download 262.8KB

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