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Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)


[ABoVE logo]The Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) is a NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program field campaign that will take place in Alaska and western Canada between 2016 and 2021. Research for ABoVE will link field-based, process-level studies with geospatial data products derived from airborne and satellite sensors, providing a foundation for improving the analysis, and modeling capabilities needed to understand and predict ecosystem responses and societal implications.

Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment Datasets List

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select all ABoVE dataset Published Documentation Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*ABoVE: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes and Meteorology at Flux Tower Sites, Alaska, 2015-2017 NEW2018-05-24 documentation download 20.9MB
*ABoVE: Peak Greenness for Canadian Boreal Forest from Landsat 5 TM Imagery, 1984-2011 NEW2018-05-15 documentation download 1.4GB
*Pre-ABoVE: Gridded Footprints from WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, Alaska, 1982-2011 NEW2018-05-15 documentation download 1.4GB
*Pre-ABoVE: Particle Trajectories for WRF-STILT Model, Barrow, AK, 1982-2011 NEW2018-05-15 documentation
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Happy Valley, Alaska, 1994 NEW2018-05-03 documentation download 20.0MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Imnavait Creek, Alaska, 1984-1985 NEW2018-05-03 documentation download 10.8MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Toolik Lake, Alaska, 1989 NEW2018-05-03 documentation download 7.5MB
*ABoVE: Hyperspectral Imagery from AVIRIS-NG for Alaskan and Canadian Arctic, 20172018-04-23 documentation
*ABoVE: Dall Sheep Track Sinking Depths, Snow Depth, Hardness, and Density, 20172018-04-17 documentation download 262.8KB
*ABoVE: Thaw Depth at Selected Unburned and Burned Sites Across Alaska, 2016-20172018-04-17 documentation download 282.4KB
*High-Resolution Shrub Biomass and Uncertainty Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 20132018-04-09 documentation download 68.2MBsdat
*ABoVE: Gridded 30-m Aboveground Biomass, Shrub Dominance, North Slope, AK, 2007-20162018-02-19 documentation download 2.4GBsdat
*Arctic Vegetation Plots, Northern NWT and YT, Canada, 1965-19662018-02-19 documentation download 26.6MB
*ABoVE: AVHRR-Derived Forest Fire Burned Area-Hot Spots, Alaska and Canada, 1989-20002018-02-14 documentation download 17.1MB
*ABoVE: Wildfire Date of Burning within Fire Scars across Alaska and Canada, 2001-20152018-01-30 documentation download 1.7GB
*Pre-ABoVE: ATLAS Vegetation Plots, North Slope and Seward Peninsula, AK, 1998-20002018-01-30 documentation download 20.9MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots in Flux Tower Footprints, North Slope Alaska, 20142018-01-30 documentation download 3.3MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots in NPS Arctic Network Parks, Alaska, 2002-20082018-01-30 documentation download 28.5MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots near Spine Road, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 20142018-01-30 documentation download 136.1MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, ARCSS/LAII Flux Sites, North Slope, AK, 1995-19962018-01-30 documentation download 9.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Burned and Unburned Tundra, Alaska, 2011-20122018-01-30 documentation download 14.6MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, IBP Tundra Biome, Barrow, Alaska, 1972-20102018-01-30 documentation download 88.1MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation Plots at Barter Island and Point Barrow, Alaska, 19942018-01-30 documentation download 11.1MB
*ABoVE: Study Domain and Standard Reference Grids, Version 22017-11-29 documentation download 4.6MBsdat
*ABoVE: Last Day of Spring Snow, Alaska, USA, and Yukon Territory, Canada, 2000-20162017-11-10 documentation download 138.9MBsdat
*ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 2015-20162017-09-27 documentation download 3.6GB
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Imnavait Creek, Alaska2017-09-26 documentation download 47.6MBsdat
*ABoVE: Cumulative Annual Burned Area, Circumpolar High Northern Latitudes, 2001-20152017-09-20 documentation download 36.5MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation, NDVI, Snow and Thaw Depths, in North Slope, Alaska and NWT, CA2017-09-14 documentation download 2.9MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots at Barrow, Alaska, 20122017-08-17 documentation download 6.9MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Geobotanical and Impact Map Collection for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska2017-06-30 documentation download 149.0MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation and Physiographic Features of Pingos, North Slope, Alaska2017-06-29 documentation download 4.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Oumalik, Alaska, 1983-19852017-06-22 documentation download 88.5MB
*ABoVE: Ignitions, burned area and emissions of fires in AK, YT, and NWT, 2001-20152017-06-21 documentation download 15.6MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Kuparuk River Basin, Alaska2017-06-21 documentation download 78.1MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Land Cover and Vegetation Map, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge2017-05-25 documentation download 17.2MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska2017-04-19 documentation download 5.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Poplar Vegetation Plots, Arctic and Interior Alaska and Yukon, 2003-20052017-03-21 documentation download 3.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots at Atqasuk, Alaska, 1975, 2000, and 20102017-03-09 documentation download 62.8MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots at Arrigetch Peaks, Alaska, 1978-19812017-02-28 documentation download 417.8KB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots at Nome, Alaska, 19512017-02-16 documentation download 1.4MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Unalaska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 20072017-02-16 documentation download 51.0KB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Umiat, North Slope, Alaska, 19512017-02-13 documentation download 2.8MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Willow Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 19972017-02-06 documentation download 4.0MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Land Cover and Ecosystem Map Collection for Northern Alaska2017-01-30 documentation download 325.6MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Land Cover and Vegetation Map Collection for Seward Peninsula, Alaska2017-01-12 documentation download 44.9MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots, Frost Boil Sites, North Slope, Alaska, 2000-20062016-12-19 documentation download 17.2MB
*ABoVE: Fractional Open Water Cover for Pan-Arctic and ABoVE-Domain Regions, 2002-20152016-12-07 documentation download 560.1MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Data, 1993-20052016-11-29 documentation download 10.8MBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Vegetation Plots at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1973-19802016-11-29 documentation download 16.3MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness and Soil Water Content, Barrow, Alaska, 20132016-11-15 documentation download 62.7MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Data, 1982-20032016-09-28 documentation download 253.6MBsdat
*ABoVE: Surface Water Extent, Boreal and Tundra Regions, North America, 1991-20112016-06-29 documentation download 1.7GBsdat
*ABoVE: Burn Severity, Fire Progression, Landcover and Field Data, NWT, Canada, 20142016-05-11 documentation download 1.8GBsdat
*Pre-ABoVE: Ground-penetrating Radar Measurements of ALT on the Alaska North Slope2015-09-25 documentation download 148.8MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Barrow, Alaska, 2006-2011 2015-01-23 documentation download 21.5MBthredds
*Pre-ABoVE: Remotely Sensed Active Layer Thickness, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1992-2000 2015-01-23 documentation download 23.4MBthredds

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