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FLUXNET: Long-term measurements of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and energy exchange from a variety of worldwide ecosystems integrated into consistent, quality assured, documented data sets.

All FLUXNET data sets are available FREE of charge. You will need to sign in to order FLUXNET data sets. Currently 4 FLUXNET data sets are available online.

Beginning the FLUXNET dataset list

FLUXNET data set Published Documentation Download Size THREDDS
* Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996 2002-02-26 0.7 MB
* FLUXNET Canada Research Network - Canadian Carbon Program Data Collection, 1993-20142016-10-25 1571.2 MB
* FLUXNET Marconi Conference Gap-Filled Flux and Meteorology Data, 1992-2000 2005-09-13 288.8 MB
* Net Carbon Dioxide and Water Fluxes of Global Terrestrial Ecosystems, 1969-1998 2003-04-09 0.2 MB

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