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[AfriSAR Logo]The AfriSAR mission was an airborne campaign that collected radar and field measurements of tropical forests in Gabon, West Africa. The mission was a NASA collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Gabonese Space Agency. During the 2016 AfriSAR campaign, NASA UAVSAR and LVIS instruments collected data that will be used to derive forest canopy height, structure, and topography. The AfriSAR data is a precursor to upcoming spaceborne missions that examine the role of forests in Earth's carbon cycle.

AfriSAR Datasets List

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select all AfriSAR dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*AfriSAR: Canopy Structure Derived from PolInSAR and Coherence TomoSAR NISAR tools2018-07-20 user guide download 420.9MB
*AfriSAR: Rainforest Canopy Height Derived from PolInSAR and Lidar Data, Gabon2018-07-06 user guide download 223.1MBsdat

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