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MODIS Land Products Subsets


Earth, Western HemisphereThe goal of the MODIS Land Product Subsets project is to provide summaries of selected MODIS Land Products for the community to use for validation of models and remote-sensing products and to characterize field sites. The ORNL DAAC delivers the subsets along with interactive visualizations and the data are offered as comma separated text files and in GIS compatible format. The subset data are particularly useful in conjunction with other field data.

ORNL DAAC MODIS Subsets Tools & Services List

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select all ORNL DAAC MODIS SUBSETS tool or service Published User Guide Download Size
*MODIS and VIIRS Land Product Subsets RESTful Web Service SPR2018-05-25 user guide
*MODIS and VIIRS Land Products Fixed Sites Subsetting and Visualization Tool SPR2017-12-08 user guide
*MODIS Collection 6 Land Product Subsets Web Service SPR2017-11-10 user guide
*MODIS and VIIRS Land Products Global Subsetting and Visualization Tool SPR2017-04-10 user guide

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