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EOS Land Validation


[EOS Land Validation Logo]The objective of the EOS Land Validation (Land Val) Project is to support the validation of Earth Observing System (EOS) Land Products, especially MODIS, ASTER, MISR, and LANDSAT 7. The data include in-situ and aircraft measurements for validating satellite products.

EOS Land Validation Data Sets List

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documentation EOS LAND VAL data set Published Documentation Download Size VisualizeTHREDDS
*Soil Moisture Profiles and Temperature Data from SoilSCAPE Sites, USA2016-11-22 documentation download 359.9MBthredds
*In-situ Air Temperature and Relative Humidity in Greenbelt, MD, 2013-20152016-05-16 documentation download 9.5MB
*Forest Structure and Biomass Data, La Selva, Costa Rica: 20062014-04-21 documentation download 300.0KB
*SAR Subsets for Selected Field Sites, 2007-20102011-02-24 documentation download 10.4GBsdat
*Leaf Area Index Maps at 30-m Resolution, VALERI Site, Larose, Canada2006-04-14 documentation download 10.9MBsdat
*Leaf Area Index Maps at 30-m Resolution, Selected Sites, Canada 2005-12-06 documentation download 39.0MBsdat

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