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The ORNL DAAC archives climate data that include measured and modeled values for variables such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, radiation, wind velocity, and cloud cover. Both station measurements and gridded data are available.

All Climate Datasets

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climate dataset Published User Guide Download Size VisualizeTHREDDS
*Development and Evolution of NASA Satellite Remote Sensing for Ecology NEW2024-06-14 0.389714 MB
*Daymet: Monthly Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R12022-11-01
*Daymet: Station-Level Inputs and Cross-Validation for North America, Version 4 R12022-11-01 4040.01 MB
*CO2 and CH4 Fluxes from Waterbodies, Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska, 2016-20192024-05-09 21.2369 MB
*ABoVE: Year-Round Soil CO2 Efflux in Alaskan Ecosystems, Version 2.12020-02-14 6.40972 MB
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snowpack Main Melt Onset Date Maps, 1988-20182021-04-30 4.97888 MB
*Pre-ABoVE: Ground-penetrating Radar Measurements of ALT on the Alaska North Slope2015-09-25 148.844 MB
*SiB4 Modeled Global 0.5-Degree Daily Carbon Fluxes and Pools, 2000-20182021-04-14
*SiB4 Modeled Global 0.5-Degree Hourly Carbon Fluxes and Productivity, 2000-20182021-04-14
*Lund-Potsdam-Jena Wetland Hydrology and Methane DGV Model (LPJ-WHyMe v1.3.1)2013-04-09 0.626495 MB
*CMS-Flux-NA Fluxes and Aircraft CO2 Co-samples for 2018-20192024-04-24
*Daymet: Annual Climate Summaries on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R12022-11-01
*Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 4 R12022-11-01
*NASMo-TiAM 250m 16-day North America Surface Soil Moisture Dataset2024-03-21
*Trends of Thermal, Wetness, and Vegetative Change in the Circumpolar Arctic2024-02-29 273.213 MB
*PalEON: Terrestrial Ecosystem Model Drivers for the Northeastern U.S., 0850-20102024-01-18
*BOREAS HYD-01 Volumetric Soil Moisture Data 1999-01-30 1.68191 MB
*Global Monthly Climatology for the Twentieth Century (New et al.)2000-08-28 906.384 MB
*ISLSCP II Global Sea Ice Concentration 2010-07-26 22.2983 MB
*LBA-ECO CD-05 Soil VWC and Meteorology, Rainfall Exclusion, Tapajos National Forest 2013-06-21 3.34231 MB
*LBA-ECO LC-14 Root Biomass and Phenology, km 67 Site, Para, Brazil: 20012015-01-27 0.306784 MB
*Global 10-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1901-1990 (New et al.)2000-09-18 176.23 MB
*Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1901-1960 (New et al.)2000-09-18 17.1139 MB
*Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1961-1990 (New et al.)2000-05-24 20.4365 MB
*Global Maps of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition, 1860, 1993, and 2050 2006-04-14 0.378869 MB
*Global Monthly Precipitation, 1900-1999 (Hulme) 1999-05-05 6.55036 MB
*Global N Cycle: Fluxes and N2O Mixing Ratios Originating from Human Activity2005-07-18 0.160316 MB
*Nitrogen Deposition onto the United States and Western Europe2004-09-27 6.92082 MB
*Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Rainfall in Africa, 0.25 degrees, from 1998-2012 2015-01-27 12.1982 MB
*Phenology derived from Satellite Data and PhenoCam across CONUS and Alaska, 2019-20202023-09-27 3776.9 MB
*Global Forest Aboveground Carbon Stocks and Fluxes from GEDI and ICESat-2, 2018-20212023-08-23 2730.25 MB
*Sub-daily Climate Forcings for Puerto Rico2023-08-15
*Ecosys Model-Estimated Cropland Carbon Fluxes, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa, 2001-20182023-07-13 71.1452 MB
*Daymet Version 4 Monthly Latency: Daily Surface Weather Data2021-05-28
*Global-Gridded Daily Methane Emissions Climatology from Lake Systems, 2003-20152023-01-25 341.83 MB
*ABoVE: Aerial Photographs of Frozen Lakes near Fairbanks, Alaska, October 20142021-03-31 4531.43 MB
*ABoVE: Dall Sheep Lamb Recruitment and Climate Data, Alaska and NW Canada, 2000-20152018-11-01 1.23152 MB
*ABoVE: Light-Curve Modelling of Gridded GPP Using MODIS MAIAC and Flux Tower Data2022-09-08
*ABoVE: Active Layer Thickness from Airborne L- and P- band SAR, Alaska, 2017, Ver. 32022-08-31 6965.39 MB
*ABoVE: Methane Ebullition Hotspots in Frozen Lakes near Fairbanks, Alaska, Oct 20142021-03-31 1.20064 MB
*ABoVE: Landsat Vegetation Greenness Trends, Boreal Forest Biome, 1985-20192022-04-30 747.495 MB
*Projections of Permafrost Thaw and Carbon Release for RCP 4.5 and 8.5, 1901-22992022-04-20
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snow Melt Duration Date Maps, 1988-20182021-04-30 3.15848 MB
*ABoVE: Passive Microwave-derived Annual Snowoff Date Maps, 1988-20182020-01-09 2.58272 MB
*ABoVE: Environmental Conditions and Subsistence Resource Access, Alaska, 2016-20172019-08-26 404.982 MB
*ATom: Cloud and Coarse Aerosol Measurements from CAPS Instrument, 2016-20182022-01-26 16.2653 MB
*ABoVE: Angular-corrected MODIS MAIAC Reflectance across Alaska and Canada, 2000-20172021-12-21
*Methane Fluxes from Shorelines and Differing Surfaces, Big Trail Lake, Alaska, 20192021-12-21 0.293749 MB
*ABoVE: Level-4 WRF-STILT Footprint Files for Circumpolar Receptors, 2016-20192021-12-08
*ABoVE: Level-4 WRF-STILT Particle Trajectories for Circumpolar Receptors, 2016-20192021-12-08
*Resilience of Coastal Wetlands to Sea Level Rise, CONUS, 1996-21002021-11-30 436.573 MB
*Alaska's Changing YK Delta: Knowledge Exchange between Elders and Geoscientists, 20182021-11-18 38.2802 MB
*Ground-based Observations of XCO2, XCH4, and XCO, Fairbanks, AK, 2016-20192021-09-23 56.3699 MB
*ABoVE: Lake Growing Season Green Surface Reflectance Trends, AK and Canada, 1984-20192021-07-21 151.524 MB
*ABoVE: Wolf Denning Phenology and Reproductive Success, Alaska and Canada, 2000-20172021-02-18 0.27528 MB
*Pre-Delta-X: Water Levels across Wax Lake Outlet, Atchafalaya Basin, LA, USA, 20162020-08-25 1.29962 MB
*ABoVE: Environmental Conditions During Fall Moose Hunting Seasons, Alaska, 2000-20162020-02-06 0.208759 MB
*Snowmelt Timing Maps Derived from MODIS for North America, Version 2, 2001-20182020-01-28 1256.23 MB
*Export and Leaching of Carbon and Nitrogen from Mississippi River Basin, 1901-20992020-01-16 253.438 MB
*Coastal Wetland Elevation and Carbon Flux Inventory with Uncertainty, USA, 2006-20112019-12-17 2195.07 MB
*Climate Normals for Last Glacial Maximum and Modern (1975-2005), Alaska2019-11-08
*ABoVE: River Ice Breakup and Freeze-up Stages, Yukon River Basin, Alaska, 1972-20162019-07-20 0.328985 MB
*Arctic Vegetation Plots in Willow Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1997 2017-02-06 3.95932 MB
*ABoVE: Climate Drivers of Pan-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Productivity, 1982-20152018-12-19 0.280247 MB
*CARVE: Daily Thaw State of Boreal and Arctic Alaska from AMSR-E and SSM/I, 2003-20142017-09-21 1445.7 MB
*CMS: Fire Weather Indices for Interior Alaska, 2001-20102018-01-25
*ABoVE: Last Day of Spring Snow, Alaska, USA, and Yukon Territory, Canada, 2000-20162017-11-10 138.892 MB
*Geoecology: County-Level Environmental Data for the United States, 1941-19812003-03-10 8262.6 MB
*Spatial Data Access Tool (SDAT) SPR2017-05-09
*Global Peatland Carbon Balance and Land Use Change CO2 Emissions Through the Holocene2017-05-04 158.881 MB
*Soil Moisture Visualizer SPR2017-04-13
*BOREAS AES Canadian Hourly and Daily Surface Meteorological Data, R11999-01-01 25.4846 MB
*AirMOSS: L4 Modeled Volumetric Root Zone Soil Moisture, 2012-20152016-12-15
*CARVE: L1 In-situ Carbon and CH4 Flux and Meteorology at EC Towers, Alaska, 2011-20152016-12-12 19.761 MB
*Global Historical Climatology Network, 1753-19902016-08-16 25.802 MB
*Natural and Anthropogenic Methane Sources, New England, USA, 1990-19942016-03-29 0.0903883 MB
*CMS: MODIS GPP, fPAR, and SST, and ENSO Index, Baja California, Mexico, 2000-20132016-03-21 0.406581 MB
*Annual wildland fire emissions (WFEIS v0.5) for Conterminous US and Alaska, 2001-20132016-02-15 237.709 MB
*Global 30-Year Mean Monthly Climatology, 1930-1960, V2.1 (Cramer and Leeman)1999-05-05 11.8737 MB

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