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Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America (ACT-America)


[ACT-America Logo]The ACT-America, or Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America, project is a NASA Earth Venture Suborbital-2 mission to study the transport and fluxes of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane across three regions in the eastern United States. Each flight campaign will measure how weather systems transport these greenhouse gases. Ground-based measurements of greenhouse gases were also-collected. Better estimates of greenhouse gas sources and sinks are needed for climate management and for prediction of future climate.

Atmospheric Carbon and Transport - America Datasets List

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select all ACT-America dataset Published Documentation Download Size THREDDS
*ACT-America: L1 Meteorological and Aircraft Navigational Data NEW2018-04-17 documentation download 103.4MB
*ACT-America: L2 In Situ Atmospheric Gas Concentrations from Flasks, Eastern USA NEW2018-03-28 documentation download 1.7MBthredds
*ACT-America: L2 In Situ CO2, CO, and CH4 Concentrations from Towers, Eastern USA2018-02-06 documentation download 5.4MBthredds
*ACT-America: L2 In Situ Atmospheric CO2, CO, CH4, and O3 Concentrations, Eastern USA2018-01-02 documentation download 99.7MBthredds

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