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Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE)


Earth, Western HemisphereThe Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) was a NASA Earth Venture Suborbital-1 mission. From 2011 to 2015, CARVE collected airborne measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide and relevant land surface parameters in the Alaskan Arctic. Continuous ground-based measurements provide temporal and regional context as well as calibration for CARVE airborne measurements. CARVE provides an integrated set of greenhouse gas data that provide insights into Arctic carbon cycling.

Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment Datasets List

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Campaign (17 datasets)

select all Campaign CARVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size THREDDS
*CARVE: L4 Gridded Footprints from WRF-STILT model, 2012-20162017-03-30 user guide
*CARVE: L4 Gridded Particle Trajectories for WRF-STILT model, 2012-20162017-03-30 user guide
*CARVE: In-flight Photos from the CARVE Aircraft, Alaska, 2013-20152017-09-21 user guide
*CARVE: In-flight Videos from the CARVE Aircraft, Alaska, 2012-20152017-09-21 user guide
*CARVE: Daily Flight Reports, 2012-20152017-09-20 user guide download 523.5MB
*CARVE: L1 Airborne Forward Looking Infrared Radiance Counts, Alaska, 2013-20152017-04-06 user guide thredds
*CARVE: L1 Spectral Radiances from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-20152017-03-01 user guide thredds
*CARVE: L1 Daily Flight Path Geolocation and Aircraft Position Data, Alaska, 2012-20152017-02-24 user guide download 323.1MBthredds
*CARVE: L1 Daily Flight Path and Winds Data, Alaska, 20152017-02-24 user guide download 74.9MBthredds
*CARVE: L2 Column Gas and Uncertainty from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-20152017-02-02 user guide download 2.2GBthredds
*CARVE: L2 Atmospheric CO2, CO, and CH4 Concentrations, CARVE Tower, Alaska, 2011-20152017-01-12 user guide download 5.1MBthredds
*CARVE: L1 In-situ Carbon and CH4 Flux and Meteorology at EC Towers, Alaska, 2011-20152016-12-12 user guide download 19.8MB
*CARVE: L2 Atmospheric Gas Concentrations, Tower-based Flasks, Alaska, 2012-20152016-11-18 user guide download 1.4MBthredds
*CARVE: L2 Atmospheric Gas Concentrations, Airborne Flasks, Alaska, 2012-20152016-11-17 user guide download 3.1MBthredds
*CARVE: L2 Merged Atmospheric CO2, CO, O3 and CH4 Concentrations, Alaska, 2012-20152016-07-28 user guide download 47.9MB
*CARVE: L2 Atmospheric CO2, CO and CH4 Concentrations, Harvard CRDS, Alaska, 2012-20142016-07-27 user guide download 36.2MBthredds
*CARVE: L2 Atmospheric CO2, CO and CH4 Concentrations, NOAA CRDS, Alaska, 2012-20152016-07-27 user guide download 99.5MBthredds

Manuscripts (9 datasets)

select all Manuscripts CARVE dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*CARVE: Ecosystem Scale CH4 Emission Derived from Aircraft Observations 2012-20142018-04-09 user guide download 5.5MB
*CARVE: Monthly Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations (2009-2013) and Modeled Fluxes, Alaska2016-06-28 user guide download 1.3GBthredds
*CARVE: Daily Thaw State of Boreal and Arctic Alaska from AMSR-E and SSM/I, 2003-20142017-09-21 user guide download 1.4GBthredds
*CARVE: Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange and Regional Carbon Budgets for Alaska, 2012-20142017-05-04 user guide download 7.0MB
*CARVE Modeled Gross Ecosystem CO2 Exchange and Respiration, Alaska, 2012-20142017-01-17 user guide download 1.2GB
*CARVE: Fire-Related Aerosol and Soil Elemental and Isotopic Composition, Alaska, 20132016-09-20 user guide download 341.0KB
*CARVE: CH4, CO2, and CO Atmospheric Concentrations, CARVE Tower, Alaska, 2012-20142016-05-12 user guide thredds
*CARVE-ARCSS: Methane Loss From Arctic- Fluxes From the Alaskan North Slope, 2012-20142015-12-14 user guide download 353.7MBthredds
*CARVE: Alaskan Fire Emissions Database (AKFED), 2001-20132015-09-17 user guide download 5.0MBsdat

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