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Model Archive


The Model Archive allows users to evaluate the uncertainties of model results in comparison to results from other models in assessment/policy studies. In addition, the archived models allow users to see how models treat individual processes (source code) and what the model inputs were (state parameters, spin-up data, driving variables). For each model the DAAC will have documentation, source code (with version number), input data, example output data, and post-processing or analysis code (if applicable).

Model Products List

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Benchmark (8 model products)

Benchmark model product Published Documentation Download Size
*LINKAGES: An Individual-based Forest Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Model2013-06-17 1.3MB
*Lund-Potsdam-Jena Wetland Hydrology and Methane DGV Model (LPJ-WHyMe v1.3.1)2013-04-09 600.0KB
*MAPSS: Mapped Atmosphere-Plant-Soil System Model, Version 1.0 2007-12-31 800.0KB
*CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995)2005-12-19 21.8MB
*PnET Models: Carbon, Nitrogen, Water Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems (Vers. 4 and 5)2005-12-06 2.4MB
*Biome-BGC: Terrestrial Ecosystem Process Model, Version 4.1.1 2005-09-12 1.7MB
*Integrated Biosphere Simulator Model (IBIS), Version 2.5 2005-09-12 300.0KB
*Land Surface Model (LSM 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, Atmospheric Studies2005-09-12 1.9MB

Data Processing Algorithms (2 model products)

Data Processing Algorithms model product Published Documentation Download Size
*LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 22013-03-01
*LEDAPS Landsat Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code 2012-05-07

Manuscript (6 model products)

Manuscript model product Published Documentation Download Size
*BDSNP Module for Improved Soil NO Emission Estimates for CMAQ Model, Conterminous USA2016-11-16 550.7MB
*Ecosystem Demography Model: U.S. Ecosystem Carbon Stocks and Fluxes, 1700-19902013-05-20 42.4MB
*Ecosystem Demography Model: Scaling Vegetation Dynamics Across South America 2013-03-27 39.2MB
*PnET-BGC: Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystem2005-12-06 300.0KB
*Biome-BGC: Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Ponderosa Pine Stands (Law et al. 2003)2005-09-12 1.7MB
*Biome-BGC: Modeling Effects of Disturbance and Climate (Thornton et al. 2002) 2005-09-12 2.6MB

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