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Soil Collections Data Sets

SOIL: The ORNL DAAC compiles, archives, and distributes data on the physical and chemical properties of soils. The data are gridded at spatial scales ranging from regional to global.

All SOIL data sets are available FREE of charge. New SOIL data sets are marked new. You will need to sign in to order SOIL data sets. Currently 24 SOIL data sets are available online.

Beginning the SOIL dataset list

SOIL data set Published Documentation Download Size VisualizeTHREDDS
* A Compilation of Global Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Data 2015-01-12 3.2 MB
* A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.02012-04-16 0.1 MB
* A Global Database of Soil Phosphorus Compiled from Studies Using Hedley Fractionation2014-07-18 0.7 MB
* A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 1.0 2010-05-28
* A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 2.0 2012-03-13
* A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 3.02014-08-04 7.0 MB
* Arctic Circumpolar Distribution and Soil Carbon of Thermokarst Landscapes, 20152016-08-24 140.5 MB
* Global 1-km Gridded Thickness of Soil, Regolith, and Sedimentary Deposit Layers2016-02-03 904.5 MB
* Global Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992) 2001-12-06 0.1 MB
* Global Data Set of Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Degree Grid (ISRIC-WISE)2000-09-05 0.4 MB
* Global Distribution of Plant-Extractable Water Capacity of Soil (Dunne) 2000-08-18 0.3 MB
* Global Gridded Soil Phosphorus Distribution Maps at 0.5-degree Resolution2014-06-04 0.6 MB
* Global Gridded Surfaces of Selected Soil Characteristics (IGBP-DIS) 2000-12-20 9.4 MB
* Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen (Zinke et al.) 1998-11-10 1.4 MB
* Global Peatland Carbon Balance and Land Use Change CO2 Emissions Through the Holocene new2017-04-25 159.0 MB
* Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS) 2014-08-08 8.9 MB
* Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE)2000-09-05 1.2 MB
* Global Soil Texture and Derived Water-Holding Capacities (Webb et al.) 2000-09-05 0.7 MB
* Global Soil Types, 0.5-Degree Grid (Modified Zobler)2000-05-19 0.4 MB
* Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)1999-05-05 1.3 MB
* Northern and Mid-Latitude Soil Database, Version 1, R12014-08-18 215.4 MB
* Regridded Harmonized World Soil Database v1.22014-09-18 48.7 MB
* Soil Carbon Estimates in 20-cm Layers to 1-meter Depth, Conterminous US, 1970-19932014-08-12 135.4 MB
* Soil CO2 Flux, Moisture, Temperature, and Litterfall, La Selva, Costa Rica, 2003-20102017-03-16 1.2 MB

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