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Soil Collection


different soil compositionsThe ORNL DAAC archives data on the biogeochemistry, physical, and chemical properties of soils. The data range from local-scale studies to gridded global products.

Soil Collection Datasets List

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select all Soil dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid (Zobler)1999-05-05 user guide download 1.2MBsdat
*Hourly Soil Moisture Logger Data, Alberta and Alaska, 2017-20212023-03-15 user guide download 14.1MB
*Global Gridded Surfaces of Selected Soil Characteristics (IGBP-DIS) 2000-12-20 user guide download 9.4MBsdat
*Global Soil Data Products CD-ROM Contents (IGBP-DIS) 2014-08-08 user guide download 8.9MB
*Global Soil Texture and Derived Water-Holding Capacities (Webb et al.) 2000-09-05 user guide download 656.9KBsdat
*A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.02012-04-16 user guide download 164.1KB
*A Global Database of Soil Phosphorus Compiled from Studies Using Hedley Fractionation2014-07-18 user guide download 736.9KB
*Global Annual Soil Respiration Data (Raich and Schlesinger 1992) 2001-12-06 user guide download 138.7KB
*Global Data Set of Derived Soil Properties, 0.5-Degree Grid (ISRIC-WISE)2000-09-05 user guide download 417.4KBsdat
*Global Distribution of Plant-Extractable Water Capacity of Soil (Dunne) 2000-08-18 user guide download 342.0KBsdat
*Global Gridded Soil Phosphorus Distribution Maps at 0.5-degree Resolution2014-06-04 user guide download 584.0KB
*Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE)2000-09-05 user guide download 1.1MB
*Global Soil Types, 0.5-Degree Grid (Modified Zobler)2000-05-19 user guide download 409.9KBsdat
*Northern and Mid-Latitude Soil Database, Version 1, R12014-08-18 user guide download 215.4MB
*Soil Carbon Estimates in 20-cm Layers to 1-meter Depth, Conterminous US, 1970-19932014-08-12 user guide download 135.4MB
*Global Organic Soil Carbon and Nitrogen (Zinke et al.) 1998-11-10 user guide download 262.7KB
*A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 5.02021-02-28 user guide download 5.6MB
*Global Hydrologic Soil Groups (HYSOGs250m) for Curve Number-Based Runoff Modeling2018-03-21 user guide download 402.2MBsdat
*Remote Sensing Derived Topsoil and Agricultural Economic Losses, Midwestern USA2020-05-07 user guide download 333.6MB
*Global Peatland Carbon Balance and Land Use Change CO2 Emissions Through the Holocene2017-05-04 user guide download 158.9MB
*Soil CO2 Flux, Moisture, Temperature, and Litterfall, La Selva, Costa Rica, 2003-20102017-03-16 user guide download 972.1KB
*Arctic Circumpolar Distribution and Soil Carbon of Thermokarst Landscapes, 20152016-08-24 user guide download 138.2MB
*Global 1-km Gridded Thickness of Soil, Regolith, and Sedimentary Deposit Layers2016-02-03 user guide download 900.8MBsdat
*A Compilation of Global Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Data 2015-01-12 user guide download 3.2MB
*Regridded Harmonized World Soil Database v1.22014-09-18 user guide download 48.7MBthredds

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