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North American Carbon Program (NACP)


[NACP Logo]The North American Carbon Program (NACP) is a multidisciplinary research program designed to improve understanding of North America's carbon sources, sinks, and stocks. The central objective is to measure and understand the sources and sinks of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Carbon Monoxide (CO) in North America and adjacent oceans. The NACP is supported by a number of different federal agencies.

North American Carbon Program Datasets List

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LiDAR Campaigns (2 datasets)

select all LiDAR Campaigns NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDAT
*ECHIDNA LIDAR Campaigns: Forest Canopy Imagery and Field Data, U.S.A., 2007-20092011-11-17 user guide download 10.9GB
*NACP LiDAR-based Biomass Estimates, Boreal Forest Biome, North America, 2005-20062015-03-11 user guide download 113.6MBsdat

Mid-continent Intensive (4 datasets)

select all Mid-continent Intensive NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size
*NACP MCI: CO2 Emissions Inventory, Upper Midwest Region, USA., 20072014-02-06 user guide download 28.8MB
*NACP MCI: CO2 Flux from Inversion Modeling, Upper Midwest Region, USA, 20072014-02-06 user guide download 95.1MB
*NACP MCI: Cropland Productivity and Biophysical Properties, Nebraska, USA, 2001-2008 2014-05-28 user guide download 514.7KB
*NACP MCI: Tower Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, Upper Midwest Region, USA, 2007-20092014-01-16 user guide download 9.9MB

Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Intercomparison Project (4 datasets)

select all Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Intercomparison Project NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*NACP MsTMIP: Unified North American Soil Map2014-08-27 user guide download 2.9MBsdatthredds
*NACP MsTMIP Summary of Model Structure and Characteristics 2014-07-10 user guide download 177.2KB
*NACP MsTMIP: Global and North American Driver Data for Multi-Model Intercomparison2014-05-27 user guide thredds
*NACP MsTMIP: Global 0.5-degree Model Outputs in Standard Format, Version 1.02018-04-22 user guide thredds

Regional (41 datasets)

select all Regional NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size SDATTHREDDS
*NACP NAFD Project: Forest Disturbance Intensity for CONUS from Landsat, 1986-20152023-03-24 user guide download 4.7GB
*Topographic and Soil Carbon Reconstructions in Agricultural Fields, Iowa2022-12-29 user guide download 9.2GB
*NACP Forest Age Maps at 1-km Resolution for Canada (2004) and the U.S.A. (2006)2012-06-12 user guide download 65.9MBsdat
*NACP North American Forest Dynamics Project: Forest Disturbance and Regrowth Data 2012-03-30 user guide download 580.5MBsdat
*NACP Greenhouse Gases Multi-Source Data Compilation, 2000-20092014-02-14 user guide download 137.2MB
*NACP Integrated Wildland and Cropland 30-m Fuel Characteristics Map, U.S.A., 20102013-06-06 user guide download 8.3GB
*NACP New England and Sierra National Forests Biophysical Measurements: 2008-2010 2011-11-17 user guide download 917.7KB
*NACP North American 8-km Net Ecosystem Exchange and Component Fluxes, 2004 2014-01-13 user guide download 730.1MB
*NACP Peatland Landcover Type and Wildfire Burn Severity Maps, Alberta, Canada 2015-09-03 user guide download 32.5MB
*NAFD-ATT Forest Canopy Cover Loss from Landsat, CONUS, 1986-20102020-11-12 user guide download 10.8GB
*Anthropogenic Carbon Emission System, 2012-2017, Version 22022-08-30 user guide thredds
*NACP: Urban Greenhouse Gases across the CO2 Urban Synthesis and Analysis Network, V22021-11-30 user guide download 193.2MB
*Forest Aboveground Biomass for the Southwestern U.S. from MISR, 2000-20212022-03-21 user guide download 459.3MB
*Soil Organic Carbon Distributions in Tidal Wetlands of the Northeastern USA2021-12-08 user guide
*Urban Biogenic CO2 fluxes: GPP, Reco and NEE Estimates from SMUrF, 2010-20192021-12-08 user guide
*Global-Gridded Daily Methane Emissions from Inland Dam-Reservoir Systems2021-08-13 user guide download 38.8MB
*Methane Emissions from Dairy Sources (Vista-CA), State of California, USA, 20192021-06-28 user guide download 194.4KB
*NACP: Climate Data Inputs (3-hourly) for Community Land Model, Western USA, 1979-20152020-11-11 user guide
*Forest Preservation Ranking and Vertebrate Species Richness, Western USA, 2020-20992020-11-10 user guide download 1.5MB
*Vulcan: High-Resolution Annual Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in USA, 2010-2015, Version 32020-10-01 user guide download 7.2GBthredds
*Vulcan: High-Resolution Hourly Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in USA, 2010-2015, Version 32020-10-01 user guide thredds
*Sources of Methane Emissions (Vista-CA), State of California, USA2019-12-17 user guide download 28.8MB
*Tidal Wetlands Soil Organic Carbon and Estuarine Characteristics, USA, 1972-20152019-10-30 user guide download 194.8KB
*NACP: Forest Carbon Stocks, Fluxes and Productivity Estimates, Western USA, 1979-20992019-06-25 user guide download 3.1GBthredds
*CO2 Observations, Modeled Emissions, and NAM-HYSPLIT Footprints, Boston MA, 2013-20142018-09-26 user guide
*Stocks of Surface Soil Organic Carbon Fractions, Great Plains Region, USA, 2007-20102018-09-18 user guide download 23.1MBsdat
*Mean Annual Fluxes of Carbon in Coastal Ecosystems of Eastern North America2018-07-13 user guide download 271.0KB
*WRF-STILT Gridded Footprints for Boston, MA, USA, 2013-20142018-05-25 user guide download 5.6GB
*WRF-STILT Particle Trajectories for Boston, MA, USA, 2013-20142018-05-25 user guide
*MODIS-derived Vegetation and Albedo Parameters for Agroecosystem-Climate Modeling2018-04-02 user guide download 120.1MBthredds
*Sources of Methane Emissions (Vista-LA), South Coast Air Basin, California, USA2018-01-02 user guide download 7.7MB
*NACP Peatland Land Cover Map of Upper Peninsula, Michigan, 2007-20112017-09-27 user guide download 55.1MBsdat
*Landsat-based Phenology and Tree Ring Characterization, Eastern US Forests, 1984-20132017-03-16 user guide download 213.1MB
*NACP Woody Vegetation Characteristics of 1,039 Sites across North Slope, Alaska, V22017-03-09 user guide download 1.2MB
*NACP VPRM NEE Parameters Optimized to North American Flux Tower Sites, 2000-20062016-11-17 user guide download 256.6KB
*NACP Soil Organic Matter of Burned Boreal Black Spruce Forests, Alaska, 2009-20112016-08-02 user guide download 366.7MB
*NACP Biome-BGC Modeled Ecosystem Carbon Balance, Pacific Northwest, USA, 1986-20102016-04-30 user guide download 472.3MB
*NACP NAFD Project: Forest Disturbance History from Landsat, 1986-20102016-03-03 user guide download 12.6GBsdat
*NACP TERRA-PNW: Forest Plant Traits, NPP, Biomass, and Soil Properties, 1999-20142015-12-17 user guide download 2.4MB
*NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data, V.2 (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 20002013-05-29 user guide download 14.1GBsdat
*NACP: MODIS Daily Land Incident 4-km PAR Images For North America, 2003-2005 2012-12-21 user guide download 7.6GB

Regional Interim Synthesis (5 datasets)

select all Regional Interim Synthesis NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size
*PalEON: Terrestrial Ecosystem Model Drivers for the Northeastern U.S., 0850-20102024-01-18 user guide
*NACP Regional: Gridded 1-deg Observation Data and Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs2013-05-07 user guide download 134.6MB
*NACP Regional: National Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Aggregated Gridded Model Data2013-08-28 user guide download 44.3MB
*NACP Regional: Original Observation Data and Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs2013-10-01 user guide
*NACP Regional: Supplemental Gridded Observations, Biosphere and Inverse Model Outputs2013-05-07 user guide download 140.8MB

Site-level Interim Synthesis (3 datasets)

select all Site-level Interim Synthesis NACP dataset Published User Guide Download Size
*NACP Site: Terrestrial Biosphere Model Output Data in Original Format 2013-10-01 user guide download 7.9GB
*NACP Site: Tower Meteorology, Flux Observations with Uncertainty, and Ancillary Data2013-08-09 user guide download 426.5MB
*NACP Site: Terrestrial Biosphere Model and Aggregated Flux Data in Standard Format2013-09-11 user guide download 986.1MB

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