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Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Data, 1993-2005


DatasetPre-ABoVE: Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Data, 1993-2005
Release date2016-11-29
Time period1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30

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This data set provides the spatial distributions of vegetation types, geobotanical characteristics, and physiographic features for the Arctic tundra region of Alaska for the period 1993-2005. Specific attributes include dominant vegetation, bioclimate subzones, floristic subprovinces, landscape types, lake coverage, and substrate chemistry. This data set generally includes areas North and West of the forest boundary and excludes areas that have a boreal flora such as the Aleutian Islands and alpine tundra regions south of treeline.

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Raynolds, M.K., and D.J. Cooper. 2016. Pre-ABoVE: Arctic Alaska Vegetation, Geobotanical, Physiographic Data, 1993-2005. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
aga_arctic_ak_avhrr_cir_1995.tif 5.3MB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30
aga_arctic_ak_avhrr_ndvi_1995.tif 1.2MB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 74.2KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 63.9KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 566.3KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 197.2KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 249.7KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 202.8KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30 374.2KB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30
ak_topo_aa.tif 2.6MB 1993-06-01 to 2005-03-30

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  • Alaska_Arctic_Tundra_Veg_Map.pdf
  • aga_arctic_ak_physiog_2003.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_vegetation_2005.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_bioclimate_2005.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_floristic_2005.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_landscape_2005.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_lake_cover_2005.kmz
  • aga_arctic_ak_substrate_chem_2005.kmz

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