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Accelerated Canopy Chemistry Program Data Sets

CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP): The Accelerated Canopy Chemistry Program (ACCP) compiled a database of canopy chemistry for sites in the United States. The ACCP data consist of AVIRIS images, laboratory chemical analysis of field samples, laboratory spectra and chemical analyses from several mini-canopy experiments, and canopy modeling data. The Oak Ridge DAAC is interested in adding additional canopy chemistry data from sites around the world as contributed by investigators.

All CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP) data sets are available FREE of charge. You will need to sign in to order CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP) data sets. Currently 6 CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP) data sets are available online.

Beginning the CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP) dataset list

CANOPY CHEMISTRY (ACCP) data set Published Documentation Download Size
* Calculated Leaf Carbon and Nitrogen, 1992 (ACCP) 1999-05-07 0.0 MB
* Leaf Chemistry, 1992-1993 (ACCP) 1999-05-07 0.2 MB
* Seedling Canopy Chemistry, 1992-1993 (ACCP) 1999-05-07 0.1 MB
* Seedling Canopy Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP) 1999-05-07 0.2 MB
* Site AVIRIS Images, 1992 (ACCP) 2000-08-15 779.3 MB
* Visible and Near-Infrared Leaf Reflectance Spectra, 1992-1993 (ACCP) 1999-05-07 2.0 MB

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