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[SIF Image]This project is developing a global, observation-based Earth System Data Record (ESDR) for quantifying global vegetation solar induced fluorescence (SIF) and photosynthesis gross primary productivity (GPP) from 1996-2020. It was funded under the 2017 Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) call (17-MEASURES-0032).

Solar Induced Fluorescence Earth Science Data Record Datasets List

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17-MEASURES-0032 (5 datasets)

select all 17-MEASURES-0032 SIF-ESDR dataset Updated Published User Guide Download Size THREDDS
*L2 Daily Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) from MetOp-A GOME-2, 2007-20182023-06-07 2022-08-29 user guide
*Global High-Resolution Estimates of SIF from Fused SCIAMACHY and GOME-2, 2002-20182022-01-09 2021-06-16 user guide download 7.4GBthredds
*High Resolution Global Contiguous SIF Estimates from OCO-2 SIF and MODIS, Version 22022-01-09 2021-08-13 user guide download 4.4GBthredds
*L2 Daily Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) from ERS-2 GOME, 1995-20032022-01-09 2019-12-09 user guide download 1.1GBthredds
*L2 Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) from SCIAMACHY, 2003-20122022-01-09 2021-08-13 user guide download 3.0GBthredds

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