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CARVE: L1 Spectral Radiances from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-2015


DatasetCARVE: L1 Spectral Radiances from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-2015
Release date2017-03-01
Time period2012-05-23 to 2015-11-13

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Downloads1572017-03-202017-11-22153454 total files downloaded


This data set contains Level 1 spectral radiance data collected using the Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) during airborne campaigns over the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic for the Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE). Flight campaigns took place from 2012 to 2015 between the months of March and November to enable investigation of both seasonal and inter-annual variability in atmospheric gas content. The measurements included in this data set are crucial for understanding changes in Arctic carbon cycling and the potential threats posed by thawing of Arctic permafrost.

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Kurosu, T.P., C.E. Miller, S.J. Dinardo, and CARVE Science Team . 2017. CARVE: L1 Spectral Radiances from Airborne FTS, Alaska, 2012-2015. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude 941.3MB 2012-05-23 70.76N to 69.13N156.29W to 157.42W 1.7GB 2012-05-23 71.43N to 70.87N156.23W to 157.24W 3.1GB 2012-05-23 to 2012-05-24 71.07N to 67.59N153.32W to 157.41W 105.2MB 2012-05-24 65.40N to 65.25N148.06W to 148.32W 1.1GB 2012-05-24 66.92N to 65.40N148.33W to 151.59W 219.4MB 2012-05-24 67.28N to 67.01N151.88W to 152.55W 62.6MB 2012-05-24 67.39N to 67.31N152.63W to 152.81W 113.5MB 2012-05-24 67.54N to 67.40N152.83W to 153.18W 51.1MB 2012-05-24 67.85N to 67.77N153.43W to 153.49W 116.0MB 2012-05-24 64.98N to 64.92N147.48W to 147.72W 3.7MB 2012-05-27 64.87N147.89W to 147.90W 186.7MB 2012-05-27 64.87N to 64.71N147.92W to 148.58W 50.7MB 2012-05-27 63.98N to 63.94N160.86W to 160.99W 16.4MB 2012-05-27 62.95N to 62.94N155.76W to 155.81W 12.0MB 2012-05-28 62.98N to 62.97N155.16W to 155.25W 47.2MB 2012-05-28 63.98N to 63.92N151.64W to 151.76W 36.3MB 2012-05-28 64.97N to 64.93N147.62W to 147.68W 162.7MB 2012-06-01 65.15N to 64.92N148.13W to 148.48W 53.7MB 2012-06-01 65.23N to 65.15N148.49W to 148.60W 696.7MB 2012-06-01 66.17N to 65.24N148.62W to 150.27W 456.1MB 2012-06-01 66.85N to 66.18N150.29W to 151.43W 63.0MB 2012-06-01 67.01N to 66.94N151.68W to 151.84W 766.2MB 2012-06-01 67.99N to 67.01N151.85W to 154.31W 524.8MB 2012-06-01 68.60N to 67.99N154.33W to 155.84W 295.6MB 2012-06-01 68.94N to 68.54N155.74W to 156.17W 313.7MB 2012-06-01 69.12N to 68.77N154.75W to 155.81W 29.5MB 2012-06-01 69.16N to 69.13N154.79W to 154.90W 417.3MB 2012-06-01 69.51N to 69.17N154.92W to 156.32W 571.1MB 2012-06-01 69.56N to 69.44N156.07W to 156.36W 512.9MB 2012-06-01 69.53N to 69.40N156.03W to 156.46W 290.4MB 2012-06-01 70.07N to 69.44N156.15W to 157.10W 450.2MB 2012-06-01 70.86N to 70.08N157.03W to 157.41W 28.8MB 2012-06-01 70.92N to 70.87N156.98W to 157.03W 185.3MB 2012-06-01 71.26N to 70.92N156.64W to 156.98W 18.8MB 2012-06-01 71.29N to 71.26N156.60W to 156.63W 12.5MB 2012-06-01 71.20N to 71.18N156.69W to 156.71W 341.7MB 2012-06-01 to 2012-06-02 71.17N to 70.45N156.72W to 157.41W 4.7MB 2012-06-02 69.72N to 69.69N156.75W to 156.77W 414.6MB 2012-06-02 69.69N to 69.00N156.15W to 156.74W 483.2MB 2012-06-02 68.99N to 68.73N155.87W to 156.14W 485.1MB 2012-06-02 68.73N to 68.40N155.30W to 155.95W 527.9MB 2012-06-02 68.40N to 64.69N147.85W to 155.29W 110.1MB 2012-06-02 66.07N to 65.92N153.11W to 153.26W 964.5MB 2012-06-02 67.53N to 66.08N153.26W to 154.60W 571.3MB 2012-06-02 68.10N to 65.11N152.01W to 155.13W 571.6MB 2012-06-02 65.11N to 64.84N150.35W to 151.99W 491.9MB 2012-06-02 64.83N to 64.69N148.52W to 150.34W 552.7MB 2012-06-18 66.27N to 65.56N148.57W to 150.02W 28.5MB 2012-06-18 66.31N to 66.28N150.03W to 150.10W 569.7MB 2012-06-18 67.02N to 66.33N150.14W to 151.83W 561.7MB 2012-06-18 67.64N to 67.03N151.84W to 153.39W 42.2MB 2012-06-18 67.70N to 67.65N153.41W to 153.55W 571.8MB 2012-06-18 68.43N to 67.71N153.58W to 155.59W 556.2MB 2012-06-18 68.96N to 68.44N155.61W to 155.95W 545.3MB 2012-06-18 69.46N to 68.90N155.59W to 156.23W 35.3MB 2012-06-18 69.51N to 69.47N156.24W to 156.29W 398.7MB 2012-06-18 70.20N to 69.52N156.29W to 157.12W 1.2GB 2012-06-18 71.39N to 70.20N156.54W to 157.41W 63.6MB 2012-06-18 71.32N to 71.25N157.05W to 157.08W 122.9MB 2012-06-18 71.24N to 71.17N156.54W to 157.05W 780.6MB 2012-06-18 71.27N to 70.36N156.62W to 157.42W 616.3MB 2012-06-18 70.36N to 69.39N156.13W to 157.36W 81.1MB 2012-06-18 69.39N to 69.26N156.01W to 156.12W 562.9MB 2012-06-18 to 2012-06-19 69.25N to 68.66N155.50W to 156.00W 29.1MB 2012-06-19 68.65N to 68.61N155.81W to 155.85W 552.0MB 2012-06-19 68.60N to 67.94N154.21W to 155.81W 55.1MB 2012-06-19 67.93N to 67.87N154.01W to 154.20W 570.8MB 2012-06-19 67.86N to 67.14N152.15W to 154.00W 26.6MB 2012-06-19 67.13N to 67.09N152.15W to 152.16W 495.2MB 2012-06-19 67.09N to 66.44N150.77W to 152.14W 528.9MB 2012-06-19 66.44N to 64.78N147.52W to 150.76W 27.6MB 2012-06-19 65.89N to 65.66N149.20W to 149.74W 571.8MB 2012-06-19 65.65N to 65.02N147.66W to 149.19W 562.2MB 2012-06-19 65.42N to 64.80N147.52W to 148.39W 26.1MB 2012-06-19 65.45N to 65.43N148.41W to 148.47W 568.4MB 2012-06-19 65.98N to 65.46N148.48W to 149.89W 551.1MB 2012-06-19 66.73N to 65.99N149.90W to 150.66W 566.1MB 2012-06-19 67.29N to 66.74N150.07W to 150.54W 84.6MB 2012-06-19 67.29N to 67.24N150.08W to 150.24W 567.5MB 2012-06-19 67.97N to 67.24N149.77W to 150.24W 763.3MB 2012-06-19 68.99N to 67.98N149.03W to 149.77W 85.3MB 2012-06-19 69.12N to 69.00N148.88W to 149.02W 477.3MB 2012-06-19 69.86N to 69.13N148.68W to 148.87W 232.0MB 2012-06-19 70.20N to 69.87N148.42W to 148.77W 70.8MB 2012-06-19 70.29N to 70.22N148.36W to 148.47W 219.7MB 2012-06-19 70.15N to 69.89N148.71W to 149.42W 584.1MB 2012-06-19 69.89N to 69.36N149.43W to 151.08W 516.5MB 2012-06-19 69.36N to 68.90N150.21W to 150.67W 554.8MB 2012-06-19 69.49N to 69.04N150.67W to 151.10W 510.7MB 2012-06-19 69.04N to 68.54N149.41W to 150.70W 757.5MB 2012-06-19 to 2012-06-20 68.60N to 67.72N149.28W to 149.84W 51.6MB 2012-06-20 67.71N to 67.64N149.74W to 149.76W 584.9MB 2012-06-20 67.63N to 66.97N149.77W to 150.50W 558.8MB 2012-06-20 66.96N to 66.10N150.07W to 150.63W 506.0MB 2012-06-20 66.08N to 65.44N148.60W to 150.05W 54.6MB 2012-06-20 65.43N to 65.36N148.43W to 148.58W 23.7MB 2012-06-20 65.36N to 65.33N148.35W to 148.42W 144.5MB 2012-06-20 65.17N to 64.98N147.58W to 148.00W 568.0MB 2012-06-21 65.03N to 64.57N147.57W to 149.17W 71.8MB 2012-06-21 64.56N to 64.51N149.19W to 149.42W 985.9MB 2012-06-21 64.51N to 64.12N149.44W to 150.87W 909.0MB 2012-06-21 64.25N to 63.69N150.26W to 152.26W 793.9MB 2012-06-21 63.69N to 63.17N152.27W to 154.38W 48.0MB 2012-06-21 63.16N to 63.14N154.39W to 154.53W 259.9MB 2012-06-21 63.14N to 62.98N154.54W to 155.43W 53.7MB 2012-06-21 63.12N to 63.08N155.83W to 155.96W 496.5MB 2012-06-21 63.58N to 63.13N155.97W to 156.96W 547.7MB 2012-06-21 63.75N to 63.66N156.34W to 158.22W 539.4MB 2012-06-21 63.75N to 63.62N157.28W to 158.54W 20.8MB 2012-06-21 63.63N157.19W to 157.26W 304.1MB 2012-06-21 63.81N to 63.63N156.26W to 157.18W 167.2MB 2012-06-21 63.81N to 63.77N156.26W to 156.47W 535.0MB 2012-06-21 63.77N to 63.50N156.48W to 157.87W 516.2MB 2012-06-21 63.50N to 63.00N157.88W to 158.37W 21.7MB 2012-06-21 63.00N158.38W to 158.47W 565.5MB 2012-06-21 63.25N to 63.00N157.83W to 158.75W 830.8MB 2012-06-21 63.71N to 63.25N154.69W to 157.82W 204.9MB 2012-06-21 63.84N to 63.71N153.80W to 154.66W 625.0MB 2012-06-21 to 2012-06-22 64.14N to 63.84N151.41W to 153.77W 516.9MB 2012-06-22 64.42N to 64.13N149.66W to 151.40W 98.2MB 2012-06-22 65.02N to 64.91N147.57W to 147.72W 156.8MB 2012-06-22 65.20N to 65.03N147.57W to 147.85W 608.2MB 2012-06-22 66.03N to 65.21N147.86W to 149.39W 581.5MB 2012-06-22 66.84N to 66.03N149.41W to 151.29W 591.5MB 2012-06-22 67.66N to 66.85N151.30W to 153.37W 568.7MB 2012-06-22 68.41N to 67.67N153.40W to 155.52W 59.4MB 2012-06-22 68.50N to 68.43N155.39W to 155.60W 854.4MB 2012-06-22 69.38N to 68.43N155.33W to 156.48W 520.5MB 2012-06-22 70.15N to 69.38N156.48W to 157.17W 35.3MB 2012-06-22 70.21N to 70.16N157.18W to 157.23W 549.2MB 2012-06-22 71.04N to 70.22N156.86W to 157.42W 570.2MB 2012-06-22 71.42N to 71.04N156.32W to 156.86W 519.3MB 2012-06-22 71.16N to 70.51N155.46W to 156.65W 267.0MB 2012-06-22 70.51N to 70.28N154.62W to 155.45W 467.8MB 2012-06-22 70.27N to 70.02N152.61W to 154.69W 36.3MB 2012-06-22 70.01N to 69.99N152.44W to 152.59W 504.0MB 2012-06-22 70.07N to 69.87N150.65W to 152.42W 487.0MB 2012-06-22 70.17N to 70.05N149.44W to 150.73W 381.9MB 2012-06-22 70.19N to 70.13N149.58W to 149.99W 175.6MB 2012-06-22 70.23N to 70.17N149.51W to 149.75W 596.8MB 2012-06-22 70.32N to 70.20N148.49W to 149.63W 499.6MB 2012-06-22 to 2012-06-23 70.27N to 69.58N148.41W to 148.80W 424.9MB 2012-06-23 69.57N to 68.89N148.67W to 149.10W 599.4MB 2012-06-23 68.89N to 68.59N149.10W to 149.66W 171.4MB 2012-06-23 68.63N to 68.36N149.45W to 149.62W 869.0MB 2012-06-23 68.35N to 66.91N148.74W to 149.45W 534.3MB 2012-06-23 66.90N to 66.09N148.38W to 148.74W 353.4MB 2012-06-23 66.09N to 65.53N148.15W to 148.38W 1.1GB 2012-06-24 65.00N to 64.13N145.95W to 147.93W 43.1MB 2012-06-24 64.12N to 64.08N145.87W to 145.94W 591.9MB 2012-06-24 64.23N to 64.05N145.70W to 145.88W 1.3GB 2012-06-24 64.44N to 64.14N145.69W to 147.57W 532.6MB 2012-06-24 64.21N to 64.09N147.59W to 149.24W 534.3MB 2012-06-24 64.31N to 63.87N148.74W to 149.39W 273.0MB 2012-06-24 64.74N to 64.31N148.13W to 148.73W 139.4MB 2012-06-24 64.88N to 64.74N147.82W to 148.12W 39.7MB 2012-06-24 65.04N to 64.99N147.53W to 147.58W 536.7MB 2012-06-24 65.29N to 65.05N147.47W to 148.61W 359.2MB 2012-06-24 65.09N to 64.91N148.60W to 149.15W 759.9MB 2012-06-24 65.04N to 64.94N148.59W to 149.14W 705.1MB 2012-06-24 65.08N to 64.73N148.63W to 148.95W 32.4MB 2012-07-17 65.08N to 65.03N148.85W to 148.91W 542.3MB 2012-07-17 65.17N to 64.94N148.85W to 149.20W 175.6MB 2012-07-17 65.05N to 64.96N148.80W to 149.19W 420.6MB 2012-07-17 65.02N to 64.92N149.43W to 149.80W 178.3MB 2012-07-17 65.01N to 64.53N149.51W to 150.02W 346.9MB 2012-07-17 to 2012-07-18 64.52N to 64.15N150.04W to 150.91W 241.4MB 2012-07-18 64.31N to 64.16N150.05W to 150.81W 198.0MB 2012-07-18 64.63N to 64.52N148.34W to 149.20W 552.4MB 2012-07-18 64.92N to 64.63N147.57W to 148.32W 539.4MB 2012-07-22 65.59N to 64.89N147.58W to 148.79W 63.1MB 2012-07-22 65.66N to 65.60N148.80W to 149.02W 611.4MB 2012-07-22 66.51N to 65.67N149.04W to 150.49W 577.4MB 2012-07-22 67.35N to 66.52N150.51W to 152.39W 28.6MB 2012-07-22 67.40N to 67.36N152.41W to 152.49W 647.3MB 2012-07-22 68.40N to 67.42N152.52W to 154.61W 617.4MB 2012-07-22 69.06N to 68.40N154.63W to 156.21W 520.2MB 2012-07-22 69.11N to 68.77N155.95W to 156.28W 23.7MB 2012-07-22 69.15N to 69.11N156.04W to 156.07W 16.9MB 2012-07-22 69.12N to 69.10N156.09W to 156.11W 520.6MB 2012-07-22 69.09N to 68.84N155.86W to 156.31W 566.7MB 2012-07-22 69.19N to 68.73N155.86W to 156.31W 565.9MB 2012-07-22 70.03N to 69.20N156.31W to 157.06W 544.3MB 2012-07-22 70.85N to 70.04N157.04W to 157.42W 419.4MB 2012-07-22 71.40N to 70.86N156.50W to 157.03W 285.1MB 2012-07-22 71.43N to 71.36N156.36W to 156.63W 94.1MB 2012-07-22 71.13N to 70.98N156.59W to 156.67W 584.7MB 2012-07-22 70.96N to 70.35N153.97W to 156.59W 398.7MB 2012-07-22 70.34N to 70.10N151.63W to 153.95W 493.7MB 2012-07-22 to 2012-07-23 70.20N to 70.03N148.91W to 151.61W 525.5MB 2012-07-23 70.24N to 69.27N148.45W to 148.89W 528.8MB 2012-07-23 69.26N to 68.47N148.78W to 149.73W 130.3MB 2012-07-23 68.43N to 68.27N149.35W to 149.41W 268.4MB 2012-07-23 67.87N to 67.42N148.91W to 149.12W 87.0MB 2012-07-23 67.41N to 67.25N148.82W to 148.91W 453.4MB 2012-07-24 64.75N to 64.41N148.08W to 148.81W 770.1MB 2012-07-24 64.65N to 64.35N148.27W to 148.84W 697.9MB 2012-07-24 65.34N to 64.53N148.46W to 149.29W 513.1MB 2012-07-24 to 2012-07-25 66.04N to 65.34N149.29W to 149.85W 590.0MB 2012-07-25 66.39N to 66.05N147.62W to 149.40W 520.5MB 2012-07-25 66.90N to 66.35N146.07W to 147.61W 466.4MB 2012-07-25 66.84N to 66.52N145.12W to 146.02W 628.4MB 2012-07-25 66.52N to 66.19N146.04W to 147.74W 44.6MB 2012-07-25 66.19N to 66.15N147.76W to 148.04W 453.2MB 2012-07-25 66.15N to 65.45N148.06W to 148.63W 91.2MB 2012-07-25 65.45N to 65.29N148.63W to 148.75W 162.2MB 2012-07-25 65.27N to 65.03N148.71W to 148.87W 98.4MB 2012-07-25 65.14N to 65.06N148.54W to 148.70W 592.4MB 2012-07-25 65.03N to 64.59N147.58W to 149.31W 108.5MB 2012-07-25 64.59N to 64.49N149.33W to 149.68W 517.7MB 2012-07-25 64.48N to 62.62N147.58W to 150.72W 599.0MB 2012-07-25 64.30N to 63.82N150.26W to 151.59W 588.9MB 2012-07-25 63.82N to 63.39N151.61W to 153.42W 454.4MB 2012-07-25 63.57N to 63.14N153.43W to 154.52W 289.5MB 2012-07-25 63.17N to 63.10N154.48W to 154.63W 660.9MB 2012-07-25 63.74N to 62.98N155.84W to 157.44W 655.4MB 2012-07-25 63.66N to 63.59N157.18W to 158.50W 701.4MB 2012-07-25 63.74N to 63.44N156.99W to 158.01W 568.3MB 2012-07-25 to 2012-07-26 63.89N to 63.18N157.88W to 158.01W 542.2MB 2012-07-26 63.18N to 62.84N158.00W to 159.40W 523.8MB 2012-08-14 65.01N to 64.85N147.54W to 148.46W 38.2MB 2012-08-14 64.91N to 64.87N148.49W to 148.60W 502.5MB 2012-08-14 64.86N to 64.28N148.62W to 150.41W 545.6MB 2012-08-14 64.28N to 64.13N150.42W to 152.26W 589.2MB 2012-08-14 64.13N to 64.01N152.27W to 154.29W 721.1MB 2012-08-14 64.01N to 63.76N154.32W to 157.33W 600.0MB 2012-08-14 63.77N to 63.74N157.35W to 158.75W 459.3MB 2012-08-14 63.76N to 63.72N157.47W to 158.48W 119.9MB 2012-08-14 63.74N to 63.69N158.39W to 158.52W 465.1MB 2012-08-14 63.98N to 63.74N158.51W to 160.16W 634.6MB 2012-08-14 63.76N to 63.17N160.74W to 162.76W 405.0MB 2012-08-14 63.17N to 62.70N162.77W to 164.10W 26.2MB 2012-08-14 62.64N to 61.88N163.42W to 164.14W 80.9MB 2012-08-14 61.88N to 61.21N162.30W to 163.40W 402.0MB 2012-08-14 61.21N to 60.76N161.58W to 162.30W 198.0MB 2012-08-14 61.43N to 61.12N161.45W to 161.58W 12.3MB 2012-08-14 61.45N to 61.43N161.44W to 161.45W 553.5MB 2012-08-14 61.87N to 61.46N160.22W to 161.44W 700.1MB 2012-08-14 to 2012-08-15 62.78N to 61.88N159.56W to 160.23W 642.9MB 2012-08-15 63.26N to 62.78N157.99W to 159.55W 655.0MB 2012-08-15 63.80N to 63.27N157.64W to 158.53W 312.7MB 2012-08-15 63.76N to 63.44N156.78W to 157.63W 66.9MB 2012-08-15 63.43N to 63.35N156.64W to 156.77W 598.6MB 2012-08-18 65.03N to 64.79N147.58W to 149.41W 579.7MB 2012-08-18 64.79N to 64.58N149.42W to 151.79W 607.0MB 2012-08-18 64.57N to 64.25N151.81W to 154.19W 208.6MB 2012-08-18 to 2012-08-19 65.00N to 64.81N150.24W to 151.69W 142.1MB 2012-08-19 65.08N to 64.75N149.02W to 150.23W 159.7MB 2012-08-19 68.12N to 67.86N148.43W to 148.83W 761.3MB 2012-08-19 68.97N to 68.13N148.84W to 149.65W 592.0MB 2012-08-19 69.79N to 68.97N148.56W to 149.07W 375.8MB 2012-08-19 70.21N to 69.76N148.45W to 148.88W 263.3MB 2012-08-19 70.16N to 69.73N148.87W to 150.79W 369.0MB 2012-08-19 69.97N to 64.80N147.58W to 152.65W 574.2MB 2012-08-19 70.20N to 69.97N152.66W to 154.82W 173.6MB 2012-08-19 70.03N to 69.84N153.73W to 154.37W 453.6MB 2012-08-19 70.82N to 70.12N154.35W to 156.11W 77.0MB 2012-08-19 71.08N to 70.83N156.13W to 156.41W 121.5MB 2012-08-19 71.14N to 70.54N155.42W to 156.43W 399.2MB 2012-08-19 70.54N to 70.22N155.84W to 157.46W 58.9MB 2012-08-19 70.22N to 70.13N157.16W to 157.24W 521.1MB 2012-08-19 to 2012-08-20 70.13N to 69.31N156.34W to 157.15W 310.0MB 2012-08-20 69.30N to 68.83N155.97W to 156.33W 587.3MB 2012-08-20 65.94N to 64.94N147.51W to 148.07W 489.0MB 2012-08-20 66.37N to 65.95N147.57W to 148.25W 561.6MB 2012-08-20 66.28N to 66.03N148.10W to 149.01W 633.6MB 2012-08-20 66.39N to 66.16N145.71W to 148.09W 538.7MB 2012-08-20 66.41N to 66.11N144.59W to 145.91W 617.6MB 2012-08-20 66.89N to 66.57N144.21W to 145.47W 732.8MB 2012-08-20 67.07N to 66.58N145.38W to 146.35W 551.4MB 2012-08-20 66.86N to 66.34N145.93W to 147.33W 306.5MB 2012-08-21 65.16N to 64.75N148.11W to 148.93W 619.8MB 2012-08-21 65.22N to 64.93N148.59W to 148.89W 614.5MB 2012-08-21 65.34N to 64.81N148.66W to 149.40W 271.1MB 2012-08-21 64.84N to 64.43N149.31W to 149.51W 620.9MB 2012-08-21 64.99N to 64.32N149.39W to 149.65W 523.7MB 2012-08-21 64.82N to 64.28N149.60W to 150.43W 608.4MB 2012-08-21 64.28N to 63.79N150.44W to 152.18W 539.5MB 2012-08-21 63.79N to 63.36N152.20W to 153.93W 584.3MB 2012-08-22 65.52N to 64.86N147.55W to 148.31W 552.5MB 2012-08-22 66.10N to 65.53N148.32W to 149.12W 183.7MB 2012-08-22 66.73N to 64.79N143.66W to 149.34W 546.3MB 2012-08-22 66.19N to 66.04N148.07W to 149.34W 124.3MB 2012-08-22 66.30N to 66.14N149.04W to 149.24W 2.7MB 2012-08-22 66.31N149.03W to 149.04W 576.5MB 2012-08-22 66.39N to 66.14N147.62W to 149.02W 518.7MB 2012-08-22 66.47N to 66.24N145.97W to 147.62W 384.9MB 2012-08-22 66.24N to 65.96N144.55W to 145.96W 315.0MB 2012-08-22 66.17N to 65.79N143.86W to 144.54W 974.3MB 2012-08-22 66.33N to 66.17N144.18W to 144.51W 541.2MB 2012-08-22 66.73N to 66.26N143.66W to 144.46W 134.1MB 2012-08-22 66.72N to 66.52N144.27W to 144.66W 263.5MB 2012-08-22 66.51N to 66.18N144.67W to 145.41W 582.4MB 2012-08-23 65.74N to 64.92N147.58W to 149.01W 623.7MB 2012-08-23 66.58N to 65.74N149.02W to 150.98W 237.8MB 2012-08-23 66.92N to 66.59N151.02W to 151.53W 599.8MB 2012-08-23 68.14N to 67.37N152.57W to 154.73W 582.5MB 2012-08-23 69.01N to 68.34N155.29W to 156.26W 613.3MB 2012-08-23 69.94N to 69.00N156.09W to 157.00W 525.4MB 2012-08-23 70.41N to 69.95N156.99W to 157.46W 305.7MB 2012-08-23 70.48N to 70.42N156.72W to 157.50W 540.6MB 2012-08-23 70.42N to 70.03N154.97W to 156.73W 866.4MB 2012-08-23 to 2012-08-24 70.23N to 69.93N154.19W to 154.96W 511.7MB 2012-08-24 70.75N to 70.11N153.92W to 155.99W 66.9MB 2012-08-24 71.25N to 71.10N156.26W to 156.61W 660.3MB 2012-08-24 71.09N to 70.34N154.95W to 156.23W 662.2MB 2012-08-24 70.40N to 69.79N154.60W to 155.29W 45.7MB 2012-08-24 69.78N to 69.72N154.45W to 154.58W 587.7MB 2012-08-24 69.71N to 69.45N153.98W to 154.43W 114.3MB 2012-08-24 69.05N to 68.92N153.05W to 153.27W 586.9MB 2012-09-18 65.20N to 64.79N147.55W to 148.64W 452.0MB 2012-09-18 65.17N to 64.65N148.89W to 149.24W 303.2MB 2012-09-18 65.17N to 64.60N149.19W to 149.49W 11.0MB 2012-09-18 64.61N to 64.60N149.51W to 149.53W 200.5MB 2012-09-18 64.65N to 64.60N149.42W to 149.54W 653.4MB 2012-09-18 64.75N to 64.53N148.68W to 149.34W 246.3MB 2012-09-18 66.02N to 65.64N145.51W to 146.37W 143.4MB 2012-09-18 66.34N to 66.03N144.88W to 145.49W 195.4MB 2012-09-18 67.14N to 66.75N143.57W to 144.08W 295.8MB 2012-09-19 65.94N to 65.47N146.43W to 146.88W 198.0MB 2012-09-19 69.96N to 69.07N148.64W to 148.90W 623.8MB 2012-09-19 70.25N to 69.98N148.65W to 151.32W 218.5MB 2012-09-19 70.40N to 70.26N151.34W to 153.68W 107.2MB 2012-09-19 70.37N to 70.32N153.05W to 154.30W 15.1MB 2012-09-19 70.39N to 70.36N152.26W to 152.56W 35.9MB 2012-09-19 70.38N to 70.34N152.71W to 154.01W 154.8MB 2012-09-19 71.03N to 70.52N154.53W to 156.41W 9.3MB 2012-09-20 70.97N to 70.59N154.84W to 156.34W 43.0MB 2012-09-20 70.41N to 70.32N152.65W to 154.34W 164.7MB 2012-09-20 70.39N to 70.24N151.27W to 152.70W 99.3MB 2012-09-21 65.24N to 65.11N147.31W to 147.45W 562.9MB 2012-09-21 65.91N to 65.25N147.39W to 148.83W 441.1MB 2012-09-21 66.14N to 65.92N148.83W to 149.39W 23.1MB 2012-09-21 66.28N to 66.08N149.36W to 149.71W 30.4MB 2012-09-21 66.51N to 66.22N147.70W to 149.03W 106.6MB 2012-09-23 65.72N to 65.57N146.27W to 146.56W 438.6MB 2012-09-23 66.16N to 65.73N144.69W to 146.24W 240.3MB 2012-09-23 66.51N to 65.94N144.11W to 144.68W 298.9MB 2012-09-23 66.95N to 66.53N143.69W to 144.78W 131.7MB 2012-09-23 67.02N to 66.87N144.80W to 146.54W 133.2MB 2012-09-23 66.84N to 66.37N146.58W to 147.92W 234.7MB 2012-09-23 66.37N to 66.18N147.94W to 149.50W 229.0MB 2012-09-23 66.22N to 65.96N148.11W to 149.55W 145.1MB 2012-09-23 66.20N to 66.11N146.25W to 148.10W 354.8MB 2012-09-24 64.85N to 64.71N149.46W to 150.74W 121.4MB 2012-09-24 64.71N to 64.66N150.75W to 151.17W 594.3MB 2012-09-24 64.66N to 64.36N151.19W to 153.37W 566.3MB 2012-09-24 64.35N to 64.12N153.38W to 155.15W 569.8MB 2012-09-24 64.12N to 63.79N155.16W to 157.24W 26.2MB 2012-09-24 63.79N to 63.63N157.26W to 158.50W 45.2MB 2012-09-24 63.74N to 63.63N157.04W to 158.11W 48.0MB 2012-09-24 to 2012-09-25 63.45N to 63.27N161.27W to 162.51W 2.2MB 2012-09-25 63.14N to 63.03N162.63W to 162.86W 7.4MB 2012-09-25 62.20N to 62.14N164.07W to 164.13W 18.8MB 2012-09-25 61.95N to 61.67N162.78W to 163.74W 371.2MB 2012-09-26 63.75N to 63.62N157.53W to 158.50W 54.9MB 2012-09-26 63.71N to 63.63N157.43W to 157.90W 241.1MB 2012-09-26 63.77N to 63.22N157.48W to 158.00W 205.0MB 2012-09-26 62.52N to 61.77N161.79W to 162.29W 56.5MB 2012-09-27 61.19N to 60.61N161.79W to 163.47W 297.9MB 2012-09-27 60.59N to 60.24N163.52W to 164.39W 278.9MB 2012-09-27 60.66N to 60.47N162.54W to 163.73W 384.3MB 2012-10-01 69.04N to 68.33N155.28W to 156.18W 467.1MB 2012-10-01 69.92N to 69.05N156.19W to 156.97W 83.6MB 2012-10-01 70.22N to 69.92N156.98W to 157.23W 358.4MB 2012-10-01 70.54N to 70.44N155.12W to 158.22W 128.1MB 2012-10-02 70.41N to 70.35N153.22W to 153.84W 77.0MB 2013-04-03 64.58N to 64.32N149.47W to 149.82W 3.4MB 2013-04-03 64.63N to 64.62N149.39W to 149.40W 136.8MB 2013-04-03 65.04N to 64.65N148.75W to 149.37W 114.9MB 2013-04-03 65.01N to 64.73N148.90W to 149.36W 1.8MB 2013-04-03 64.70N to 64.69N149.40W to 149.42W 1.2MB 2013-04-03 64.51N151.99W to 152.00W 142.8MB 2013-04-03 63.93N to 63.61N157.24W to 157.76W 26.1MB 2013-04-03 63.93N to 63.89N157.53W to 157.64W 139.1MB 2013-04-03 65.97N to 65.41N156.87W to 157.01W 99.9MB 2013-04-03 66.00N to 65.86N155.99W to 156.96W 92.5MB 2013-04-03 65.96N to 65.80N155.65W to 156.08W 24.5MB 2013-04-03 65.09N to 65.05N151.29W to 151.58W 2.1MB 2013-04-04 65.73N to 65.72N148.68W to 148.69W 142.3MB 2013-04-04 66.06N to 65.75N148.72W to 149.24W 142.2MB 2013-04-04 66.67N to 66.06N149.25W to 150.27W 57.4MB 2013-04-04 66.90N to 66.68N150.27W to 150.80W 2.0MB 2013-04-04 66.93N150.91W to 150.93W 141.2MB 2013-04-04 67.42N to 66.94N150.96W to 152.50W 138.4MB 2013-04-04 67.88N to 67.42N152.50W to 154.21W 73.8MB 2013-04-04 68.18N to 67.88N154.21W to 155.04W 138.3MB 2013-04-04 68.53N to 68.26N155.25W to 155.92W 11.1MB 2013-04-04 68.50N to 68.44N155.73W to 155.79W 122.1MB 2013-04-04 68.71N to 68.45N155.73W to 156.00W 141.0MB 2013-04-04 69.33N to 68.71N156.01W to 156.72W 140.9MB 2013-04-04 69.95N to 69.33N156.72W to 157.21W 128.8MB 2013-04-04 70.48N to 69.95N157.21W to 157.45W 109.6MB 2013-04-04 70.89N to 70.46N156.98W to 157.55W 91.9MB 2013-04-04 70.78N to 70.44N155.64W to 156.60W 74.6MB 2013-04-04 70.47N to 70.16N156.60W to 157.54W 126.6MB 2013-04-04 70.16N to 69.58N156.75W to 157.22W 139.8MB 2013-04-04 to 2013-04-05 69.58N to 69.35N156.30W to 156.75W 139.6MB 2013-04-05 69.44N to 69.25N156.30W to 156.75W 140.6MB 2013-04-05 69.36N to 68.79N156.01W to 156.65W 128.4MB 2013-04-05 68.79N to 68.37N155.25W to 156.01W 142.4MB 2013-04-05 68.39N to 67.89N153.74W to 155.26W 142.5MB 2013-04-05 67.89N to 67.19N152.46W to 153.74W 142.6MB 2013-04-05 67.19N to 66.73N151.27W to 152.46W 142.5MB 2013-04-05 66.73N to 66.14N150.14W to 151.27W 142.7MB 2013-04-05 66.14N to 65.66N149.10W to 150.17W 61.4MB 2013-04-05 65.66N to 65.47N148.53W to 149.10W 142.6MB 2013-04-05 66.09N to 65.56N147.47W to 147.93W 140.0MB 2013-04-05 66.27N to 66.09N147.93W to 149.52W 152.9MB 2013-04-05 66.19N to 65.95N148.98W to 149.56W 135.2MB 2013-04-05 66.30N to 66.11N148.28W to 148.98W 94.4MB 2013-04-05 66.37N to 66.25N147.12W to 148.28W 133.0MB 2013-04-05 66.40N to 66.37N145.75W to 147.12W 124.9MB 2013-04-05 66.59N to 66.40N145.16W to 145.75W 142.4MB 2013-04-05 66.59N to 66.53N145.14W to 145.39W 142.4MB 2013-04-05 66.57N to 66.51N145.17W to 145.45W 40.3MB 2013-04-05 66.55N to 66.50N145.11W to 145.45W 142.2MB 2013-04-05 66.63N to 66.05N144.26W to 144.83W 125.2MB 2013-04-05 66.05N to 65.59N144.03W to 144.71W 142.4MB 2013-04-06 64.74N to 64.38N149.08W to 150.68W 142.5MB 2013-04-06 64.38N to 64.02N150.68W to 152.29W 133.1MB 2013-04-06 64.02N to 63.64N152.29W to 153.68W 143.0MB 2013-04-06 63.62N to 63.10N153.72W to 155.07W 142.8MB 2013-04-06 63.34N to 63.04N155.07W to 156.54W 105.2MB 2013-04-06 63.34N to 63.09N156.54W to 157.54W 142.8MB 2013-04-06 63.08N to 62.46N157.56W to 158.37W 143.0MB 2013-04-06 62.46N to 61.83N158.36W to 159.12W 134.1MB 2013-04-06 61.83N to 61.54N159.12W to 160.21W 93.4MB 2013-04-06 61.54N to 61.27N160.21W to 161.49W 167.7MB 2013-04-06 61.27N to 60.89N161.50W to 162.66W 81.7MB 2013-04-06 60.89N to 60.50N162.66W to 163.77W 115.1MB 2013-04-06 60.50N to 60.30N163.77W to 164.30W 72.9MB 2013-04-06 60.50N to 60.40N163.37W to 164.03W 116.7MB 2013-04-06 60.59N to 60.51N162.21W to 163.35W 142.2MB 2013-04-06 61.92N to 61.40N160.05W to 160.93W 104.2MB 2013-04-06 62.47N to 60.30N147.59W to 160.05W 106.8MB 2013-04-06 62.91N to 62.47N159.32W to 159.68W 133.6MB 2013-04-06 to 2013-04-07 63.37N to 62.91N158.79W to 159.32W 139.2MB 2013-04-07 63.76N to 63.37N158.29W to 158.79W 141.7MB 2013-04-07 63.80N to 63.73N157.02W to 158.29W 56.3MB 2013-04-07 63.88N to 63.80N156.41W to 157.03W 142.2MB 2013-04-07 64.56N to 64.38N151.04W to 152.88W 3.7MB 2013-04-07 64.57N150.99W to 151.04W 142.3MB 2013-05-02 64.75N to 64.49N151.62W to 153.34W 72.4MB 2013-05-02 64.49N to 64.34N153.34W to 154.21W 132.3MB 2013-05-02 64.13N to 63.91N155.24W to 156.77W 114.7MB 2013-05-02 63.90N to 63.73N156.81W to 158.04W 100.3MB 2013-05-02 63.78N to 63.61N158.05W to 158.53W 77.5MB 2013-05-02 63.63N to 63.61N156.98W to 158.10W 33.1MB 2013-05-02 63.63N to 63.49N157.00W to 157.21W 90.0MB 2013-05-02 63.61N to 63.50N157.24W to 158.21W 86.1MB 2013-05-02 63.99N to 63.61N157.66W to 158.11W 113.9MB 2013-05-03 64.85N to 64.35N156.81W to 157.32W 50.8MB 2013-05-03 65.70N to 65.26N156.31W to 156.98W 23.7MB 2013-05-03 65.86N to 63.49N147.58W to 156.43W 11.5MB 2013-05-03 65.89N to 63.49N147.58W to 155.61W 66.9MB 2013-05-03 65.77N to 65.68N153.45W to 154.09W 42.0MB 2013-05-03 65.69N to 65.63N153.03W to 153.46W 102.4MB 2013-05-04 63.80N to 63.75N156.45W to 157.90W 80.3MB 2013-05-04 63.75N to 63.46N157.90W to 158.71W 112.8MB 2013-05-04 63.46N to 63.00N158.71W to 159.51W 114.4MB 2013-05-04 63.00N to 62.59N159.51W to 160.20W 23.3MB 2013-05-04 62.60N to 62.15N159.76W to 160.20W 53.3MB 2013-05-04 62.12N to 61.87N159.84W to 160.31W 87.1MB 2013-05-04 61.71N to 61.30N160.64W to 161.45W 51.5MB 2013-05-04 61.29N to 61.10N161.46W to 162.04W 31.3MB 2013-05-04 60.68N to 60.45N162.78W to 163.77W 16.3MB 2013-05-04 60.48N to 60.32N147.70W to 164.30W 32.9MB 2013-05-04 to 2013-05-05 60.80N to 60.48N162.98W to 163.91W 82.6MB 2013-05-05 61.13N to 60.80N161.97W to 162.98W 78.3MB 2013-05-05 61.43N to 61.14N160.87W to 161.97W 112.6MB 2013-05-05 61.59N to 61.43N159.55W to 160.87W 64.5MB 2013-05-05 61.70N to 61.56N158.98W to 159.53W 142.6MB 2013-05-05 62.46N to 62.02N156.75W to 158.07W 142.7MB 2013-05-05 62.90N to 62.46N155.34W to 156.75W 97.9MB 2013-05-05 63.19N to 62.90N154.35W to 155.34W 140.7MB 2013-05-06 65.39N to 64.80N147.54W to 148.08W 17.3MB 2013-05-06 65.48N to 65.39N148.08W 81.9MB 2013-05-06 66.07N to 65.96N148.23W to 149.51W 36.7MB 2013-05-06 66.25N to 65.97N148.68W to 149.57W 94.7MB 2013-05-06 66.36N to 66.16N147.40W to 148.68W 133.7MB 2013-05-06 66.40N to 66.36N145.91W to 147.40W 43.1MB 2013-05-06 66.59N to 66.40N145.19W to 145.90W 142.2MB 2013-05-06 66.67N to 66.56N145.11W to 145.30W 122.0MB 2013-05-06 66.82N to 66.55N143.78W to 145.19W 74.5MB 2013-05-06 66.97N to 66.74N142.33W to 143.02W 100.3MB 2013-05-06 65.06N to 64.76N147.75W to 148.86W 13.1MB 2013-05-06 64.74N to 64.64N148.95W to 149.61W 10.9MB 2013-05-06 64.87N to 64.75N148.85W to 149.32W 40.0MB 2013-05-06 64.93N to 64.53N141.69W to 150.54W 119.2MB 2013-05-06 to 2013-05-07 65.18N to 64.93N150.54W to 151.98W 39.9MB 2013-05-07 65.18N to 65.13N151.96W to 152.20W 58.7MB 2013-05-07 65.08N to 64.82N147.59W to 147.75W 128.9MB 2013-05-07 67.62N to 66.92N148.60W to 148.90W 74.8MB 2013-05-07 68.75N to 68.51N149.20W to 149.63W 93.4MB 2013-05-07 69.35N to 68.75N148.71W to 149.20W 62.7MB 2013-05-07 69.96N to 69.35N148.69W to 148.77W 84.1MB 2013-05-07 70.25N to 69.97N147.33W to 148.69W 114.2MB 2013-05-07 70.17N to 64.75N145.65W to 147.33W 38.3MB 2013-05-07 70.14N to 70.07N145.65W to 145.87W 47.9MB 2013-05-07 69.74N to 64.75N145.65W to 151.21W 115.9MB 2013-05-07 to 2013-05-08 69.05N to 68.46N149.95W to 150.51W 72.7MB 2013-05-08 68.46N to 68.06N149.68W to 149.95W 57.3MB 2013-05-08 65.05N to 64.82N147.57W to 147.78W 142.4MB 2013-05-08 64.63N to 64.43N151.37W to 152.96W 116.7MB 2013-05-08 64.43N to 64.29N152.96W to 154.04W 119.6MB 2013-05-08 63.97N to 63.75N156.16W to 157.56W 44.6MB 2013-05-08 63.76N to 63.62N157.57W to 158.49W 86.9MB 2013-05-08 63.63N to 63.58N157.22W to 158.42W 29.9MB 2013-05-08 63.58N to 63.34N157.38W to 158.06W 2.7MB 2013-05-08 63.36N to 63.04N158.05W to 158.85W 30.4MB 2013-05-08 63.00N to 62.63N158.93W to 159.62W 16.8MB 2013-05-08 62.61N to 62.16N159.64W to 160.21W 26.5MB 2013-05-08 62.13N to 61.66N160.25W to 160.82W 40.4MB 2013-05-08 61.65N to 61.15N160.83W to 161.45W 3.8MB 2013-05-08 61.14N to 61.01N161.46W to 161.60W 53.1MB 2013-05-08 to 2013-05-09 60.74N to 60.64N162.40W to 163.46W 82.7MB 2013-05-09 60.64N to 60.37N163.46W to 164.17W 899.3KB 2013-05-09 60.46N to 60.34N163.91W to 164.24W 497.7KB 2013-05-09 60.89N to 60.86N162.69W to 162.78W 1.6MB 2013-05-09 61.22N to 60.99N161.68W to 162.39W 10.9MB 2013-05-09 61.34N to 61.23N161.25W to 161.67W 3.9MB 2013-05-09 61.99N to 61.98N159.26W to 159.29W 140.0MB 2013-05-09 65.39N to 64.92N147.56W to 148.39W 59.8MB 2013-05-09 65.70N to 65.39N148.39W to 148.73W 999.1KB 2013-05-09 66.70N150.96W to 150.97W 142.5MB 2013-05-09 67.29N to 66.71N150.99W to 152.26W 18.6MB 2013-05-09 67.35N to 67.29N152.26W to 152.42W 141.7MB 2013-05-09 68.39N to 67.87N153.81W to 155.42W 97.4MB 2013-05-09 68.88N to 68.39N155.42W to 156.10W 53.6MB 2013-05-09 69.47N to 68.88N156.10W to 156.59W 51.6MB 2013-05-09 70.05N to 69.47N156.59W to 157.09W 60.0MB 2013-05-09 70.60N to 70.05N157.09W to 157.49W 74.8MB 2013-05-09 71.25N to 70.60N156.79W to 157.26W 28.1MB 2013-05-09 71.30N to 71.25N156.68W to 156.79W 52.0MB 2013-05-10 70.01N to 69.43N156.53W to 157.07W 80.4MB 2013-05-10 69.43N to 68.86N156.06W to 156.53W 61.3MB 2013-05-10 68.86N to 68.38N155.57W to 156.06W 142.2MB 2013-05-10 68.38N to 67.92N154.38W to 155.57W 142.6MB 2013-05-10 67.92N to 67.30N152.90W to 154.38W 143.1MB 2013-05-10 67.30N to 66.73N151.61W to 152.90W 142.8MB 2013-05-10 66.73N to 66.19N150.48W to 151.61W 143.1MB 2013-05-10 66.19N to 65.68N149.34W to 150.48W 37.0MB 2013-05-10 65.68N to 65.54N149.08W to 149.33W 81.0MB 2013-05-10 65.20N to 64.83N147.57W to 147.92W 61.0MB 2013-05-10 66.61N to 66.56N151.02W to 152.02W 94.0MB 2013-05-10 66.59N to 66.54N152.02W to 152.79W 98.8MB 2013-05-10 66.57N to 66.26N152.84W to 154.31W 110.8MB 2013-05-10 66.26N to 65.90N154.31W to 155.74W 62.1MB 2013-05-10 65.94N to 65.50N155.74W to 156.49W 24.5MB 2013-05-10 65.50N to 65.40N156.49W to 156.55W 85.5MB 2013-05-10 64.15N to 63.75N157.35W to 157.99W 12.8MB 2013-05-10 63.75N to 63.63N157.97W to 158.49W 38.2MB 2013-05-10 63.65N to 63.25N147.57W to 158.10W 12.7MB 2013-05-10 63.63N to 63.50N157.02W to 157.89W 69.6MB 2013-05-10 63.50N to 63.25N157.89W to 158.03W 28.1MB 2013-05-10 63.70N to 63.49N157.94W to 158.33W 26.6MB 2013-05-10 to 2013-05-11 63.65N to 63.46N158.02W to 158.16W 39.4MB 2013-05-11 63.63N to 63.47N157.15W to 158.20W 64.6MB 2013-05-11 63.82N to 63.62N155.79W to 157.09W 31.6MB 2013-05-11 63.85N to 63.82N155.47W to 155.79W 83.3MB 2013-05-13 65.15N to 64.84N147.59W to 147.86W 142.4MB 2013-05-13 66.32N to 66.22N150.02W to 151.30W 123.4MB 2013-05-13 66.49N to 66.21N151.28W to 151.61W 111.5MB 2013-05-13 66.34N to 66.19N151.61W to 152.77W 136.5MB 2013-05-13 66.25N to 66.08N152.77W to 153.92W 134.6MB 2013-05-13 66.24N to 66.00N153.93W to 155.30W 42.3MB 2013-05-13 66.00N to 63.00N147.59W to 156.40W 67.2MB 2013-05-13 65.67N to 65.11N156.40W to 156.73W 14.2MB 2013-05-13 65.10N to 64.98N156.74W to 156.80W 91.5MB 2013-05-13 64.19N to 63.75N157.28W to 157.84W 22.3MB 2013-05-13 63.75N to 63.63N157.86W to 158.50W 69.4MB 2013-05-13 63.63N to 63.55N157.00W to 158.14W 20.2MB 2013-05-13 63.55N to 63.47N156.96W to 157.97W 28.9MB 2013-05-13 to 2013-05-14 63.50N to 63.25N157.98W to 158.71W 34.3MB 2013-05-14 63.25N to 63.00N158.02W to 158.76W 32.4MB 2013-05-14 63.05N to 63.00N157.76W to 158.02W 142.5MB 2013-06-02 65.43N to 64.91N147.57W to 148.36W 11.8MB 2013-06-02 65.47N to 65.43N148.36W to 148.44W 161.8MB 2013-06-02 66.56N to 66.16N149.71W to 150.93W 99.7MB 2013-06-02 66.90N to 66.56N150.93W to 151.53W 9.4MB 2013-06-02 66.91N to 66.90N151.45W to 151.52W 142.1MB 2013-06-02 66.51N to 66.10N153.24W to 154.84W 64.7MB 2013-06-02 66.10N to 65.82N154.84W to 156.09W 78.8MB 2013-06-02 65.83N to 65.39N156.05W to 156.62W 32.6MB 2013-06-02 65.41N to 64.88N156.58W to 156.85W 70.4MB 2013-06-02 64.87N to 64.48N156.81W to 157.11W 139.7MB 2013-06-02 64.48N to 63.88N157.11W to 157.42W 26.2MB 2013-06-02 63.87N to 63.75N157.42W to 158.46W 43.6MB 2013-06-02 63.75N to 63.62N157.56W to 158.49W 49.9MB 2013-06-02 63.63N to 63.49N156.98W to 157.56W 22.9MB 2013-06-02 63.75N to 63.50N157.41W to 157.79W 28.8MB 2013-06-02 63.75N to 63.50N157.76W to 158.24W 40.8MB 2013-06-02 63.65N to 63.53N158.22W to 158.96W 69.0MB 2013-06-03 64.85N to 64.59N156.60W to 157.64W 4.3MB 2013-06-03 64.59N156.43W to 156.59W 1.3MB 2013-06-03 64.58N156.39W to 156.41W 51.6MB 2013-06-03 64.91N to 64.81N147.40W to 147.48W 52.4MB 2013-06-03 66.22N to 65.81N144.04W to 144.95W 45.8MB 2013-06-03 66.20N to 65.80N143.91W to 144.44W 67.1MB 2013-06-03 66.56N to 66.23N144.49W to 145.01W 29.0MB 2013-06-03 66.67N to 66.56N143.32W to 144.45W 34.3MB 2013-06-03 66.67N to 66.47N142.55W to 143.32W 55.1MB 2013-06-03 66.66N to 66.58N142.71W to 143.97W 58.3MB 2013-06-03 66.58N to 66.43N143.98W to 144.38W 9.1MB 2013-06-06 69.35N to 69.33N153.48W to 153.56W 29.1MB 2013-06-06 69.86N to 69.37N153.54W to 154.28W 88.6MB 2013-06-06 70.40N to 69.89N154.33W to 155.18W 16.7MB 2013-06-06 70.54N to 70.40N155.18W to 156.98W 16.3MB 2013-06-06 70.60N to 70.54N156.99W to 158.96W 31.5MB 2013-06-06 70.72N to 70.60N158.96W to 159.85W 39.7MB 2013-06-06 70.96N to 70.67N157.43W to 158.95W 24.5MB 2013-06-06 71.07N to 70.96N157.18W to 157.42W 48.7MB 2013-06-06 70.64N to 70.06N156.95W to 157.43W 17.6MB 2013-06-06 70.06N to 69.54N156.52W to 156.95W 66.7MB 2013-06-06 to 2013-06-07 69.54N to 69.00N156.08W to 156.52W 29.1MB 2013-06-07 68.99N to 68.47N155.72W to 156.07W 29.4MB 2013-06-07 68.47N to 68.43N155.62W to 155.72W 142.0MB 2013-06-07 65.05N to 64.68N147.57W to 148.12W 28.0MB 2013-06-07 64.98N to 64.88N148.12W to 148.29W 142.8MB 2013-06-07 63.51N to 63.02N153.44W to 154.74W 136.4MB 2013-06-07 63.02N to 62.65N154.74W to 156.08W 139.6MB 2013-06-07 62.65N to 62.32N156.08W to 157.42W 42.1MB 2013-06-07 62.32N to 62.20N157.43W to 158.54W 23.7MB 2013-06-07 62.22N to 62.00N158.55W to 159.59W 60.9MB 2013-06-07 61.99N to 61.59N159.62W to 160.70W 46.5MB 2013-06-07 61.59N to 61.28N160.70W to 161.53W 10.3MB 2013-06-07 61.23N to 60.94N161.67W to 162.55W 13.5MB 2013-06-07 60.93N to 60.72N162.57W to 163.21W 63.8MB 2013-06-07 60.74N to 60.61N162.96W to 163.42W 140.3MB 2013-06-07 62.36N to 61.73N159.49W to 160.48W 1.0MB 2013-06-07 62.36N159.49W 28.9MB 2013-06-08 63.32N to 62.83N158.01W to 158.70W 26.9MB 2013-06-08 63.75N to 63.35N158.00W to 158.25W 55.0MB 2013-06-08 63.90N to 60.39N147.58W to 158.25W 90.5MB 2013-06-08 64.54N to 63.91N157.08W to 157.42W 113.9MB 2013-06-08 64.77N to 64.54N156.15W to 157.08W 139.6MB 2013-06-08 64.84N to 64.77N154.45W to 156.14W 141.0MB 2013-06-08 64.87N to 64.84N152.54W to 154.44W 1.8MB 2013-06-08 64.87N152.52W to 152.54W 140.9MB 2013-06-08 64.51N to 64.12N149.94W to 151.51W 124.8MB 2013-06-08 64.12N to 63.79N151.52W to 152.78W 140.9MB 2013-06-08 63.79N to 63.40N152.79W to 154.21W 125.5MB 2013-06-08 63.40N to 63.05N154.21W to 155.42W 140.7MB 2013-06-08 63.05N to 62.62N155.42W to 156.76W 140.6MB 2013-06-08 62.61N to 62.18N156.76W to 158.07W 8.3MB 2013-06-08 62.18N to 62.15N158.07W to 158.13W 17.3MB 2013-06-09 62.08N to 61.68N159.22W to 159.41W 18.4MB 2013-06-09 62.37N to 62.11N158.16W to 159.13W 16.4MB 2013-06-09 62.93N to 62.46N157.85W to 158.20W 137.3MB 2013-06-09 63.00N to 62.93N156.49W to 157.85W 68.8MB 2013-06-09 62.97N to 62.96N155.65W to 156.49W 94.0MB 2013-06-09 63.44N to 63.15N153.91W to 154.99W 123.7MB 2013-06-09 65.05N to 64.95N147.53W to 148.89W 38.0MB 2013-06-09 65.08N to 64.99N148.81W to 149.60W 15.3MB 2013-06-09 65.03N to 64.96N149.50W to 149.76W 24.5MB 2013-06-09 64.25N to 63.97N150.44W to 151.11W 57.3MB 2013-06-09 64.09N to 63.90N150.75W to 151.76W 20.9MB 2013-06-09 63.90N to 63.57N151.76W to 152.57W 14.5MB 2013-06-09 63.61N to 63.52N152.61W to 153.78W 31.3MB 2013-06-09 63.49N to 63.18N153.81W to 154.34W 19.8MB 2013-06-09 63.04N to 62.96N154.68W to 155.41W 113.8MB 2013-06-10 63.53N to 63.10N155.91W to 156.94W 11.5MB 2013-06-10 63.75N to 63.59N157.11W to 158.20W 13.9MB 2013-06-10 63.75N to 63.63N157.79W to 158.50W 75.7MB 2013-06-10 63.72N to 63.62N156.37W to 157.78W 132.0MB 2013-06-10 63.98N to 63.72N154.69W to 156.37W 139.5MB 2013-06-11 67.27N to 66.51N148.96W to 149.16W 47.8MB 2013-06-11 67.50N to 67.28N149.16W to 149.23W 4.7MB 2013-06-11 70.01N to 69.72N148.66W to 148.77W 49.8MB 2013-06-11 70.17N to 70.07N149.12W to 150.65W 2.7MB 2013-06-11 70.18N to 70.04N150.82W to 152.05W 65.4MB 2013-06-11 70.29N to 70.24N152.37W to 153.69W 94.6KB 2013-06-11 71.38N to 64.75N147.43W to 157.41W 139.8MB 2013-06-12 71.39N to 71.17N156.08W to 156.86W 49.2MB 2013-06-12 71.38N to 71.00N156.51W to 156.89W 7.9MB 2013-06-12 70.94N to 70.31N156.95W to 157.41W 10.8MB 2013-06-12 70.28N to 69.61N156.68W to 157.30W 29.0MB 2013-06-12 69.59N to 68.93N156.10W to 156.66W 52.2MB 2013-06-12 68.92N to 68.33N155.36W to 156.09W 45.0MB 2013-06-12 68.33N to 68.18N154.98W to 155.36W 136.0MB 2013-06-12 68.17N to 67.57N153.49W to 154.96W 48.9MB 2013-06-12 67.57N to 67.31N152.88W to 153.48W 38.7MB 2013-07-03 65.09N to 64.94N147.51W to 147.64W 76.3MB 2013-07-03 66.33N to 66.23N148.01W to 149.28W 10.6MB 2013-07-03 66.34N to 66.33N147.71W to 147.89W 92.5MB 2013-07-03 66.49N to 66.34N146.21W to 147.64W 77.5MB 2013-07-03 66.62N to 66.49N145.07W to 146.21W 139.6MB 2013-07-03 66.63N to 66.58N145.02W to 145.26W 139.5MB 2013-07-03 66.86N to 66.58N143.67W to 145.26W 110.6MB 2013-07-03 66.91N to 66.51N143.30W to 143.67W 111.7MB 2013-07-03 66.50N to 66.02N143.56W to 143.95W 73.2MB 2013-07-03 66.02N to 65.71N143.96W to 144.32W 26.7MB 2013-07-03 65.71N to 65.66N144.32W to 144.51W 112.1MB 2013-07-04 65.04N to 64.83N148.73W to 149.15W 108.4MB 2013-07-04 65.05N to 64.81N148.72W to 149.43W 82.6MB 2013-07-04 64.81N to 64.54N149.43W to 150.13W 9.1MB 2013-07-04 64.55N to 64.49N150.09W to 150.20W 125.6MB 2013-07-04 64.28N to 63.96N150.01W to 151.03W 19.1MB 2013-07-04 64.39N to 64.29N149.68W to 149.99W 26.5MB 2013-07-04 64.97N to 64.84N149.62W to 149.78W 24.5MB 2013-07-05 69.00N to 68.81N148.99W to 149.19W 59.3MB 2013-07-05 70.19N to 70.11N148.40W to 149.48W 100.5MB 2013-07-05 70.19N to 70.08N149.49W to 150.81W 8.4MB 2013-07-05 70.07N to 70.04N150.82W to 150.95W 124.5MB 2013-07-05 70.65N to 70.42N154.27W to 155.57W 29.2MB 2013-07-05 70.73N to 70.65N155.58W to 155.80W 124.2MB 2013-07-05 to 2013-07-06 71.33N to 70.78N156.73W to 157.12W 107.5MB 2013-07-06 70.78N to 70.26N157.11W to 157.41W 158.0MB 2013-07-06 70.26N to 69.75N156.81W to 157.27W 94.1MB 2013-07-06 69.75N to 69.23N156.34W to 156.80W 89.9MB 2013-07-06 69.22N to 68.70N155.90W to 156.33W 25.4MB 2013-07-06 68.70N to 68.42N155.74W to 155.90W 2.5MB 2013-07-06 67.57N154.89W to 154.91W 127.1MB 2013-07-07 70.59N to 69.92N154.91W to 155.79W 86.7MB 2013-07-07 70.94N to 70.60N154.97W to 156.05W 96.5MB 2013-07-07 71.04N to 70.66N154.96W to 156.21W 90.7MB 2013-07-07 71.33N to 71.04N156.21W to 156.90W 110.7MB 2013-07-07 70.96N to 70.65N155.91W to 157.07W 114.8MB 2013-07-07 70.78N to 70.21N156.00W to 156.52W 22.4MB 2013-07-07 70.57N to 70.43N155.14W to 155.29W 113.3MB 2013-07-07 70.75N to 70.35N154.18W to 155.12W 112.2MB 2013-07-07 70.35N to 69.89N153.87W to 154.67W 113.2MB 2013-07-07 70.01N to 69.90N151.93W to 153.87W 136.3MB 2013-07-07 70.11N to 70.01N150.15W to 151.92W 59.0MB 2013-07-07 70.16N to 70.11N149.34W to 150.15W 140.3MB 2013-07-08 70.10N to 69.39N148.33W to 148.38W 24.0MB 2013-07-08 69.38N to 69.29N148.33W to 148.34W 8.8MB 2013-07-09 64.63N to 64.61N162.79W to 162.89W 538.7KB 2013-07-09 64.61N162.96W 123.1MB 2013-07-09 64.97N to 64.59N163.38W to 164.04W 108.9MB 2013-07-09 65.43N to 64.98N164.04W to 164.58W 110.5MB 2013-07-09 65.47N to 65.12N164.58W to 164.70W 98.1MB 2013-07-09 65.11N to 64.73N164.70W to 165.04W 111.1MB 2013-07-09 64.73N to 64.50N164.91W to 165.02W 93.4MB 2013-07-09 64.53N to 64.46N164.87W to 165.41W 73.6MB 2013-07-09 65.42N to 65.10N166.26W to 167.20W 25.5MB 2013-07-09 65.45N to 65.40N167.21W to 167.54W 93.0MB 2013-07-09 65.75N to 65.46N166.52W to 167.60W 106.2MB 2013-07-09 66.19N to 65.75N165.36W to 166.52W 98.8MB 2013-07-09 to 2013-07-10 66.54N to 66.19N164.02W to 165.35W 20.0MB 2013-07-10 66.53N to 66.51N163.69W to 164.01W 103.2MB 2013-07-10 66.46N to 66.33N160.50W to 162.22W 99.1MB 2013-07-10 66.32N to 66.22N159.40W to 160.49W 105.4MB 2013-07-11 64.69N to 64.58N150.14W to 151.19W 124.8MB 2013-07-11 64.17N to 63.97N154.61W to 156.00W 111.7MB 2013-07-11 63.97N to 63.76N156.01W to 157.53W 100.3MB 2013-07-11 63.76N to 63.61N157.53W to 158.50W 125.9MB 2013-07-11 63.62N to 63.09N158.00W to 158.69W 137.2MB 2013-07-11 63.09N to 62.46N158.69W to 159.67W 133.6MB 2013-07-11 62.46N to 61.85N159.67W to 160.60W 102.2MB 2013-07-11 61.85N to 61.24N160.61W to 161.62W 54.6MB 2013-07-11 61.24N to 61.03N161.63W to 162.26W 71.8MB 2013-07-11 60.62N to 60.26N163.47W to 164.34W 68.4MB 2013-07-11 60.38N to 60.26N162.50W to 163.96W 51.2MB 2013-07-11 60.78N to 60.38N161.27W to 162.50W 44.7MB 2013-07-11 61.25N to 60.78N160.17W to 161.27W 121.1MB 2013-07-11 61.68N to 61.26N159.09W to 160.16W 19.3MB 2013-07-11 61.75N to 61.68N158.90W to 159.08W 3.7MB 2013-07-12 66.03N to 66.01N149.63W to 149.65W 112.5MB 2013-07-12 66.58N to 66.05N149.68W to 150.97W 108.7MB 2013-07-12 66.63N to 66.51N150.97W to 152.72W 98.9MB 2013-07-12 66.51N to 66.13N152.72W to 154.24W 102.9MB 2013-07-12 66.13N to 65.77N154.24W to 155.39W 98.4MB 2013-07-12 65.93N to 65.54N155.40W to 156.40W 86.7MB 2013-07-12 65.52N to 64.93N156.38W to 156.89W 93.1MB 2013-07-12 63.75N to 63.63N157.31W to 158.61W 108.2MB 2013-07-12 63.63N to 63.35N157.15W to 158.00W 151.2MB 2013-07-12 63.34N to 63.04N158.00W to 158.78W 90.8MB 2013-07-12 63.08N to 62.99N157.56W to 158.83W 137.1MB 2013-07-12 63.00N to 62.96N156.20W to 157.55W 68.8MB 2013-07-12 62.96N to 62.91N154.64W to 156.19W 77.2MB 2013-07-12 to 2013-07-13 63.17N to 62.91N153.15W to 154.63W 107.6MB 2013-07-13 63.54N to 63.19N151.86W to 153.10W 140.6MB 2013-08-02 65.66N to 64.94N147.55W to 147.78W 139.0MB 2013-08-02 66.31N to 65.66N147.51W to 148.09W 42.5MB 2013-08-02 66.57N to 66.31N147.56W to 147.80W 120.6MB 2013-08-02 69.03N to 68.58N148.96W to 149.63W 78.2MB 2013-08-02 69.70N to 69.03N148.67W to 148.96W 94.5MB 2013-08-02 70.04N to 69.65N148.65W to 148.94W 88.8MB 2013-08-02 70.26N to 70.04N148.46W to 150.01W 70.2MB 2013-08-02 70.24N to 70.19N150.01W to 151.94W 115.3MB 2013-08-02 70.24N to 70.18N150.85W to 152.22W 84.5MB 2013-08-02 70.08N to 69.68N150.45W to 151.23W 40.6MB 2013-08-02 69.68N to 69.41N150.84W to 151.21W 89.1MB 2013-08-03 64.64N to 64.54N149.41W to 150.11W 93.1MB 2013-08-03 66.10N to 65.69N148.97W to 149.48W 116.9MB 2013-08-03 66.27N to 65.97N149.21W to 149.86W 90.6MB 2013-08-03 66.31N to 65.97N148.73W to 149.21W 121.8MB 2013-08-03 66.58N to 66.31N147.55W to 148.77W 29.7MB 2013-08-03 66.89N to 66.35N146.54W to 147.55W 100.2MB 2013-08-03 67.02N to 66.69N145.34W to 146.53W 66.1MB 2013-08-03 to 2013-08-04 66.69N to 66.21N145.05W to 145.93W 68.0MB 2013-08-04 66.25N to 66.21N145.97W to 147.55W 17.9MB 2013-08-04 66.27N to 66.25N147.55W to 147.73W 141.1MB 2013-08-04 65.84N to 65.24N147.80W to 149.11W 53.8MB 2013-08-04 66.15N to 65.84N148.91W to 149.57W 87.9MB 2013-08-04 66.37N to 66.16N147.34W to 148.90W 98.6MB 2013-08-04 66.36N to 65.76N147.34W to 147.83W 94.6MB 2013-08-04 65.76N to 65.28N147.63W to 147.73W 140.8MB 2013-08-07 65.06N to 64.88N148.30W to 149.90W 140.7MB 2013-08-07 64.88N to 64.64N149.90W to 151.81W 140.5MB 2013-08-07 64.64N to 64.45N151.81W to 153.62W 135.1MB 2013-08-07 64.65N to 64.47N153.62W to 155.17W 20.2MB 2013-08-07 63.63N to 63.50N157.03W to 157.81W 20.3MB 2013-08-07 63.50N to 63.20N157.90W to 158.72W 4.8MB 2013-08-07 63.18N to 63.00N158.27W to 158.76W 28.0MB 2013-08-07 63.33N to 63.25N158.76W to 158.99W 82.9MB 2013-08-07 63.53N to 63.00N158.74W to 159.56W 28.0MB 2013-08-07 to 2013-08-08 63.16N to 62.93N158.77W to 159.07W 21.5MB 2013-08-08 63.26N to 63.07N158.73W to 159.55W 31.5MB 2013-08-08 63.21N to 63.01N158.93W to 159.58W 57.2MB 2013-08-08 63.28N to 63.09N158.70W to 158.99W 84.9MB 2013-08-08 63.46N to 63.23N157.60W to 158.62W 28.1MB 2013-08-08 63.50N to 63.46N157.38W to 157.60W 140.6MB 2013-08-11 66.88N to 66.28N150.07W to 151.48W 14.1MB 2013-08-11 66.94N to 66.88N151.48W to 151.63W 117.3MB 2013-08-11 69.32N to 68.58N155.79W to 156.39W 127.5MB 2013-08-11 70.05N to 69.32N156.39W to 157.03W 125.6MB 2013-08-11 70.58N to 70.05N156.94W to 157.42W 57.9MB 2013-08-11 70.45N to 70.33N152.11W to 154.17W 62.5MB 2013-08-11 70.33N to 70.26N150.11W to 152.07W 51.3MB 2013-08-11 70.26N149.49W to 150.11W 92.1MB 2013-08-11 70.31N to 70.20N151.03W to 153.22W 53.0MB 2013-08-11 70.33N to 70.19N153.25W to 155.47W 49.6MB 2013-08-11 70.47N to 70.33N155.49W to 157.55W 63.9MB 2013-08-11 70.44N to 70.20N157.33W to 157.55W 141.0MB 2013-08-12 64.30N to 64.16N151.95W to 153.72W 13.9MB 2013-08-12 64.17N to 64.15N153.72W to 153.89W 138.7MB 2013-08-12 64.14N to 63.96N153.99W to 155.74W 28.9MB 2013-08-12 63.96N to 63.73N155.74W to 156.77W 70.8MB 2013-08-12 63.81N to 63.76N156.63W to 157.36W 79.3MB 2013-08-12 63.79N to 63.75N157.27W to 158.46W 48.5MB 2013-08-12 63.75N to 63.63N157.29W to 158.50W 57.2MB 2013-08-12 63.63N to 63.49N156.99W to 157.94W 23.9MB 2013-08-12 63.50N to 63.18N157.94W to 158.73W 41.4MB 2013-08-12 63.17N to 63.00N157.99W to 158.74W 50.2MB 2013-08-13 63.71N to 63.02N157.87W to 158.01W 65.3MB 2013-08-13 63.27N to 63.00N157.91W to 158.69W 140.9MB 2013-08-13 63.25N to 62.99N158.01W to 158.85W 140.8MB 2013-08-13 63.27N to 62.97N157.90W to 158.76W 140.9MB 2013-08-13 63.30N to 62.95N157.94W to 158.83W 109.9MB 2013-08-13 63.21N to 62.98N158.13W to 158.91W 140.5MB 2013-08-13 63.90N to 63.54N154.83W to 156.49W 140.7MB 2013-08-13 65.06N151.98W to 153.88W 23.3MB 2013-08-13 65.06N153.88W to 154.18W 84.6MB 2013-08-13 64.79N to 64.56N162.34W to 163.60W 19.6MB 2013-08-13 65.25N to 64.86N163.65W to 164.39W 4.9MB 2013-08-13 65.49N to 65.25N164.01W to 164.40W 94.6KB 2013-08-13 66.74N to 64.45N147.58W to 168.11W 34.8MB 2013-08-13 65.48N to 65.19N164.27W to 165.26W 51.3MB 2013-08-13 65.19N to 64.90N164.63W to 165.31W 29.6MB 2013-08-13 64.90N to 64.63N164.90W to 165.08W 111.2MB 2013-09-05 66.05N to 65.56N147.99W to 149.24W 54.0MB 2013-09-05 66.29N to 64.80N144.06W to 149.41W 12.0MB 2013-09-05 66.43N to 66.29N146.78W to 148.21W 20.0MB 2013-09-05 66.56N to 66.43N145.29W to 146.76W 25.4MB 2013-09-05 66.63N to 66.58N145.12W to 145.23W 4.9MB 2013-09-05 66.72N to 66.69N144.91W to 144.98W 42.1MB 2013-09-05 66.80N to 66.71N144.79W to 145.08W 14.6MB 2013-09-05 66.62N to 66.12N144.24W to 144.60W 46.5MB 2013-09-05 66.11N to 65.72N144.06W to 144.26W 141.5MB 2013-09-06 64.88N to 64.64N149.99W to 151.91W 141.1MB 2013-09-06 64.64N to 64.37N151.91W to 153.79W 79.5MB 2013-09-06 64.37N to 64.23N153.79W to 154.71W 15.3MB 2013-09-06 63.64N to 63.58N157.01W to 157.93W 44.6MB 2013-09-06 63.51N to 63.48N157.17W to 157.99W 7.3MB 2013-09-06 63.41N to 63.19N157.99W to 158.75W 6.4MB 2013-09-06 63.13N to 62.97N158.59W to 158.75W 18.0MB 2013-09-06 63.04N to 63.00N158.02W to 158.51W 22.3MB 2013-09-06 to 2013-09-07 63.29N to 63.12N157.89W to 158.76W 140.4MB 2013-09-07 63.51N to 63.29N156.68W to 157.88W 64.9MB 2013-09-07 63.65N to 63.52N155.92W to 156.67W 114.0MB 2013-09-07 64.61N to 64.35N149.01W to 150.18W 4.1MB 2013-09-07 61.56N to 61.55N159.98W to 160.02W 3.4MB 2013-09-07 61.49N to 61.34N160.34W to 161.35W 526.0KB 2013-09-07 61.22N161.68W 94.6KB 2013-09-07 64.96N to 60.32N147.55W to 164.21W 533.3KB 2013-09-07 60.34N164.21W 39.1MB 2013-09-07 60.52N to 60.45N163.15W to 163.45W 14.4MB 2013-09-10 64.77N to 64.65N148.71W to 149.60W 77.2MB 2013-09-10 64.94N to 64.75N148.52W to 149.21W 4.2MB 2013-09-10 64.86N to 64.76N149.07W to 149.84W 8.1MB 2013-09-10 65.15N to 64.87N148.56W to 149.55W 73.8MB 2013-09-10 65.35N to 65.16N148.37W to 148.88W 71.6MB 2013-09-10 65.26N to 65.19N148.73W to 148.90W 40.6MB 2013-09-10 65.25N to 64.76N149.09W to 149.90W 2.3MB 2013-09-10 64.79N to 64.76N149.96W to 150.07W 5.4MB 2013-09-12 64.75N to 64.35N147.56W to 149.74W 4.2MB 2013-09-12 64.88N to 64.74N148.79W to 149.27W 10.8MB 2013-09-12 64.85N to 64.35N147.56W to 150.00W 11.2MB 2013-09-12 64.68N to 64.37N149.35W to 149.78W 32.8MB 2013-09-12 64.63N to 64.35N149.19W to 149.51W 87.4MB 2013-09-12 64.84N to 64.63N149.49W to 150.24W 13.9MB 2013-09-12 65.14N to 64.98N151.62W to 152.53W 23.3MB 2013-09-12 64.98N to 64.84N151.08W to 151.60W 65.9MB 2013-10-24 66.52N to 66.29N150.13W to 150.88W 140.3MB 2013-10-24 67.96N to 67.38N152.61W to 153.96W 139.6MB 2013-10-24 68.58N to 67.96N153.87W to 154.18W 84.5MB 2013-10-24 68.72N to 68.54N153.85W to 154.20W 24.9MB 2013-10-24 69.46N to 69.25N155.44W to 155.78W 537.1KB 2013-10-24 69.50N155.83W 53.9MB 2013-10-24 69.99N to 69.52N155.88W to 156.74W 47.9MB 2013-10-24 70.28N to 69.99N156.75W to 157.26W 94.6KB 2013-10-24 70.52N to 64.80N147.56W to 157.41W 539.7KB 2013-10-24 70.38N152.09W 2.0MB 2013-10-24 70.38N to 70.34N152.11W to 152.17W 60.6MB 2013-10-25 64.65N to 64.55N149.45W to 150.05W 4.7MB 2013-10-25 64.70N to 64.66N149.20W to 149.46W 68.8MB 2013-10-25 64.28N to 64.19N150.35W to 150.77W 31.3MB 2013-10-25 64.29N to 64.24N150.26W to 150.56W 94.6KB 2013-10-26 65.03N to 63.35N147.80W to 153.20W 31.1MB 2013-10-26 64.55N to 64.22N149.58W to 150.60W 31.8MB 2013-10-26 64.17N to 63.91N150.65W to 151.38W 6.2MB 2013-10-26 63.87N to 63.63N151.52W to 152.36W 782.6KB 2013-10-26 63.52N to 63.41N152.36W to 152.70W 19.4MB 2013-10-26 63.81N to 63.52N152.19W to 153.08W 20.6MB 2013-10-26 63.71N to 63.51N152.95W to 153.19W 142.1MB 2013-10-26 63.42N to 63.36N152.89W to 153.21W 137.2MB 2013-10-26 63.60N to 63.40N152.08W to 152.89W 2.8MB 2013-10-26 63.79N to 63.54N151.69W to 152.61W 2.0MB 2013-10-26 63.89N to 63.83N151.40W to 151.61W 94.6KB 2013-10-26 65.03N to 63.35N147.80W to 153.20W 140.7MB 2014-05-03 64.25N to 63.88N150.98W to 152.38W 140.6MB 2014-05-03 63.88N to 63.49N152.39W to 153.80W 140.7MB 2014-05-03 63.49N to 63.20N153.80W to 155.18W 73.6MB 2014-05-03 63.20N to 63.00N155.19W to 155.99W 2.0MB 2014-05-03 62.25N158.37W to 158.38W 139.7MB 2014-05-03 62.23N to 61.90N158.42W to 159.77W 133.6MB 2014-05-03 61.90N to 61.49N159.77W to 160.89W 35.9MB 2014-05-03 61.49N to 61.39N160.90W to 161.17W 138.5MB 2014-05-03 61.38N to 61.03N161.19W to 162.20W 140.7MB 2014-05-03 61.03N to 60.68N162.20W to 163.24W 138.3MB 2014-05-03 60.68N to 60.32N163.25W to 164.26W 17.6MB 2014-05-03 60.33N to 60.31N164.13W to 164.26W 135.2MB 2014-05-03 62.54N to 61.97N159.21W to 159.99W 26.2MB 2014-05-03 62.64N to 62.54N159.12W to 159.21W 82.3MB 2014-05-03 63.21N to 62.65N158.69W to 159.11W 52.3MB 2014-05-03 63.52N to 63.21N157.93W to 158.68W 53.1MB 2014-05-03 63.63N to 63.50N156.99W to 157.92W 53.4MB 2014-05-03 to 2014-05-04 63.63N to 63.59N157.18W to 158.13W 111.3MB 2014-05-04 63.79N to 63.62N157.25W to 158.33W 140.2MB 2014-05-04 64.06N to 63.79N155.32W to 157.24W 95.6MB 2014-05-04 64.22N to 64.06N154.02W to 155.31W 40.3MB 2014-05-22 65.02N to 64.91N147.58W to 147.73W 140.9MB 2014-05-22 65.09N to 65.08N152.24W to 154.07W 140.1MB 2014-05-22 65.08N to 65.04N154.07W to 156.04W 128.3MB 2014-05-22 65.04N to 65.01N156.05W to 157.67W 140.7MB 2014-05-22 65.01N to 64.94N157.67W to 159.26W 39.0MB 2014-05-22 64.94N to 64.91N159.26W to 159.79W 43.4MB 2014-05-22 65.27N to 64.82N163.60W to 164.41W 94.2MB 2014-05-22 65.46N to 65.21N164.42W to 164.83W 64.7MB 2014-05-22 65.20N to 64.77N164.68W to 165.08W 16.6MB 2014-05-22 64.75N to 64.60N164.94W to 165.01W 86.5MB 2014-05-22 65.14N to 64.81N166.17W to 166.92W 3.4MB 2014-05-22 65.57N to 65.56N167.66W 72.0MB 2014-05-22 65.85N to 65.59N166.86W to 167.66W 1.5MB 2014-05-22 66.04N163.43W to 163.44W 130.5MB 2014-05-22 66.05N to 65.94N161.47W to 163.39W 134.5MB 2014-05-22 65.94N to 65.86N159.54W to 161.46W 139.0MB 2014-05-22 65.86N to 65.76N157.72W to 159.54W 140.3MB 2014-05-22 65.76N to 65.63N155.84W to 157.72W 47.7MB 2014-05-22 to 2014-05-23 65.63N to 65.59N155.24W to 155.84W 140.8MB 2014-05-23 65.03N to 64.82N147.57W to 149.10W 140.9MB 2014-05-23 64.82N to 64.57N149.10W to 150.58W 129.5MB 2014-05-23 64.57N to 64.36N150.59W to 151.90W 204.2MB 2014-05-23 63.26N to 62.99N157.98W to 158.77W 138.7MB 2014-05-23 63.51N to 63.25N157.77W to 158.68W 94.1MB 2014-05-23 63.63N to 63.50N156.96W to 157.77W 68.6MB 2014-05-23 63.76N to 63.62N157.44W to 158.51W 112.8MB 2014-05-23 63.78N to 63.74N157.46W to 158.38W 28.1MB 2014-05-23 63.80N to 63.78N157.97W to 158.25W 110.6MB 2014-05-23 63.85N to 63.80N158.27W to 159.39W 90.5MB 2014-05-23 63.75N to 63.68N157.52W to 158.49W 57.9MB 2014-05-23 63.65N to 63.59N157.00W to 158.48W 54.8MB 2014-05-23 63.59N to 63.37N156.98W to 158.02W 24.2MB 2014-05-23 63.35N to 63.06N158.01W to 158.76W 66.7MB 2014-05-23 to 2014-05-24 63.13N to 62.99N157.42W to 158.76W 29.2MB 2014-05-24 63.19N to 63.13N157.16W to 157.42W 119.5MB 2014-05-24 65.04N to 64.84N147.54W to 148.57W 89.4MB 2014-05-24 64.35N to 64.02N149.90W to 150.94W 5.4MB 2014-05-24 64.01N to 63.71N150.99W to 152.32W 42.5MB 2014-05-24 63.65N to 63.33N152.59W to 153.68W 73.3MB 2014-05-24 63.31N to 62.98N153.76W to 154.40W 1.7MB 2014-05-24 64.27N to 64.26N150.36W to 150.39W 65.9MB 2014-05-24 64.70N to 64.28N149.81W to 150.33W 52.0MB 2014-05-24 64.77N to 64.43N149.28W to 149.81W 119.7MB 2014-05-24 64.86N to 64.50N148.90W to 149.34W 93.9MB 2014-05-24 64.87N to 64.81N147.80W to 148.89W 18.7MB 2014-05-26 65.01N to 64.94N147.56W to 147.70W 48.8MB 2014-05-26 66.25N to 65.96N148.87W to 149.59W 88.9MB 2014-05-26 66.37N to 66.14N147.32W to 148.79W 131.9MB 2014-05-26 66.50N to 66.33N145.68W to 147.32W 35.0MB 2014-05-26 66.57N to 66.50N145.25W to 145.68W 59.1MB 2014-05-26 66.67N to 66.26N143.64W to 143.83W 538.2KB 2014-05-26 66.23N143.86W 107.5MB 2014-05-26 66.20N to 65.81N143.89W to 144.30W 53.7MB 2014-05-26 65.92N to 65.83N144.30W to 144.73W 61.2MB 2014-05-26 65.07N to 64.86N148.70W to 148.95W 105.9MB 2014-05-26 64.38N to 64.11N149.53W to 150.73W 64.9MB 2014-05-26 64.11N to 63.73N150.73W to 151.93W 34.8MB 2014-05-26 63.73N to 63.66N151.93W to 152.19W 782.0KB 2014-05-26 63.03N154.25W to 154.26W 76.0MB 2014-05-26 63.42N to 63.05N152.84W to 154.16W 11.8MB 2014-05-26 63.57N to 63.43N152.44W to 152.80W 40.9MB 2014-05-29 65.32N to 64.93N148.74W to 148.91W 80.7MB 2014-05-29 64.92N to 64.38N148.94W to 149.79W 73.0MB 2014-05-29 64.38N to 64.02N149.80W to 150.96W 100.1MB 2014-05-29 64.02N to 63.60N150.97W to 152.32W 30.5MB 2014-05-29 63.60N to 63.24N152.34W to 153.46W 140.0MB 2014-06-03 63.29N to 62.85N155.96W to 157.41W 140.3MB 2014-06-03 62.85N to 62.38N157.42W to 158.74W 98.1MB 2014-06-03 62.38N to 61.90N158.74W to 160.01W 74.3MB 2014-06-03 61.90N to 61.41N160.01W to 161.16W 95.7MB 2014-06-03 61.41N to 61.03N161.16W to 162.25W 42.0MB 2014-06-03 61.84N to 61.26N160.17W to 161.16W 29.3MB 2014-06-03 62.24N to 61.84N159.42W to 160.16W 48.9MB 2014-06-03 63.26N to 63.00N158.20W to 158.76W 35.5MB 2014-06-03 to 2014-06-04 63.50N to 63.25N157.34W to 158.35W 38.4MB 2014-06-04 63.63N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.92W 42.7MB 2014-06-04 63.76N to 63.63N157.74W to 158.50W 33.9MB 2014-06-04 63.80N to 63.75N157.21W to 157.72W 6.7MB 2014-06-04 64.11N to 64.10N154.96W to 155.05W 138.2MB 2014-06-04 64.66N to 64.50N149.76W to 151.51W 5.5MB 2014-06-04 64.67N to 64.66N149.70W to 149.76W 134.8MB 2014-06-04 65.46N to 64.93N147.57W to 148.45W 33.9MB 2014-06-04 65.60N to 65.47N148.45W to 148.73W 109.5MB 2014-06-04 67.02N to 66.91N151.17W to 151.80W 119.9MB 2014-06-04 66.99N to 66.80N151.15W to 151.73W 110.6MB 2014-06-04 67.04N to 66.75N151.31W to 151.90W 20.5MB 2014-06-04 66.75N to 66.69N151.59W to 151.77W 37.0MB 2014-06-07 65.03N to 64.98N147.57W to 147.93W 136.8MB 2014-06-07 64.57N to 64.08N149.78W to 151.01W 76.3MB 2014-06-07 64.08N to 63.66N151.01W to 152.34W 76.5MB 2014-06-07 63.65N to 63.25N152.39W to 153.79W 95.5MB 2014-06-07 63.25N to 62.89N153.80W to 154.94W 54.0MB 2014-06-07 62.99N to 62.87N154.80W to 155.16W 51.2MB 2014-06-07 63.42N to 63.01N152.94W to 154.27W 84.8MB 2014-06-07 63.56N to 63.42N152.15W to 152.94W 128.7MB 2014-06-07 64.99N to 64.78N149.72W to 151.18W 95.3MB 2014-06-07 65.17N to 64.99N151.18W to 152.65W 151.6MB 2014-06-07 65.07N to 64.82N152.65W to 154.34W 58.3MB 2014-06-07 64.82N to 64.71N154.35W to 155.52W 73.4MB 2014-06-07 64.81N to 64.76N153.68W to 155.38W 2.3MB 2014-06-07 64.81N153.66W to 153.68W 108.5MB 2014-06-09 68.33N to 67.76N138.44W to 139.51W 108.4MB 2014-06-09 68.85N to 68.33N137.27W to 138.44W 62.1MB 2014-06-09 68.82N to 68.65N135.57W to 137.26W 20.0MB 2014-06-09 68.84N to 68.61N134.51W to 135.52W 13.7MB 2014-06-09 68.84N to 68.69N134.51W to 134.97W 18.7MB 2014-06-09 67.98N to 67.50N134.45W to 134.99W 23.5MB 2014-06-09 67.49N to 64.74N133.08W to 134.43W 84.7MB 2014-06-09 66.99N to 66.73N133.06W to 134.33W 59.1MB 2014-06-09 66.73N to 64.74N133.08W to 134.78W 145.5MB 2014-06-11 64.85N to 60.32N147.82W to 164.33W 145.5MB 2014-06-11 64.85N to 60.32N147.82W to 164.33W 145.2MB 2014-06-11 64.85N to 60.32N147.82W to 164.33W 12.1MB 2014-06-11 64.65N to 64.63N148.49W to 148.63W 116.8MB 2014-06-11 61.97N to 61.55N159.50W to 160.75W 21.2MB 2014-06-11 61.54N to 61.35N160.76W to 161.30W 53.4MB 2014-06-11 60.71N to 60.62N162.23W to 162.78W 34.0MB 2014-06-11 63.15N to 62.84N158.04W to 158.75W 32.4MB 2014-06-11 63.50N to 63.17N157.94W to 158.75W 8.0MB 2014-06-11 63.50N157.16W to 157.92W 140.8MB 2014-06-12 65.14N to 65.09N149.66W to 151.46W 141.9MB 2014-06-12 65.18N to 65.14N151.46W to 153.24W 137.3MB 2014-06-12 65.19N to 65.18N153.24W to 155.06W 136.7MB 2014-06-12 65.19N to 65.18N155.06W to 156.78W 140.2MB 2014-06-12 65.18N to 65.04N156.79W to 158.78W 51.1MB 2014-06-12 65.04N to 64.97N158.78W to 159.57W 142.2MB 2014-06-12 64.84N to 64.63N160.92W to 162.74W 59.9MB 2014-06-12 64.92N to 64.56N162.75W to 163.74W 80.0MB 2014-06-12 65.35N to 64.92N163.76W to 164.40W 66.9MB 2014-06-12 65.48N to 65.35N163.99W to 164.69W 75.8MB 2014-06-12 65.36N to 64.99N164.63W to 164.82W 3.7MB 2014-06-12 64.99N to 64.96N164.67W to 164.80W 57.9MB 2014-06-12 65.49N to 65.06N156.95W to 157.37W 69.3MB 2014-06-12 to 2014-06-13 65.69N to 65.46N156.06W to 157.01W 7.2MB 2014-06-13 65.71N to 65.65N156.00W to 156.07W 60.1MB 2014-06-13 65.92N to 64.48N147.58W to 156.33W 94.6KB 2014-06-13 65.92N to 64.48N147.58W to 156.33W 140.7MB 2014-06-14 65.73N to 65.12N147.73W to 148.95W 140.7MB 2014-06-14 66.35N to 65.74N148.96W to 150.26W 140.5MB 2014-06-14 66.98N to 66.35N150.26W to 150.75W 8.7MB 2014-06-14 67.02N to 66.98N150.49W to 150.51W 121.3MB 2014-06-14 68.63N to 67.91N149.65W to 150.03W 80.8MB 2014-06-14 69.02N to 68.58N149.22W to 149.95W 88.0MB 2014-06-14 69.63N to 69.03N149.97W to 151.01W 98.0MB 2014-06-14 69.69N to 69.53N150.79W to 151.38W 41.2MB 2014-06-14 69.73N to 69.61N151.04W to 151.36W 42.6MB 2014-06-14 69.78N to 69.54N150.75W to 151.55W 57.4MB 2014-06-14 69.81N to 69.56N151.22W to 151.96W 140.2MB 2014-06-14 69.69N to 69.65N151.18W to 151.34W 104.4MB 2014-06-14 69.94N to 69.65N150.79W to 151.30W 37.9MB 2014-06-14 70.21N to 69.95N150.50W to 150.79W 80.9MB 2014-06-14 70.27N to 70.21N149.29W to 150.49W 50.1MB 2014-06-14 69.58N to 68.90N148.68W to 149.10W 103.4MB 2014-06-14 68.90N to 68.48N149.10W to 149.70W 92.8MB 2014-06-14 68.48N to 68.16N148.73W to 149.48W 140.9MB 2014-07-03 65.03N to 64.73N147.58W to 148.95W 142.1MB 2014-07-03 64.73N to 64.41N148.96W to 150.42W 142.1MB 2014-07-03 64.41N to 64.08N150.43W to 151.89W 140.9MB 2014-07-03 64.08N to 63.73N151.90W to 153.34W 139.9MB 2014-07-03 63.73N to 63.36N153.34W to 154.77W 139.9MB 2014-07-03 63.36N to 62.94N154.78W to 156.06W 139.6MB 2014-07-03 62.93N to 62.53N156.06W to 157.30W 77.7MB 2014-07-03 62.53N to 62.18N157.30W to 158.56W 66.1MB 2014-07-03 62.18N to 61.85N158.57W to 159.72W 49.3MB 2014-07-03 61.84N to 61.50N159.74W to 160.88W 23.4MB 2014-07-03 61.50N to 61.11N160.88W to 162.02W 16.3MB 2014-07-03 61.11N to 60.73N162.04W to 163.14W 9.4MB 2014-07-03 60.73N to 60.34N163.15W to 164.23W 4.6MB 2014-07-03 60.32N to 60.29N164.20W to 164.29W 40.2MB 2014-07-03 61.40N to 60.94N160.85W to 161.61W 138.9MB 2014-07-03 61.98N to 61.40N159.87W to 160.85W 138.6MB 2014-07-03 62.55N to 61.98N158.84W to 159.86W 85.5MB 2014-07-03 63.00N to 62.55N158.04W to 158.84W 41.6MB 2014-07-03 63.25N to 62.99N158.26W to 158.76W 45.3MB 2014-07-03 63.50N to 63.25N157.45W to 158.37W 37.8MB 2014-07-03 63.63N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.74W 33.9MB 2014-07-03 to 2014-07-04 63.75N to 63.62N157.77W to 158.50W 104.4MB 2014-07-04 63.88N to 63.75N156.61W to 158.05W 139.1MB 2014-07-04 64.11N to 63.88N154.90W to 156.61W 138.4MB 2014-07-04 64.34N to 64.11N152.93W to 154.89W 68.6MB 2014-07-04 64.44N to 64.34N152.02W to 152.93W 140.6MB 2014-07-04 65.78N to 65.19N147.90W to 149.08W 140.6MB 2014-07-04 66.32N to 65.78N149.08W to 150.26W 103.6MB 2014-07-04 66.62N to 66.32N150.26W to 151.36W 139.4MB 2014-07-04 68.01N to 67.47N153.01W to 154.41W 119.5MB 2014-07-04 68.53N to 68.01N154.41W to 155.79W 94.5MB 2014-07-04 69.19N to 68.54N155.80W to 156.34W 107.2MB 2014-07-04 69.86N to 69.19N156.34W to 156.90W 70.1MB 2014-07-04 70.52N to 69.86N156.90W to 157.41W 75.5MB 2014-07-04 70.91N to 70.53N156.54W to 157.36W 135.2MB 2014-07-04 70.93N to 70.82N156.46W to 156.79W 120.4MB 2014-07-04 71.04N to 70.86N156.22W to 156.91W 38.7MB 2014-07-04 70.93N to 70.74N156.16W to 157.09W 25.2MB 2014-07-04 70.69N to 70.47N155.67W to 156.68W 37.9MB 2014-07-04 70.44N to 70.37N153.89W to 155.57W 46.3MB 2014-07-04 70.37N to 70.33N151.98W to 153.82W 31.2MB 2014-07-04 70.33N to 70.19N150.11W to 151.98W 4.4MB 2014-07-04 70.19N to 70.18N149.70W to 150.09W 8.3MB 2014-07-05 69.98N to 64.81N147.58W to 151.01W 21.0MB 2014-07-05 69.71N to 64.81N147.58W to 151.46W 39.9MB 2014-07-05 69.50N to 69.19N151.07W to 151.59W 45.1MB 2014-07-05 69.18N to 64.81N147.58W to 151.04W 115.7MB 2014-07-05 68.68N to 68.15N149.33W to 149.82W 139.8MB 2014-07-05 68.15N to 67.44N148.98W to 149.33W 131.3MB 2014-07-05 67.44N to 66.73N148.60W to 148.98W 140.2MB 2014-07-05 65.53N to 64.95N147.58W to 148.59W 140.5MB 2014-07-05 66.12N to 65.53N148.60W to 149.79W 140.4MB 2014-07-05 66.67N to 66.12N149.79W to 150.98W 140.5MB 2014-07-05 67.20N to 66.67N150.98W to 152.25W 140.3MB 2014-07-05 67.71N to 67.21N152.25W to 153.57W 139.9MB 2014-07-05 68.20N to 67.71N153.57W to 155.01W 100.1MB 2014-07-05 68.73N to 68.20N155.01W to 156.00W 70.2MB 2014-07-05 68.95N to 68.72N155.88W to 156.42W 82.6MB 2014-07-05 69.26N to 68.94N155.55W to 156.36W 76.3MB 2014-07-05 69.76N to 69.27N156.37W to 156.87W 75.7MB 2014-07-05 70.08N to 69.74N156.65W to 157.20W 48.8MB 2014-07-05 70.46N to 70.02N156.99W to 157.52W 67.1MB 2014-07-05 70.66N to 70.42N156.82W to 157.41W 22.7MB 2014-07-05 71.05N to 70.65N155.97W to 156.94W 8.3MB 2014-07-05 71.08N to 71.05N155.99W to 156.05W 1.5MB 2014-07-05 71.08N156.08W to 156.09W 59.4MB 2014-07-06 70.69N to 70.56N156.22W to 157.98W 58.8MB 2014-07-06 70.66N to 70.21N156.74W to 157.98W 61.9MB 2014-07-06 70.36N to 69.94N156.85W to 157.49W 125.7MB 2014-07-06 69.93N to 69.21N156.58W to 157.14W 94.5MB 2014-07-06 69.21N to 68.58N155.85W to 156.58W 128.4MB 2014-07-06 68.57N to 68.08N154.91W to 155.82W 138.6MB 2014-07-06 68.08N to 67.50N153.45W to 154.91W 139.8MB 2014-07-06 67.50N to 66.85N151.96W to 153.45W 140.8MB 2014-07-06 66.85N to 66.22N150.59W to 151.96W 140.9MB 2014-07-06 66.22N to 65.59N149.32W to 150.59W 31.1MB 2014-07-06 65.59N to 65.46N149.06W to 149.32W 140.8MB 2014-07-06 65.00N to 64.92N148.24W to 149.99W 140.8MB 2014-07-06 64.92N to 64.82N149.99W to 151.64W 140.6MB 2014-07-06 64.82N to 64.67N151.64W to 153.56W 140.7MB 2014-07-06 64.67N to 64.50N153.57W to 155.54W 140.6MB 2014-07-06 64.50N to 64.29N155.55W to 157.53W 106.1MB 2014-07-06 64.29N to 64.14N157.53W to 159.04W 139.9MB 2014-07-06 63.93N to 63.81N159.20W to 160.56W 70.6MB 2014-07-06 63.81N to 63.75N157.83W to 159.20W 110.6MB 2014-07-06 63.84N to 63.75N157.49W to 158.62W 24.3MB 2014-07-06 63.84N to 63.63N157.57W to 158.65W 33.1MB 2014-07-06 63.63N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.64W 19.7MB 2014-07-06 63.50N to 63.25N157.65W to 158.57W 21.9MB 2014-07-06 63.25N to 63.00N158.00W to 158.75W 140.0MB 2014-07-06 63.01N to 62.99N156.49W to 158.00W 140.1MB 2014-07-06 63.05N to 62.98N155.03W to 156.49W 138.2MB 2014-07-06 63.27N to 63.05N153.55W to 155.02W 20.4MB 2014-07-06 63.64N to 63.28N152.60W to 153.53W 26.5MB 2014-07-06 63.96N to 63.70N151.05W to 152.38W 69.2MB 2014-07-06 64.29N to 63.97N149.81W to 151.04W 6.6MB 2014-07-06 64.35N to 64.29N149.66W to 149.81W 140.4MB 2014-07-10 65.36N to 65.14N145.07W to 146.70W 140.3MB 2014-07-10 65.58N to 65.37N143.34W to 145.07W 139.9MB 2014-07-10 65.78N to 65.58N141.45W to 143.34W 139.3MB 2014-07-10 66.03N to 65.78N139.55W to 141.45W 139.2MB 2014-07-10 66.41N to 66.04N137.78W to 139.54W 137.8MB 2014-07-10 66.87N to 66.41N136.38W to 137.78W 124.3MB 2014-07-10 67.03N to 66.87N134.88W to 136.38W 39.9MB 2014-07-10 67.48N to 66.94N133.93W to 134.86W 61.0MB 2014-07-10 68.07N to 67.50N133.33W to 133.90W 128.0MB 2014-07-10 68.69N to 68.07N132.81W to 133.33W 27.4MB 2014-07-10 69.22N to 64.80N131.75W to 132.79W 87.7MB 2014-07-10 69.33N to 69.23N131.75W to 132.88W 78.5MB 2014-07-10 69.25N to 68.74N132.89W to 133.57W 63.7MB 2014-07-10 68.74N to 68.39N133.43W to 133.82W 49.4MB 2014-07-10 68.57N to 68.17N133.36W to 134.54W 15.4MB 2014-07-10 69.15N to 68.59N134.56W to 135.10W 13.7MB 2014-07-10 69.44N to 64.80N131.75W to 135.67W 94.4MB 2014-07-10 69.22N to 68.68N135.70W to 136.25W 13.6MB 2014-07-10 68.67N to 68.29N135.27W to 136.02W 121.2MB 2014-07-10 68.15N to 67.86N135.02W to 136.39W 138.5MB 2014-07-10 67.85N to 67.46N136.40W to 138.28W 139.8MB 2014-07-10 to 2014-07-11 67.46N to 67.04N138.29W to 140.12W 139.7MB 2014-07-11 67.04N to 66.66N140.12W to 141.66W 140.0MB 2014-07-11 66.65N to 66.23N141.66W to 143.25W 140.3MB 2014-07-11 66.23N to 65.76N143.25W to 144.89W 87.3MB 2014-07-11 65.76N to 65.46N144.90W to 145.93W 142.8MB 2014-07-11 65.96N to 65.56N144.30W to 145.73W 141.0MB 2014-07-11 66.38N to 65.96N142.74W to 144.30W 140.4MB 2014-07-11 66.76N to 66.38N141.21W to 142.74W 139.7MB 2014-07-11 67.14N to 66.76N139.53W to 141.21W 139.6MB 2014-07-11 67.56N to 67.14N137.55W to 139.52W 117.2MB 2014-07-11 67.75N to 67.56N135.87W to 137.54W 76.1MB 2014-07-11 68.16N to 67.68N134.94W to 135.86W 50.4MB 2014-07-11 68.74N to 68.17N134.94W to 136.16W 131.6MB 2014-07-11 69.20N to 68.75N135.31W to 136.24W 139.7MB 2014-07-11 69.09N to 68.46N135.19W to 135.71W 139.3MB 2014-07-11 68.45N to 68.19N134.41W to 135.77W 3.9MB 2014-07-11 68.28N134.35W to 134.40W 66.3MB 2014-07-11 68.94N to 68.49N133.29W to 133.70W 70.0MB 2014-07-11 69.21N to 68.94N133.56W to 134.92W 97.1MB 2014-07-11 69.00N to 68.61N134.95W to 135.97W 29.2MB 2014-07-11 68.82N to 68.53N134.41W to 135.72W 48.4MB 2014-07-11 68.85N to 68.46N134.28W to 135.55W 140.7MB 2014-07-11 to 2014-07-12 68.46N to 68.11N135.56W to 137.09W 141.0MB 2014-07-12 68.11N to 67.67N137.09W to 138.87W 143.3MB 2014-07-12 67.67N to 67.22N138.87W to 140.57W 144.5MB 2014-07-12 67.21N to 67.05N140.57W to 142.30W 144.6MB 2014-07-12 67.10N to 66.81N142.30W to 143.92W 20.0MB 2014-07-12 66.81N to 66.77N143.93W to 144.15W 26.0MB 2014-07-12 65.01N to 64.63N148.21W to 148.97W 102.2MB 2014-07-12 65.16N to 64.96N148.98W to 149.36W 9.5MB 2014-07-12 64.88N to 64.45N149.39W to 150.11W 76.2MB 2014-07-12 64.41N to 64.00N150.18W to 150.96W 140.3MB 2014-07-12 64.00N to 63.62N150.96W to 151.96W 140.2MB 2014-07-12 63.62N to 63.42N151.96W to 153.53W 49.6MB 2014-07-12 63.42N to 63.10N153.53W to 154.25W 13.2MB 2014-07-12 63.09N to 62.73N154.26W to 154.92W 13.4MB 2014-07-12 62.85N to 62.73N154.60W to 155.08W 90.2MB 2014-07-12 63.17N to 62.85N154.04W to 154.86W 139.3MB 2014-07-12 63.54N to 63.17N152.80W to 154.04W 112.6MB 2014-07-12 63.91N to 63.54N151.39W to 152.80W 30.5MB 2014-07-12 64.29N to 63.92N150.27W to 151.38W 10.2MB 2014-07-12 64.44N to 64.30N149.92W to 150.25W 139.5MB 2014-08-06 65.86N to 65.17N148.70W to 149.77W 139.8MB 2014-08-06 66.47N to 65.86N149.77W to 150.76W 140.7MB 2014-08-06 67.01N to 66.47N150.77W to 151.93W 140.5MB 2014-08-06 67.01N to 66.75N151.10W to 151.90W 98.0MB 2014-08-06 66.98N to 66.56N151.41W to 151.73W 135.7MB 2014-08-06 67.07N to 66.68N150.88W to 151.68W 120.3MB 2014-08-06 67.10N to 66.81N150.73W to 151.79W 92.2MB 2014-08-06 66.80N to 66.30N151.06W to 151.79W 139.9MB 2014-08-06 66.30N to 65.85N150.06W to 151.06W 139.4MB 2014-08-06 65.85N to 65.27N148.79W to 150.05W 27.4MB 2014-08-06 65.27N to 65.19N148.49W to 148.79W 140.8MB 2014-08-09 64.96N to 64.75N148.61W to 150.46W 140.6MB 2014-08-09 64.75N to 64.53N150.47W to 152.29W 140.5MB 2014-08-09 64.53N to 64.27N152.29W to 154.20W 140.7MB 2014-08-09 64.27N to 63.90N154.20W to 156.57W 140.5MB 2014-08-09 64.04N to 63.80N155.78W to 157.07W 95.8MB 2014-08-09 63.89N to 63.74N156.97W to 157.89W 75.3MB 2014-08-09 63.84N to 63.74N157.90W to 159.03W 89.9MB 2014-08-09 63.92N to 63.78N158.94W to 159.42W 40.1MB 2014-08-09 63.81N to 63.62N157.98W to 159.13W 34.2MB 2014-08-09 63.63N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.98W 84.6MB 2014-08-09 63.51N to 63.25N157.16W to 158.19W 37.0MB 2014-08-09 63.25N to 63.00N158.23W to 158.80W 90.1MB 2014-08-09 63.03N to 62.99N157.82W to 158.82W 139.0MB 2014-08-09 63.30N to 63.03N156.65W to 157.82W 140.0MB 2014-08-09 63.43N to 63.23N155.26W to 156.65W 139.7MB 2014-08-09 63.23N to 63.09N153.88W to 155.26W 29.4MB 2014-08-09 63.59N to 63.17N152.82W to 153.87W 46.6MB 2014-08-09 63.96N to 63.60N151.65W to 152.81W 136.4MB 2014-08-09 64.25N to 63.96N150.53W to 151.65W 105.2MB 2014-08-09 to 2014-08-10 64.49N to 64.25N149.43W to 150.53W 140.8MB 2014-08-10 66.03N to 65.44N148.55W to 149.67W 140.7MB 2014-08-10 66.59N to 66.03N149.67W to 150.84W 120.0MB 2014-08-10 66.99N to 66.59N150.85W to 151.69W 61.3MB 2014-08-10 66.80N to 66.50N151.67W to 152.90W 128.7MB 2014-08-10 66.50N to 66.28N152.90W to 154.63W 125.5MB 2014-08-10 66.29N to 65.89N154.63W to 155.85W 86.0MB 2014-08-10 65.88N to 65.67N155.56W to 156.73W 97.9MB 2014-08-10 65.80N to 65.43N156.51W to 157.08W 73.1MB 2014-08-10 65.43N to 65.16N156.93W to 157.15W 129.1MB 2014-08-10 64.15N to 63.75N157.29W to 158.33W 108.5MB 2014-08-10 63.90N to 63.71N158.34W to 159.07W 74.7MB 2014-08-10 63.71N to 63.62N157.38W to 158.80W 122.1MB 2014-08-10 63.63N to 63.50N156.98W to 157.86W 83.4MB 2014-08-10 63.50N to 63.19N157.86W to 158.77W 134.4MB 2014-08-10 63.16N to 63.00N157.68W to 158.76W 140.0MB 2014-08-10 63.41N to 63.07N156.55W to 157.68W 139.9MB 2014-08-10 to 2014-08-11 63.69N to 63.41N154.95W to 156.55W 140.4MB 2014-08-11 63.94N to 63.69N153.42W to 154.95W 140.5MB 2014-08-11 64.21N to 63.94N151.89W to 153.41W 140.6MB 2014-08-11 64.44N to 64.21N150.25W to 151.89W 61.2MB 2014-08-11 64.50N to 64.44N149.54W to 150.25W 141.1MB 2014-08-11 65.93N to 65.29N147.97W to 148.91W 52.9MB 2014-08-11 66.31N to 65.93N148.72W to 149.16W 46.4MB 2014-08-11 66.37N to 66.14N148.03W to 148.71W 56.8MB 2014-08-11 66.36N to 66.14N147.29W to 148.03W 102.2MB 2014-08-11 66.48N to 66.27N146.48W to 147.28W 141.0MB 2014-08-11 66.78N to 66.43N145.49W to 146.48W 140.8MB 2014-08-11 66.80N to 66.67N145.48W to 145.81W 131.5MB 2014-08-11 67.04N to 66.63N145.66W to 146.59W 133.0MB 2014-08-11 67.00N to 66.62N145.59W to 146.55W 117.4MB 2014-08-11 66.67N to 66.24N145.07W to 145.60W 52.2MB 2014-08-11 66.24N to 66.04N145.60W to 145.91W 69.6MB 2014-08-12 63.69N to 63.49N152.52W to 153.00W 84.0MB 2014-08-12 63.48N to 63.09N153.01W to 154.31W 149.1MB 2014-08-12 63.24N to 63.00N153.58W to 154.40W 28.7MB 2014-08-12 63.57N to 63.22N152.60W to 153.67W 99.0MB 2014-08-12 63.69N to 63.49N152.06W to 152.82W 140.6MB 2014-08-12 64.09N to 63.69N150.78W to 152.06W 95.6MB 2014-08-12 64.29N to 64.09N150.38W to 150.81W 59.8MB 2014-08-12 64.27N to 64.18N150.45W to 150.80W 140.5MB 2014-08-12 64.32N to 64.21N150.17W to 150.73W 40.0MB 2014-08-12 64.42N to 64.32N149.73W to 150.17W 140.6MB 2014-08-13 65.26N to 65.09N151.35W to 153.04W 141.0MB 2014-08-13 65.16N to 64.86N153.04W to 154.67W 134.0MB 2014-08-13 64.86N to 64.68N154.67W to 155.54W 123.4MB 2014-08-13 64.94N to 64.78N153.76W to 154.96W 138.5MB 2014-08-13 65.08N to 64.95N152.33W to 153.76W 140.5MB 2014-08-13 65.06N to 64.89N151.29W to 152.32W 140.5MB 2014-08-13 64.89N to 64.36N150.70W to 151.42W 117.5MB 2014-08-13 64.36N to 64.10N150.31W to 150.87W 100.1MB 2014-08-13 64.47N to 64.24N150.45W to 151.04W 8.0MB 2014-08-13 64.33N to 64.31N151.04W to 151.08W 140.8MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.7MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.9MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.6MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.5MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.5MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.6MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.1MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.4MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.8MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 73.9MB 2014-08-14 64.80N148.63W 140.0MB 2014-09-03 65.79N to 65.34N147.23W to 148.43W 86.6MB 2014-09-03 66.27N to 65.79N148.43W to 149.09W 81.3MB 2014-09-03 66.36N to 66.14N148.23W to 148.99W 94.0MB 2014-09-03 66.35N to 66.14N147.42W to 148.23W 76.7MB 2014-09-03 66.48N to 66.24N146.59W to 147.42W 114.1MB 2014-09-03 66.73N to 66.31N145.58W to 146.58W 140.6MB 2014-09-03 66.77N to 66.61N145.36W to 145.95W 139.2MB 2014-09-03 67.05N to 66.62N145.94W to 146.66W 126.9MB 2014-09-03 67.02N to 66.33N146.54W to 147.00W 140.6MB 2014-09-03 66.33N to 65.71N147.00W to 147.72W 121.0MB 2014-09-03 65.71N to 65.21N147.72W to 148.79W 33.4MB 2014-09-03 65.20N to 65.05N148.80W to 148.86W 28.0MB 2014-09-04 65.01N to 64.93N147.58W to 147.69W 141.0MB 2014-09-04 64.83N to 64.48N148.44W to 149.97W 140.7MB 2014-09-04 64.48N to 64.16N149.97W to 151.37W 140.7MB 2014-09-04 64.16N to 63.86N151.38W to 152.65W 140.7MB 2014-09-04 63.86N to 63.45N152.66W to 154.31W 141.2MB 2014-09-04 63.45N to 63.05N154.31W to 155.84W 140.4MB 2014-09-04 63.05N to 62.63N155.84W to 157.32W 141.1MB 2014-09-04 62.62N to 62.17N157.32W to 158.83W 136.4MB 2014-09-04 62.17N to 61.69N158.83W to 160.29W 98.5MB 2014-09-04 61.69N to 61.22N160.29W to 161.72W 30.7MB 2014-09-04 61.22N to 60.74N161.74W to 163.15W 26.7MB 2014-09-04 60.74N to 60.30N163.16W to 164.28W 54.6MB 2014-09-04 60.56N to 60.32N162.88W to 164.07W 45.7MB 2014-09-04 60.63N to 60.56N162.52W to 162.88W 101.3MB 2014-09-04 61.80N to 61.34N163.09W to 164.09W 46.1MB 2014-09-04 62.36N to 61.81N163.82W to 164.22W 140.1MB 2014-09-04 62.68N to 62.36N162.50W to 163.82W 140.0MB 2014-09-04 62.97N to 62.68N161.06W to 162.49W 140.7MB 2014-09-04 63.25N to 62.97N159.61W to 161.06W 140.8MB 2014-09-04 63.50N to 63.25N158.15W to 159.60W 73.5MB 2014-09-04 63.73N to 63.50N156.74W to 158.15W 140.6MB 2014-09-04 to 2014-09-05 63.96N to 63.73N155.25W to 156.74W 140.6MB 2014-09-05 64.20N to 63.96N153.53W to 155.25W 140.7MB 2014-09-05 64.41N to 64.20N151.80W to 153.53W 137.3MB 2014-09-05 64.61N to 64.41N149.96W to 151.80W 141.0MB 2014-09-05 65.67N to 65.42N149.78W to 151.33W 140.3MB 2014-09-05 66.04N to 65.67N151.33W to 152.94W 140.7MB 2014-09-05 66.30N to 66.04N152.94W to 155.00W 124.9MB 2014-09-05 66.49N to 66.30N155.01W to 157.07W 84.4MB 2014-09-05 66.53N to 66.46N157.08W to 158.78W 136.7MB 2014-09-05 66.69N to 66.53N158.79W to 160.48W 140.4MB 2014-09-05 67.99N to 67.25N162.57W to 162.71W 139.8MB 2014-09-05 68.79N to 67.99N162.71W to 162.92W 124.2MB 2014-09-05 69.47N to 68.79N162.19W to 162.99W 104.3MB 2014-09-05 69.88N to 69.48N161.05W to 162.18W 57.7MB 2014-09-05 70.12N to 69.88N159.64W to 161.05W 61.6MB 2014-09-05 70.40N to 70.12N158.02W to 159.63W 77.9MB 2014-09-05 70.48N to 70.05N157.10W to 157.98W 135.5MB 2014-09-05 70.05N to 69.40N156.52W to 157.10W 123.7MB 2014-09-05 69.40N to 68.71N155.96W to 156.52W 134.4MB 2014-09-05 68.70N to 68.21N154.94W to 155.96W 139.7MB 2014-09-05 68.20N to 67.67N153.53W to 154.93W 140.0MB 2014-09-05 67.67N to 67.09N152.24W to 153.53W 140.6MB 2014-09-05 to 2014-09-06 67.09N to 66.50N151.00W to 152.24W 67.9MB 2014-09-06 66.50N to 66.21N150.41W to 151.00W 111.7MB 2014-09-06 65.69N to 65.23N147.95W to 148.90W 141.5MB 2014-09-06 66.39N to 65.78N149.07W to 150.40W 141.0MB 2014-09-06 66.96N to 66.39N150.40W to 151.72W 140.0MB 2014-09-06 67.54N to 66.96N151.73W to 153.16W 140.2MB 2014-09-06 68.09N to 67.54N153.16W to 154.62W 140.5MB 2014-09-06 68.52N to 68.09N154.62W to 156.06W 123.9MB 2014-09-06 68.57N to 68.42N155.71W to 156.10W 113.4MB 2014-09-06 68.81N to 68.58N155.77W to 156.08W 82.8MB 2014-09-06 68.99N to 68.70N155.32W to 155.77W 113.8MB 2014-09-06 69.19N to 68.78N155.32W to 156.31W 70.6MB 2014-09-06 69.86N to 69.19N156.31W to 156.92W 69.4MB 2014-09-06 70.50N to 69.86N156.92W to 157.42W 76.0MB 2014-09-06 71.18N to 70.58N156.59W to 157.39W 79.8MB 2014-09-06 71.35N to 71.19N156.49W to 156.95W 85.9MB 2014-09-06 70.62N to 70.02N156.95W to 157.43W 90.4MB 2014-09-06 70.01N to 69.37N156.37W to 156.94W 73.6MB 2014-09-06 69.37N to 68.84N155.84W to 156.37W 43.3MB 2014-09-06 68.89N to 68.39N155.74W to 156.10W 140.4MB 2014-09-06 to 2014-09-07 68.42N to 68.33N155.71W to 155.99W 139.9MB 2014-09-07 68.33N to 67.74N154.29W to 155.83W 139.8MB 2014-09-07 67.74N to 67.16N152.84W to 154.29W 140.6MB 2014-09-07 67.15N to 66.58N151.48W to 152.84W 140.7MB 2014-09-07 66.58N to 65.98N150.28W to 151.48W 40.6MB 2014-09-07 65.98N to 65.80N149.91W to 150.28W 141.2MB 2014-09-07 65.80N to 65.22N148.00W to 149.19W 141.1MB 2014-09-07 66.39N to 65.80N149.20W to 150.47W 141.0MB 2014-09-07 66.98N to 66.39N150.47W to 151.81W 140.2MB 2014-09-07 67.60N to 66.98N151.81W to 153.34W 139.8MB 2014-09-07 68.17N to 67.60N153.34W to 154.85W 140.4MB 2014-09-07 68.52N to 68.17N154.86W to 155.71W 125.8MB 2014-09-07 68.54N to 68.42N155.47W to 155.80W 51.6MB 2014-09-07 68.95N to 68.55N155.32W to 156.13W 37.0MB 2014-09-07 69.01N to 68.89N155.86W to 156.46W 33.4MB 2014-09-07 69.13N to 68.95N154.20W to 155.83W 102.7MB 2014-09-07 69.27N to 69.08N152.51W to 154.31W 88.4MB 2014-09-07 69.68N to 69.28N150.87W to 152.46W 90.4MB 2014-09-07 69.93N to 69.68N149.79W to 150.86W 37.6MB 2014-09-07 69.95N to 64.81N147.57W to 148.86W 71.5MB 2014-09-07 69.34N to 68.71N148.73W to 149.33W 122.0MB 2014-09-07 68.69N to 68.42N149.23W to 149.94W 140.4MB 2014-09-07 68.60N to 68.33N149.10W to 149.58W 137.8MB 2014-09-07 68.33N to 67.80N147.93W to 149.27W 91.5MB 2014-09-07 67.80N to 67.19N147.65W to 148.32W 124.0MB 2014-09-07 to 2014-09-08 67.18N to 66.49N147.92W to 148.30W 64.7MB 2014-09-08 66.48N to 66.02N147.91W to 147.95W 105.5MB 2014-09-09 65.28N to 64.93N146.71W to 147.69W 141.2MB 2014-09-09 65.96N to 65.51N144.35W to 145.91W 141.3MB 2014-09-09 66.39N to 65.96N142.71W to 144.34W 141.0MB 2014-09-09 67.00N to 66.39N141.33W to 142.71W 140.6MB 2014-09-09 67.58N to 67.01N139.80W to 141.32W 140.7MB 2014-09-09 68.12N to 67.58N138.22W to 139.80W 140.2MB 2014-09-09 68.56N to 68.12N136.61W to 138.22W 121.3MB 2014-09-09 69.12N to 68.56N135.44W to 136.61W 104.9MB 2014-09-09 69.47N to 64.76N132.21W to 135.32W 181.3MB 2014-09-09 69.26N to 68.82N133.93W to 134.88W 78.1MB 2014-09-09 68.82N to 68.28N134.88W to 135.73W 81.6MB 2014-09-09 68.70N to 68.27N133.77W to 135.29W 12.8MB 2014-09-09 68.79N to 68.71N133.34W to 133.75W 59.0MB 2014-09-09 68.07N to 67.53N133.02W to 134.01W 44.6MB 2014-09-09 67.49N to 67.04N132.26W to 132.96W 38.8MB 2014-09-09 67.04N to 66.92N132.66W to 134.53W 110.5MB 2014-09-09 66.92N to 66.76N134.55W to 136.27W 140.5MB 2014-09-09 66.76N to 66.52N136.27W to 138.14W 140.5MB 2014-09-09 to 2014-09-10 66.52N to 66.27N138.15W to 139.88W 141.2MB 2014-09-10 66.27N to 66.01N139.88W to 141.58W 141.7MB 2014-09-10 66.01N to 65.70N141.59W to 143.05W 141.8MB 2014-09-10 65.77N to 65.69N142.88W to 143.71W 141.1MB 2014-09-10 65.70N to 65.36N143.71W to 145.38W 29.6MB 2014-09-10 65.36N to 65.29N145.38W to 145.73W 78.2MB 2014-09-11 64.88N to 64.52N148.26W to 149.80W 141.3MB 2014-09-11 64.52N to 64.17N149.80W to 151.00W 141.3MB 2014-09-11 64.17N to 63.86N151.01W to 152.37W 105.0MB 2014-09-11 63.86N to 63.35N152.37W to 153.58W 28.3MB 2014-09-11 63.37N to 63.06N153.55W to 154.18W 114.1MB 2014-09-11 63.11N to 63.01N154.18W to 154.48W 70.6MB 2014-09-11 63.19N to 63.04N153.59W to 154.37W 41.6MB 2014-09-11 63.52N to 63.26N153.44W to 153.87W 67.4MB 2014-09-11 63.48N to 63.31N152.47W to 153.61W 63.3MB 2014-09-11 63.96N to 63.48N151.27W to 152.47W 70.7MB 2014-09-11 64.36N to 63.97N149.97W to 151.26W 85.3MB 2014-09-11 64.52N to 64.36N149.10W to 149.97W 140.5MB 2014-09-11 64.61N to 64.37N148.85W to 150.05W 140.4MB 2014-09-11 64.37N to 63.93N150.05W to 151.46W 96.4MB 2014-09-11 63.93N to 63.43N151.46W to 152.76W 45.6MB 2014-09-11 63.43N to 63.20N152.76W to 153.85W 28.9MB 2014-09-11 63.54N to 63.28N153.30W to 153.77W 71.1MB 2014-09-11 63.75N to 63.54N152.09W to 153.43W 117.5MB 2014-09-11 63.95N to 63.73N151.13W to 152.17W 200.0MB 2014-09-11 64.39N to 63.95N150.25W to 151.13W 53.0MB 2014-09-11 64.50N to 64.39N149.80W to 150.33W 141.1MB 2014-10-02 64.70N to 64.31N148.79W to 150.19W 141.1MB 2014-10-02 64.31N to 63.91N150.20W to 151.58W 79.1MB 2014-10-02 63.91N to 63.69N151.58W to 152.40W 97.7MB 2014-10-02 63.80N to 63.33N152.27W to 153.32W 112.8MB 2014-10-02 63.38N to 63.10N153.20W to 154.05W 101.8MB 2014-10-02 63.11N to 62.95N153.72W to 154.46W 140.9MB 2014-10-02 63.48N to 63.11N152.54W to 153.72W 141.1MB 2014-10-02 63.64N to 63.48N152.18W to 152.55W 35.9MB 2014-10-02 63.90N to 63.57N151.63W to 152.34W 74.2MB 2014-10-02 64.00N to 63.83N150.85W to 151.74W 74.9MB 2014-10-02 64.48N to 64.00N149.97W to 150.85W 75.5MB 2014-10-02 64.79N to 64.48N149.24W to 149.97W 14.7MB 2014-10-02 65.01N to 62.95N147.55W to 149.32W 142.7MB 2014-10-03 64.63N to 64.27N149.45W to 150.93W 141.0MB 2014-10-03 64.27N to 63.80N150.93W to 152.77W 140.8MB 2014-10-03 63.80N to 63.31N152.77W to 154.50W 139.9MB 2014-10-03 63.30N to 62.73N154.51W to 156.15W 141.4MB 2014-10-03 62.72N to 61.96N156.16W to 157.05W 141.1MB 2014-10-03 62.06N to 61.74N156.98W to 157.29W 140.1MB 2014-10-03 62.07N to 61.92N157.29W to 158.23W 3.9MB 2014-10-03 62.00N to 61.99N158.23W to 158.27W 139.1MB 2014-10-03 60.45N to 60.36N162.85W to 164.01W 112.1MB 2014-10-03 60.75N to 60.40N163.04W to 163.96W 132.4MB 2014-10-03 61.38N to 61.04N161.22W to 162.24W 140.7MB 2014-10-03 61.71N to 61.38N160.17W to 161.21W 139.7MB 2014-10-03 62.10N to 61.71N158.97W to 160.17W 139.9MB 2014-10-03 62.54N to 62.10N157.50W to 158.97W 139.7MB 2014-10-03 62.95N to 62.54N156.05W to 157.50W 140.1MB 2014-10-03 63.34N to 62.95N154.56W to 156.05W 140.0MB 2014-10-03 to 2014-10-04 63.72N to 63.34N153.05W to 154.56W 139.7MB 2014-10-04 64.08N to 63.72N151.47W to 153.04W 52.2MB 2014-10-04 64.21N to 64.08N150.88W to 151.47W 142.1MB 2014-10-05 64.70N to 64.53N149.85W to 151.58W 141.7MB 2014-10-05 64.53N to 64.29N151.59W to 153.64W 141.8MB 2014-10-05 64.29N to 64.05N153.64W to 155.45W 142.1MB 2014-10-05 64.05N to 63.79N155.45W to 157.26W 82.0MB 2014-10-05 63.79N to 63.62N157.27W to 158.52W 83.9MB 2014-10-05 63.63N to 63.57N156.99W to 158.42W 71.2MB 2014-10-05 63.61N to 63.48N156.92W to 157.28W 86.6MB 2014-10-05 63.64N to 63.50N157.44W to 158.79W 3.7MB 2014-10-05 63.64N158.79W to 158.83W 86.2MB 2014-10-05 63.76N to 63.60N158.06W to 159.53W 36.2MB 2014-10-05 63.61N to 63.48N156.95W to 157.94W 34.1MB 2014-10-05 63.48N to 63.25N157.10W to 158.08W 22.3MB 2014-10-05 63.25N to 63.00N158.18W to 158.76W 69.9MB 2014-10-05 63.16N to 63.00N157.21W to 158.46W 140.8MB 2014-10-05 63.44N to 63.16N155.91W to 157.21W 140.3MB 2014-10-05 63.80N to 63.44N154.11W to 155.91W 140.3MB 2014-10-05 64.10N to 63.80N152.43W to 154.10W 7.1MB 2014-10-05 64.12N to 64.10N152.35W to 152.43W 142.4MB 2014-10-06 64.40N to 64.13N150.99W to 152.53W 142.7MB 2014-10-06 64.13N to 63.83N152.54W to 154.11W 142.2MB 2014-10-06 63.83N to 63.49N154.12W to 155.79W 142.3MB 2014-10-06 63.49N to 63.14N155.79W to 157.37W 39.8MB 2014-10-06 63.14N to 62.99N157.37W to 158.74W 59.0MB 2014-10-06 63.29N to 63.02N158.00W to 158.76W 83.6MB 2014-10-06 63.51N to 63.30N157.80W to 158.06W 16.8MB 2014-10-06 63.62N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.64W 44.2MB 2014-10-06 63.64N to 62.99N147.80W to 158.73W 3.4MB 2014-10-06 63.64N to 62.99N147.80W to 158.73W 88.8MB 2014-10-06 63.77N to 63.74N157.54W to 158.34W 24.1MB 2014-10-06 63.75N to 63.65N157.70W to 158.50W 22.4MB 2014-10-06 63.65N to 63.51N157.05W to 157.68W 8.8MB 2014-10-06 63.52N to 63.27N157.60W to 158.45W 11.0MB 2014-10-06 63.27N to 63.03N158.31W to 158.80W 118.9MB 2014-10-06 63.24N to 63.03N157.10W to 158.22W 141.2MB 2014-10-06 63.53N to 63.24N155.71W to 157.10W 141.3MB 2014-10-06 to 2014-10-07 63.84N to 63.53N154.10W to 155.70W 141.4MB 2014-10-07 64.14N to 63.84N152.36W to 154.09W 66.1MB 2014-10-07 64.28N to 64.14N151.53W to 152.35W 141.8MB 2014-10-07 64.15N to 63.79N151.04W to 152.50W 141.7MB 2014-10-07 63.79N to 63.40N152.50W to 154.09W 141.6MB 2014-10-07 63.40N to 62.97N154.09W to 155.80W 141.5MB 2014-10-07 62.97N to 62.53N155.81W to 157.42W 141.1MB 2014-10-07 62.53N to 62.11N157.42W to 159.02W 18.9MB 2014-10-07 62.16N to 61.78N159.02W to 160.09W 82.1MB 2014-10-07 61.77N to 61.33N160.10W to 161.37W 5.7MB 2014-10-07 61.33N to 61.16N161.39W to 161.90W 9.9MB 2014-10-07 60.64N to 60.57N163.36W to 163.60W 2.7MB 2014-10-07 60.31N to 60.30N164.27W to 164.30W 3.7MB 2014-10-07 61.83N to 60.30N147.65W to 161.18W 111.2MB 2014-10-07 62.31N to 61.83N159.81W to 160.50W 135.6MB 2014-10-07 to 2014-10-08 62.90N to 62.31N158.85W to 159.81W 43.6MB 2014-10-08 63.25N to 62.92N158.10W to 158.83W 41.8MB 2014-10-08 63.50N to 63.27N157.08W to 158.00W 112.3MB 2014-10-08 63.80N to 63.51N155.96W to 157.00W 141.9MB 2014-10-08 64.05N to 63.80N154.26W to 155.95W 141.8MB 2014-10-08 64.26N to 64.05N152.74W to 154.26W 123.1MB 2014-10-08 64.49N to 64.27N150.93W to 152.73W 141.7MB 2014-10-09 64.93N151.89W to 153.93W 141.5MB 2014-10-09 64.93N to 64.91N153.93W to 155.75W 141.3MB 2014-10-09 64.91N to 64.86N155.75W to 157.63W 141.3MB 2014-10-09 64.86N to 64.78N157.63W to 159.65W 142.4MB 2014-10-09 64.78N to 64.67N159.66W to 161.61W 141.0MB 2014-10-09 64.67N to 64.56N161.62W to 163.38W 55.3MB 2014-10-09 65.00N to 64.58N163.38W to 164.11W 122.7MB 2014-10-09 65.37N to 65.02N164.17W to 164.47W 111.7MB 2014-10-09 65.49N to 65.13N164.46W to 164.70W 116.8MB 2014-10-09 65.13N to 64.60N164.60W to 165.09W 11.2MB 2014-10-09 64.60N to 64.51N164.89W to 165.00W 1.3MB 2014-10-10 64.92N166.64W to 166.65W 139.8MB 2014-10-10 65.40N to 65.35N164.50W to 166.21W 140.2MB 2014-10-10 65.43N to 65.40N162.67W to 164.49W 141.0MB 2014-10-10 65.43N to 65.41N160.87W to 162.66W 141.3MB 2014-10-10 65.41N to 65.18N158.85W to 160.86W 141.9MB 2014-10-10 65.18N to 64.92N156.93W to 158.84W 123.7MB 2014-10-10 64.92N to 64.64N155.77W to 156.93W 117.3MB 2014-10-10 64.76N to 64.71N154.31W to 155.76W 126.4MB 2014-10-10 64.79N to 64.76N153.05W to 154.31W 100.3MB 2014-11-04 64.80N to 64.46N148.27W to 149.87W 103.1MB 2014-11-04 64.45N to 64.05N149.88W to 151.31W 50.9MB 2014-11-04 to 2014-11-05 64.06N to 63.63N151.36W to 152.68W 66.0MB 2014-11-05 63.62N to 63.14N152.71W to 153.90W 82.8MB 2014-11-05 63.13N to 63.01N153.69W to 154.43W 44.5MB 2014-11-05 63.44N to 63.09N152.49W to 153.69W 44.9MB 2014-11-05 63.80N to 63.44N151.27W to 152.47W 59.8MB 2014-11-05 63.99N to 63.77N150.74W to 151.38W 142.9MB 2014-11-05 64.84N to 64.53N148.77W to 150.64W 142.9MB 2014-11-05 64.53N to 64.23N150.64W to 152.35W 143.2MB 2014-11-05 64.22N to 63.92N152.36W to 153.92W 142.8MB 2014-11-05 63.92N to 63.52N153.92W to 155.76W 142.6MB 2014-11-05 63.52N to 63.14N155.77W to 157.44W 73.7MB 2014-11-05 63.13N to 63.00N157.45W to 158.75W 22.7MB 2014-11-05 63.29N to 63.05N157.99W to 158.75W 16.9MB 2014-11-05 63.50N to 63.30N157.11W to 158.01W 72.2MB 2014-11-05 63.63N to 63.50N156.99W to 158.08W 87.1MB 2014-11-05 63.72N to 63.63N158.08W to 159.20W 142.1MB 2014-11-05 64.32N to 64.16N156.92W to 158.64W 143.0MB 2014-11-05 to 2014-11-06 64.46N to 64.32N155.27W to 156.91W 143.1MB 2014-11-06 64.57N to 64.46N153.62W to 155.27W 143.4MB 2014-11-06 64.67N to 64.57N151.75W to 153.62W 99.4MB 2014-11-06 64.72N to 64.67N150.65W to 151.75W 142.4MB 2014-11-06 64.51N to 64.12N150.08W to 151.84W 141.9MB 2014-11-06 64.12N to 63.71N151.84W to 153.50W 142.6MB 2014-11-06 63.71N to 63.33N153.50W to 154.96W 142.8MB 2014-11-06 63.33N to 62.90N154.96W to 156.48W 142.3MB 2014-11-06 62.90N to 62.41N156.49W to 158.12W 106.4MB 2014-11-06 62.41N to 62.02N158.13W to 159.60W 36.2MB 2014-11-06 62.02N to 61.57N159.61W to 160.76W 80.1MB 2014-11-06 61.57N to 61.15N160.76W to 161.90W 44.2MB 2014-11-06 61.11N to 60.68N162.04W to 163.29W 52.9MB 2014-11-06 60.68N to 60.29N163.29W to 164.30W 58.8MB 2014-11-06 61.76N to 61.24N160.55W to 161.27W 58.7MB 2014-11-06 to 2014-11-07 62.20N to 61.76N159.66W to 160.54W 77.2MB 2014-11-07 62.65N to 62.20N158.76W to 159.66W 11.9MB 2014-11-07 63.00N to 62.67N158.09W to 158.70W 20.5MB 2014-11-07 63.26N to 63.00N158.01W to 158.76W 32.8MB 2014-11-07 63.50N to 63.25N157.15W to 158.01W 127.1MB 2014-11-07 63.70N to 63.50N155.86W to 157.11W 131.0MB 2014-11-07 63.94N to 63.70N154.43W to 155.85W 142.9MB 2014-11-07 66.78N to 66.17N149.90W to 151.26W 143.1MB 2014-11-07 67.32N to 66.79N151.27W to 152.56W 142.4MB 2014-11-07 67.95N to 67.32N152.57W to 154.23W 137.6MB 2014-11-07 68.54N to 67.95N154.23W to 155.78W 88.7MB 2014-11-07 69.03N to 68.46N155.75W to 156.18W 93.1MB 2014-11-07 69.72N to 69.04N156.19W to 156.78W 135.7MB 2014-11-07 70.45N to 69.72N156.79W to 157.40W 94.2MB 2014-11-07 70.55N to 70.46N155.51W to 157.41W 111.8MB 2014-11-07 70.52N to 70.45N153.39W to 155.50W 96.0MB 2014-11-07 70.45N to 70.37N151.47W to 153.37W 61.4MB 2014-11-07 70.37N to 70.33N150.66W to 151.47W 101.6MB 2014-11-07 to 2014-11-08 69.77N to 69.13N148.69W to 148.87W 115.7MB 2014-11-08 69.12N to 68.60N148.87W to 149.38W 125.8MB 2014-11-08 68.66N to 68.28N149.24W to 149.66W 77.7MB 2014-11-08 64.78N to 64.29N149.38W to 150.71W 127.3MB 2014-11-08 64.29N to 63.88N150.72W to 151.93W 52.0MB 2014-11-08 63.92N to 63.56N151.87W to 152.79W 112.1MB 2014-11-08 63.60N to 63.31N152.74W to 154.01W 125.9MB 2014-11-08 63.31N to 62.96N154.01W to 154.59W 142.2MB 2014-11-08 63.21N to 62.98N154.18W to 154.65W 142.5MB 2014-11-08 63.12N to 62.81N153.90W to 154.62W 106.0MB 2014-11-08 63.41N to 62.95N152.91W to 154.07W 27.7MB 2014-11-08 63.60N to 63.35N152.20W to 152.98W 110.6MB 2014-11-08 63.92N to 63.61N151.19W to 152.17W 56.0MB 2014-11-08 64.03N to 63.83N150.71W to 151.32W 7.4MB 2014-11-08 64.12N to 64.04N150.41W to 150.67W 65.9MB 2014-11-09 64.89N to 64.45N148.87W to 149.99W 69.1MB 2014-11-09 64.45N to 64.02N149.99W to 151.04W 22.8MB 2014-11-09 64.03N to 63.86N150.55W to 151.43W 79.3MB 2014-11-09 64.09N to 64.02N150.51W to 150.87W 25.3MB 2014-11-09 64.19N to 63.98N150.67W to 151.20W 157.4MB 2014-11-09 64.19N to 63.92N150.77W to 151.67W 21.4MB 2014-11-09 63.96N to 63.85N151.58W to 152.02W 130.2MB 2014-11-09 64.00N to 63.79N151.99W to 152.23W 94.0MB 2014-11-09 63.96N to 63.79N151.75W to 152.24W 36.7MB 2014-11-09 64.06N to 63.84N151.53W to 151.88W 116.1MB 2014-11-09 64.65N to 64.03N151.01W to 151.72W 127.4MB 2014-11-09 64.94N to 64.65N150.09W to 151.01W 132.8MB 2015-04-09 66.02N to 65.56N147.73W to 149.14W 31.1MB 2015-04-09 66.21N to 66.03N148.40W to 149.42W 17.2MB 2015-04-09 66.41N to 66.21N146.97W to 148.34W 57.0MB 2015-04-09 66.56N to 66.41N145.66W to 146.96W 140.7MB 2015-04-09 66.69N to 66.56N144.98W to 145.65W 140.8MB 2015-04-09 66.71N to 66.37N144.57W to 145.15W 132.7MB 2015-04-09 66.40N to 66.15N144.47W to 144.77W 94.1MB 2015-04-09 66.15N to 65.58N143.94W to 144.47W 27.9MB 2015-04-09 65.57N to 65.38N143.51W to 143.90W 145.4MB 2015-04-10 65.02N to 62.99N147.57W to 160.86W 145.4MB 2015-04-10 65.02N to 62.99N147.57W to 160.86W 144.4MB 2015-04-10 65.02N to 62.99N147.57W to 160.86W 19.8MB 2015-04-10 65.02N to 62.99N147.57W to 160.86W 66.1MB 2015-04-10 64.58N to 64.24N148.99W to 150.59W 18.5MB 2015-04-10 64.24N to 63.92N150.61W to 151.97W 117.1MB 2015-04-10 63.89N to 63.56N152.00W to 153.03W 42.5MB 2015-04-10 63.56N to 63.29N153.03W to 154.41W 121.1MB 2015-04-10 63.29N to 63.16N154.41W to 155.93W 39.2MB 2015-04-10 63.16N to 63.14N155.93W to 156.38W 93.5MB 2015-04-10 63.79N to 63.72N157.73W to 159.35W 73.0MB 2015-04-10 63.76N to 63.65N157.43W to 158.49W 14.5MB 2015-04-10 63.65N to 63.61N157.02W to 158.49W 4.2MB 2015-04-10 63.51N to 63.37N157.00W to 157.99W 20.0MB 2015-04-10 63.33N to 63.01N158.00W to 158.78W 72.2MB 2015-04-10 63.13N to 62.99N157.38W to 158.74W 8.1MB 2015-04-10 63.14N to 63.13N157.32W to 157.38W 141.6MB 2015-04-10 64.07N to 63.76N152.79W to 154.35W 141.7MB 2015-04-10 to 2015-04-11 64.32N to 64.07N151.16W to 152.79W 92.4MB 2015-04-11 64.49N to 64.32N150.12W to 151.15W 137.8MB 2015-04-13 65.01N to 64.70N147.59W to 148.57W 52.1MB 2015-04-13 64.46N to 64.12N149.68W to 151.08W 29.6MB 2015-04-13 64.11N to 63.82N151.12W to 152.51W 77.1MB 2015-04-13 63.82N to 63.38N152.51W to 153.60W 50.4MB 2015-04-13 63.37N to 63.03N153.63W to 154.91W 120.8MB 2015-04-13 63.03N to 62.74N154.91W to 156.26W 117.7MB 2015-04-13 62.74N to 62.41N156.27W to 157.60W 97.1MB 2015-04-13 62.41N to 62.08N157.60W to 158.82W 77.0MB 2015-04-13 62.07N to 61.74N158.86W to 160.13W 7.1MB 2015-04-13 61.73N to 61.35N160.15W to 161.31W 1.3MB 2015-04-13 60.95N to 60.70N162.51W to 163.21W 53.5MB 2015-04-13 60.56N to 60.33N163.60W to 164.21W 62.9MB 2015-04-13 60.50N to 60.41N163.20W to 163.78W 101.6MB 2015-04-13 61.28N to 60.97N160.49W to 161.33W 84.0MB 2015-04-13 62.12N to 61.82N158.08W to 158.97W 140.6MB 2015-04-14 63.76N to 63.40N152.25W to 153.63W 141.0MB 2015-04-14 64.10N to 63.76N150.79W to 152.25W 34.1MB 2015-04-14 64.20N to 64.10N150.42W to 150.79W 141.2MB 2015-04-14 65.81N to 65.19N147.94W to 149.16W 141.6MB 2015-04-14 66.44N to 65.81N149.16W to 150.48W 51.5MB 2015-04-14 66.66N to 66.44N150.48W to 150.97W 140.9MB 2015-04-14 67.84N to 67.22N151.83W to 152.90W 140.6MB 2015-04-14 68.23N to 67.84N152.90W to 154.57W 124.8MB 2015-04-14 68.69N to 68.23N154.57W to 155.88W 140.3MB 2015-04-14 69.37N to 68.69N155.88W to 156.46W 140.5MB 2015-04-14 70.03N to 69.37N156.46W to 157.04W 119.3MB 2015-04-14 70.49N to 70.03N156.85W to 157.47W 134.1MB 2015-04-14 70.11N to 70.00N149.44W to 151.35W 54.7MB 2015-05-11 65.02N to 64.84N147.58W to 147.82W 86.4MB 2015-05-11 64.86N to 64.54N148.27W to 149.64W 67.7MB 2015-05-11 64.54N to 64.27N149.65W to 150.88W 15.2MB 2015-05-11 64.26N to 63.90N151.01W to 152.07W 87.8MB 2015-05-11 63.88N to 63.55N152.13W to 153.24W 81.4MB 2015-05-11 63.55N to 63.14N153.24W to 154.30W 158.4MB 2015-05-11 63.14N to 62.85N154.30W to 154.89W 141.1MB 2015-05-11 62.97N to 62.93N154.67W to 154.85W 53.8MB 2015-05-11 63.00N to 62.91N154.21W to 154.78W 140.6MB 2015-05-11 63.65N to 63.20N152.19W to 153.62W 127.9MB 2015-05-11 64.02N to 63.65N150.81W to 152.19W 65.0MB 2015-05-11 64.55N to 64.02N149.79W to 150.81W 6.7MB 2015-05-11 64.59N to 64.56N149.75W to 149.78W 141.0MB 2015-05-12 66.28N to 65.72N148.98W to 150.13W 140.6MB 2015-05-12 66.59N to 66.28N150.13W to 151.61W 103.1MB 2015-05-12 66.57N to 66.43N151.61W to 153.21W 79.8MB 2015-05-12 66.43N to 64.79N147.60W to 154.31W 118.9MB 2015-05-12 65.98N to 65.79N154.31W to 155.78W 140.6MB 2015-05-12 65.82N to 65.76N155.69W to 155.87W 140.7MB 2015-05-12 65.85N to 65.75N155.57W to 155.85W 140.7MB 2015-05-12 65.84N to 65.12N155.61W to 155.84W 36.8MB 2015-05-12 65.12N to 64.93N155.84W to 155.87W 139.5MB 2015-05-12 65.03N to 64.99N151.72W to 153.27W 53.4MB 2015-05-12 64.99N to 64.95N150.96W to 151.72W 140.9MB 2015-05-13 65.42N to 64.84N147.02W to 147.82W 140.4MB 2015-05-13 66.08N to 65.42N146.10W to 147.02W 66.6MB 2015-05-13 66.61N to 66.08N145.41W to 146.10W 66.4MB 2015-05-13 67.06N to 66.62N145.65W to 146.80W 119.7MB 2015-05-13 67.07N to 66.51N146.80W to 147.53W 88.8MB 2015-05-13 66.51N to 66.31N146.87W to 147.85W 79.1MB 2015-05-13 66.54N to 66.42N145.66W to 146.87W 137.6MB 2015-05-13 66.60N to 66.54N145.48W to 145.64W 141.0MB 2015-05-13 66.71N to 66.58N145.00W to 145.63W 109.7MB 2015-05-13 66.72N to 66.65N143.91W to 145.20W 70.0MB 2015-05-13 67.05N to 66.65N143.69W to 144.09W 66.7MB 2015-05-13 66.89N to 66.33N144.10W to 145.18W 129.9MB 2015-05-13 66.33N to 66.08N145.18W to 146.57W 56.0MB 2015-05-13 66.08N to 65.81N146.57W to 146.85W 3.6MB 2015-06-02 65.01N to 62.98N147.59W to 160.83W 140.7MB 2015-06-02 65.01N to 62.98N147.59W to 148.96W 141.1MB 2015-06-02 64.98N to 64.80N148.96W to 150.72W 140.9MB 2015-06-02 64.80N to 64.55N150.73W to 152.61W 141.0MB 2015-06-02 64.55N to 64.27N152.61W to 154.46W 141.1MB 2015-06-02 64.27N to 64.02N154.46W to 155.97W 141.0MB 2015-06-02 64.02N to 63.76N155.97W to 157.62W 78.5MB 2015-06-02 63.83N to 63.72N157.29W to 158.49W 26.9MB 2015-06-02 63.72N to 63.63N157.25W to 158.50W 22.8MB 2015-06-02 63.63N to 63.44N157.00W to 158.00W 34.5MB 2015-06-02 63.44N to 63.14N158.00W to 158.75W 62.8MB 2015-06-02 63.16N to 63.00N157.98W to 158.72W 140.8MB 2015-06-02 63.66N to 63.16N158.39W to 159.87W 40.4MB 2015-06-02 63.80N to 63.66N159.87W to 160.29W 52.9MB 2015-06-02 63.15N to 62.98N157.99W to 158.74W 43.1MB 2015-06-02 63.50N to 63.16N157.36W to 157.99W 59.0MB 2015-06-02 63.64N to 63.49N156.97W to 157.84W 64.4MB 2015-06-02 63.77N to 63.62N157.84W to 158.52W 112.5MB 2015-06-02 63.89N to 63.75N156.57W to 157.98W 140.6MB 2015-06-02 to 2015-06-03 64.11N to 63.89N154.96W to 156.57W 140.7MB 2015-06-03 64.35N to 64.11N153.25W to 154.96W 141.1MB 2015-06-03 64.53N to 64.35N151.49W to 153.25W 54.2MB 2015-06-03 64.59N to 64.53N150.82W to 151.49W 141.3MB 2015-06-03 65.94N to 65.66N152.76W to 154.57W 140.7MB 2015-06-03 66.19N to 65.94N154.57W to 156.36W 14.1MB 2015-06-03 66.22N to 66.19N156.35W to 156.56W 80.7MB 2015-06-03 66.65N to 64.67N147.81W to 160.75W 46.3MB 2015-06-03 66.87N to 66.67N160.82W to 162.17W 54.2MB 2015-06-03 66.93N to 66.87N162.17W to 162.70W 94.6KB 2015-06-03 66.93N to 64.67N147.81W to 168.07W 143.3MB 2015-06-03 66.65N to 66.01N162.79W to 163.64W 118.3MB 2015-06-03 66.01N to 65.40N163.64W to 164.17W 140.4MB 2015-06-03 65.44N to 65.28N164.07W to 164.49W 69.2MB 2015-06-03 65.46N to 65.26N164.38W to 164.68W 39.7MB 2015-06-03 65.24N to 65.04N164.66W to 165.44W 117.7MB 2015-06-03 65.38N to 65.10N165.51W to 166.93W 139.9MB 2015-06-03 65.71N to 65.38N166.93W to 168.09W 140.1MB 2015-06-03 65.74N to 65.60N167.43W to 167.96W 25.6MB 2015-06-03 65.98N to 65.74N166.28W to 167.42W 11.4MB 2015-06-03 66.27N to 65.98N164.82W to 166.15W 90.7MB 2015-06-03 66.43N to 66.29N163.91W to 164.73W 144.0MB 2015-06-03 66.90N to 66.43N162.71W to 163.91W 5.5MB 2015-06-03 66.90N to 66.89N162.65W to 162.70W 94.6KB 2015-06-04 66.93N to 64.67N147.81W to 168.07W 51.8MB 2015-06-04 66.89N to 64.67N147.81W to 162.56W 141.1MB 2015-06-04 66.84N to 66.67N160.23W to 162.07W 140.3MB 2015-06-04 66.67N to 66.45N158.25W to 160.23W 82.9MB 2015-06-04 66.45N to 66.31N157.04W to 158.25W 142.1MB 2015-06-04 65.01N to 64.76N147.59W to 148.73W 60.6MB 2015-06-04 64.76N to 64.61N148.73W to 149.40W 141.0MB 2015-06-04 64.41N to 64.04N150.21W to 151.68W 77.4MB 2015-06-04 64.04N to 63.83N151.68W to 152.46W 141.5MB 2015-06-04 63.62N to 63.20N153.22W to 154.86W 141.9MB 2015-06-04 63.20N to 62.76N154.86W to 156.55W 139.0MB 2015-06-04 62.76N to 62.24N156.55W to 157.93W 139.6MB 2015-06-04 62.24N to 61.72N157.93W to 159.22W 140.5MB 2015-06-04 61.78N to 61.70N159.22W to 159.42W 140.6MB 2015-06-04 61.79N to 61.46N159.22W to 160.23W 97.7MB 2015-06-04 61.46N to 61.24N160.23W to 161.74W 32.9MB 2015-06-04 61.24N to 60.84N161.75W to 162.94W 12.8MB 2015-06-04 60.84N to 60.41N162.96W to 164.08W 87.5MB 2015-06-04 60.42N to 60.32N163.67W to 164.42W 140.5MB 2015-06-04 60.59N to 60.42N162.16W to 163.67W 56.6MB 2015-06-04 60.76N to 60.59N161.85W to 162.16W 94.6KB 2015-06-04 65.01N to 60.31N147.59W to 164.42W 94.6KB 2015-06-04 65.01N to 60.31N147.59W to 164.42W 26.1MB 2015-06-04 60.84N to 60.31N147.59W to 161.83W 140.2MB 2015-06-04 61.27N to 60.84N160.85W to 161.78W 140.4MB 2015-06-04 61.49N to 61.27N160.04W to 160.85W 107.6MB 2015-06-04 61.83N to 61.47N159.03W to 160.04W 11.0MB 2015-06-06 64.93N to 60.27N147.86W to 164.41W 91.9MB 2015-06-06 63.92N to 63.68N152.06W to 152.83W 3.7MB 2015-06-06 61.11N to 60.85N162.03W to 162.78W 89.0MB 2015-06-06 60.71N to 60.43N163.20W to 164.07W 114.2MB 2015-06-06 60.44N to 60.27N147.86W to 164.41W 139.5MB 2015-06-06 60.78N to 60.44N161.95W to 163.29W 29.4MB 2015-06-06 60.84N to 60.78N161.81W to 161.95W 139.5MB 2015-06-06 61.25N to 60.73N160.95W to 161.87W 140.3MB 2015-06-06 61.87N to 61.25N160.24W to 160.95W 140.8MB 2015-06-06 62.41N to 61.87N159.29W to 160.24W 141.1MB 2015-06-06 62.89N to 62.41N158.20W to 159.29W 140.9MB 2015-06-06 63.36N to 62.90N157.08W to 158.19W 141.7MB 2015-06-06 to 2015-06-07 63.85N to 63.36N155.91W to 157.08W 141.6MB 2015-06-07 64.22N to 63.85N154.49W to 155.91W 142.5MB 2015-06-07 64.37N to 64.22N152.88W to 154.49W 142.3MB 2015-06-07 64.54N to 64.37N151.17W to 152.87W 5.2MB 2015-06-07 64.54N151.10W to 151.17W 140.1MB 2015-06-07 65.46N to 64.90N147.58W to 148.43W 141.1MB 2015-06-07 65.99N to 65.46N148.43W to 149.47W 141.4MB 2015-06-07 66.60N to 65.99N149.48W to 150.80W 124.9MB 2015-06-07 66.93N to 66.60N150.80W to 151.73W 139.6MB 2015-06-07 67.38N to 66.92N151.64W to 152.75W 138.8MB 2015-06-07 67.97N to 67.38N152.76W to 154.01W 138.4MB 2015-06-07 68.57N to 67.97N154.01W to 155.70W 88.6MB 2015-06-07 68.74N to 64.79N147.58W to 155.91W 115.8MB 2015-06-07 69.37N to 68.74N155.91W to 156.20W 140.1MB 2015-06-07 70.02N to 69.37N156.17W to 156.87W 140.2MB 2015-06-07 70.55N to 70.02N156.88W to 157.65W 140.9MB 2015-06-07 70.55N to 70.38N157.14W to 157.81W 140.8MB 2015-06-07 70.58N to 70.38N157.11W to 157.83W 140.1MB 2015-06-07 71.07N to 70.44N157.13W to 157.65W 135.3MB 2015-06-07 71.29N to 64.79N147.58W to 157.21W 6.3MB 2015-06-07 71.32N to 64.79N147.58W to 157.80W 96.9MB 2015-06-07 71.32N to 70.86N156.50W to 157.07W 140.2MB 2015-06-07 70.86N to 70.22N156.97W to 157.43W 140.3MB 2015-06-07 70.22N to 69.56N156.40W to 156.97W 139.9MB 2015-06-07 69.56N to 69.03N155.65W to 156.40W 110.7MB 2015-06-07 to 2015-06-08 69.03N to 68.54N154.53W to 155.64W 139.0MB 2015-06-08 68.37N to 67.65N153.46W to 154.27W 140.4MB 2015-06-08 67.65N to 67.01N152.19W to 153.47W 141.2MB 2015-06-08 67.01N to 66.48N150.68W to 152.18W 141.5MB 2015-06-08 66.48N to 65.89N149.35W to 150.67W 19.7MB 2015-06-08 65.89N to 65.80N149.20W to 149.35W 141.1MB 2015-06-08 66.40N to 66.24N147.95W to 148.21W 141.2MB 2015-06-08 66.41N to 66.27N147.57W to 148.20W 80.4MB 2015-06-08 66.48N to 66.34N145.91W to 147.57W 90.4MB 2015-06-08 66.63N to 66.47N145.10W to 145.89W 110.8MB 2015-06-08 67.02N to 66.63N145.28W to 146.45W 97.4MB 2015-06-08 67.02N to 66.80N145.01W to 146.51W 83.2MB 2015-06-08 66.80N to 66.64N143.72W to 145.01W 45.2MB 2015-06-08 66.70N to 66.48N144.04W to 145.38W 126.5MB 2015-06-08 66.48N to 66.21N145.39W to 146.67W 23.3MB 2015-06-08 66.21N to 66.16N146.67W to 146.90W 122.8MB 2015-06-10 68.90N to 68.30N133.25W to 133.90W 127.5MB 2015-06-10 69.16N to 68.76N133.12W to 133.72W 79.3MB 2015-06-10 69.27N to 68.97N133.72W to 135.01W 76.8MB 2015-06-10 69.01N to 68.74N133.52W to 135.01W 128.1MB 2015-06-10 68.76N to 68.34N133.27W to 133.60W 91.2MB 2015-06-10 68.39N to 68.31N133.37W to 133.71W 94.6KB 2015-06-10 69.27N to 64.73N133.13W to 148.10W 19.7MB 2015-06-10 68.34N to 68.31N133.40W to 133.55W 141.4MB 2015-06-10 68.35N to 68.17N133.56W to 135.28W 140.9MB 2015-06-10 68.17N to 67.89N135.29W to 137.27W 141.8MB 2015-06-10 to 2015-06-11 67.89N to 67.61N137.27W to 139.28W 123.6MB 2015-06-11 67.61N to 67.35N139.28W to 140.95W 140.3MB 2015-06-13 65.47N to 64.89N147.39W to 147.76W 134.5MB 2015-06-13 66.23N to 65.47N147.33W to 147.65W 92.0MB 2015-06-13 66.73N to 66.23N146.76W to 147.45W 114.5MB 2015-06-13 67.02N to 66.73N146.10W to 146.76W 101.9MB 2015-06-13 66.95N to 66.69N144.51W to 146.09W 147.1MB 2015-06-13 66.69N to 66.61N143.69W to 144.51W 93.6MB 2015-06-13 66.65N to 66.47N144.38W to 145.30W 140.8MB 2015-06-13 66.50N to 66.40N144.85W to 145.15W 141.1MB 2015-06-13 66.48N to 66.36N144.80W to 145.09W 136.2MB 2015-06-13 66.45N to 66.35N144.77W to 145.29W 122.5MB 2015-06-13 66.35N to 66.34N145.29W to 146.87W 138.9MB 2015-06-13 66.34N to 66.12N146.87W to 148.38W 133.0MB 2015-06-13 66.12N to 65.82N148.38W to 149.23W 136.1MB 2015-06-13 65.84N to 65.17N148.74W to 149.26W 36.2MB 2015-06-13 65.17N to 64.88N148.72W to 148.84W 141.4MB 2015-06-14 65.01N to 64.86N147.59W to 148.85W 141.3MB 2015-06-14 64.98N to 64.77N148.30W to 150.27W 141.3MB 2015-06-14 64.77N to 64.60N150.28W to 151.76W 141.2MB 2015-06-14 64.60N to 64.40N151.76W to 153.30W 141.6MB 2015-06-14 64.40N to 64.18N153.31W to 154.86W 141.4MB 2015-06-14 64.18N to 63.96N154.86W to 156.26W 141.0MB 2015-06-14 63.96N to 63.73N156.26W to 157.61W 141.0MB 2015-06-14 63.77N to 63.68N157.38W to 157.60W 40.4MB 2015-06-14 63.78N to 63.64N157.36W to 158.50W 23.7MB 2015-06-14 63.66N to 62.98N147.59W to 158.48W 25.7MB 2015-06-14 63.63N to 63.49N156.98W to 157.91W 23.7MB 2015-06-14 63.50N to 63.22N157.93W to 158.75W 37.4MB 2015-06-14 63.14N to 63.00N157.96W to 158.75W 141.0MB 2015-06-14 63.43N to 63.07N158.11W to 159.40W 79.1MB 2015-06-14 63.66N to 63.43N159.40W to 160.27W 140.7MB 2015-06-14 63.94N to 63.63N159.75W to 160.82W 141.1MB 2015-06-14 63.63N to 63.17N158.47W to 159.75W 81.4MB 2015-06-14 63.17N to 62.98N157.95W to 158.64W 55.5MB 2015-06-14 63.26N to 62.99N158.14W to 158.78W 76.7MB 2015-06-14 63.51N to 63.26N157.37W to 158.14W 78.7MB 2015-06-14 63.62N to 63.51N156.95W to 157.71W 27.0MB 2015-06-14 to 2015-06-15 63.76N to 63.59N157.77W to 158.52W 97.6MB 2015-06-15 63.81N to 63.75N157.10W to 158.40W 141.3MB 2015-06-15 64.01N to 63.81N155.67W to 157.09W 141.3MB 2015-06-15 64.20N to 64.01N154.02W to 155.67W 140.9MB 2015-06-15 64.41N to 64.20N151.99W to 154.02W 141.1MB 2015-06-15 64.59N to 64.41N150.04W to 151.99W 70.3MB 2015-06-15 64.66N to 64.59N149.08W to 150.04W 141.0MB 2015-06-15 65.41N to 64.87N147.59W to 148.34W 141.0MB 2015-06-15 65.90N to 65.41N148.34W to 149.63W 140.6MB 2015-06-15 66.47N to 65.90N149.63W to 150.74W 140.9MB 2015-06-15 67.06N to 66.47N150.74W to 151.56W 140.7MB 2015-06-15 67.62N to 67.06N151.56W to 152.58W 140.2MB 2015-06-15 68.31N to 67.62N152.58W to 152.90W 140.3MB 2015-06-15 68.59N to 68.31N152.62W to 153.37W 140.1MB 2015-06-15 68.58N to 68.53N153.12W to 154.73W 112.3MB 2015-06-15 68.58N to 68.46N154.73W to 155.81W 139.9MB 2015-06-15 68.78N to 68.58N154.72W to 156.03W 142.7MB 2015-06-15 69.20N to 68.71N153.50W to 154.71W 141.4MB 2015-06-15 69.81N to 69.20N152.69W to 153.50W 141.1MB 2015-06-15 70.02N to 69.82N150.69W to 152.69W 140.3MB 2015-06-15 70.21N to 70.02N149.34W to 150.68W 140.3MB 2015-06-15 70.25N to 70.17N148.25W to 149.53W 9.5MB 2015-06-15 70.21N to 64.81N147.59W to 148.42W 42.9MB 2015-06-15 70.19N to 69.63N148.43W to 148.84W 75.0MB 2015-06-15 69.55N to 69.28N148.54W to 148.76W 45.9MB 2015-06-15 69.47N to 64.81N147.59W to 149.12W 50.1MB 2015-06-15 68.87N to 68.59N149.12W to 149.67W 139.9MB 2015-06-15 68.66N to 68.58N149.41W to 149.70W 140.3MB 2015-06-15 to 2015-06-16 68.70N to 68.60N149.21W to 149.72W 140.7MB 2015-06-16 68.69N to 67.95N149.37W to 149.79W 138.4MB 2015-06-16 67.95N to 67.34N149.73W to 150.17W 139.6MB 2015-06-16 67.34N to 66.72N149.96W to 150.35W 140.9MB 2015-06-16 66.72N to 65.96N149.08W to 149.96W 90.5MB 2015-06-16 65.95N to 65.48N148.46W to 149.07W 27.3MB 2015-07-03 63.60N to 63.51N152.26W to 152.50W 139.5MB 2015-07-03 63.87N to 63.41N147.59W to 152.25W 139.9MB 2015-07-03 65.02N to 63.41N147.59W to 152.87W 140.9MB 2015-07-03 65.02N to 63.41N147.59W to 152.87W 5.9MB 2015-07-03 65.02N to 63.41N147.59W to 152.87W 141.5MB 2015-07-04 65.64N to 65.06N147.93W to 149.07W 141.1MB 2015-07-04 66.29N to 65.64N149.07W to 150.40W 141.0MB 2015-07-04 66.89N to 66.29N150.40W to 151.75W 141.0MB 2015-07-04 67.51N to 66.90N151.76W to 153.20W 139.8MB 2015-07-04 68.09N to 67.51N153.20W to 154.67W 133.9MB 2015-07-04 68.54N to 68.09N154.67W to 155.82W 87.8MB 2015-07-04 69.17N to 68.54N155.79W to 156.28W 91.5MB 2015-07-04 69.79N to 69.17N156.28W to 156.84W 160.8MB 2015-07-04 70.34N to 69.80N156.85W to 157.34W 108.1MB 2015-07-04 70.51N to 70.35N156.17W to 157.50W 50.9MB 2015-07-04 70.65N to 70.45N154.69W to 156.17W 58.8MB 2015-07-04 70.45N to 70.27N152.93W to 154.66W 108.6MB 2015-07-04 70.29N to 70.04N151.24W to 152.90W 140.3MB 2015-07-04 70.19N to 70.04N149.49W to 151.24W 123.8MB 2015-07-04 70.19N to 64.83N147.58W to 149.66W 5.8MB 2015-07-04 70.65N to 64.83N147.58W to 157.49W 129.6MB 2015-07-04 70.65N to 64.83N147.58W to 157.49W 144.9MB 2015-07-04 70.65N to 64.83N147.58W to 157.49W 87.2MB 2015-07-04 70.20N to 64.83N147.58W to 148.78W 58.9MB 2015-07-04 69.74N to 69.14N148.68W to 148.86W 79.5MB 2015-07-04 69.14N to 68.60N148.87W to 149.43W 131.0MB 2015-07-04 68.63N to 68.28N149.51W to 149.70W 140.2MB 2015-07-04 68.28N to 67.50N149.09W to 149.51W 140.7MB 2015-07-04 67.50N to 66.66N149.00W to 149.12W 16.9MB 2015-07-04 66.66N to 66.56N149.08W to 149.09W 141.7MB 2015-07-05 66.62N to 65.87N149.18W to 150.02W 141.1MB 2015-07-05 67.22N to 66.62N150.01W to 151.32W 141.0MB 2015-07-05 67.73N to 67.22N151.32W to 152.99W 140.6MB 2015-07-05 68.19N to 67.73N152.99W to 154.58W 140.7MB 2015-07-05 68.54N to 68.19N154.58W to 155.84W 140.3MB 2015-07-05 68.92N to 68.21N154.42W to 157.48W 137.0MB 2015-07-05 69.59N to 68.92N156.07W to 156.62W 139.1MB 2015-07-05 70.22N to 69.59N156.62W to 157.22W 135.4MB 2015-07-05 71.00N to 69.42N156.73W to 158.53W 135.1MB 2015-07-05 70.89N to 69.52N155.87W to 159.35W 139.7MB 2015-07-05 70.77N to 70.53N155.60W to 157.26W 137.8MB 2015-07-05 70.93N to 69.12N154.07W to 157.02W 138.8MB 2015-07-05 70.88N to 70.78N154.24W to 156.14W 138.4MB 2015-07-05 71.35N to 70.85N156.03W to 157.07W 3.1MB 2015-07-05 71.30N to 71.28N156.76W to 156.82W 5.3MB 2015-07-05 71.29N to 65.54N148.85W to 156.80W 7.8MB 2015-07-05 71.29N to 65.54N148.85W to 156.79W 28.6MB 2015-07-05 71.31N to 65.54N148.85W to 156.79W 75.1MB 2015-07-05 71.30N to 71.17N156.35W to 156.82W 19.5MB 2015-07-05 71.22N to 70.66N156.58W to 157.36W 35.8MB 2015-07-05 70.66N to 70.08N157.08W to 157.44W 33.5MB 2015-07-05 70.06N to 69.54N156.60W to 157.07W 129.1MB 2015-07-05 69.50N to 68.96N155.87W to 156.55W 140.5MB 2015-07-05 to 2015-07-06 68.96N to 68.43N154.62W to 155.88W 113.1MB 2015-07-06 68.43N to 67.99N153.65W to 154.62W 131.8MB 2015-07-06 65.22N to 64.83N147.58W to 147.90W 141.2MB 2015-07-06 65.87N to 65.23N147.90W to 149.23W 141.0MB 2015-07-06 66.50N to 65.87N149.23W to 150.61W 141.1MB 2015-07-06 67.06N to 66.50N150.61W to 151.93W 140.9MB 2015-07-06 67.64N to 67.06N151.94W to 153.42W 140.6MB 2015-07-06 68.25N to 67.65N153.42W to 155.05W 140.8MB 2015-07-06 68.96N to 68.25N155.05W to 156.12W 140.9MB 2015-07-06 69.80N to 68.96N156.12W to 156.84W 140.9MB 2015-07-06 70.51N to 69.80N156.83W to 157.60W 141.1MB 2015-07-06 70.86N to 70.37N156.52W to 157.52W 98.2MB 2015-07-06 70.88N to 70.77N156.22W to 156.80W 33.3MB 2015-07-06 70.67N to 70.42N154.57W to 155.80W 42.5MB 2015-07-06 70.41N to 70.27N153.13W to 154.53W 24.5MB 2015-07-06 70.29N to 70.11N151.77W to 153.09W 105.0MB 2015-07-06 70.11N to 70.04N150.18W to 151.76W 140.0MB 2015-07-06 70.18N to 70.11N150.07W to 150.33W 140.0MB 2015-07-06 70.18N to 70.12N149.29W to 150.32W 70.5MB 2015-07-06 70.19N to 64.81N147.58W to 149.29W 13.1MB 2015-07-06 70.08N to 69.53N148.57W to 148.84W 85.1MB 2015-07-06 69.53N to 68.93N148.67W to 149.06W 135.2MB 2015-07-06 to 2015-07-07 68.93N to 68.60N149.06W to 149.66W 140.3MB 2015-07-07 68.68N to 68.61N149.55W to 149.73W 140.4MB 2015-07-07 68.70N to 68.15N149.35W to 149.73W 140.5MB 2015-07-07 68.15N to 67.37N148.97W to 149.35W 140.8MB 2015-07-07 67.37N to 66.60N148.60W to 148.97W 117.0MB 2015-07-07 66.60N to 65.91N148.30W to 148.60W 33.3MB 2015-07-10 66.24N to 66.06N165.01W to 166.03W 90.2MB 2015-07-10 66.58N to 66.24N163.80W to 164.98W 133.9MB 2015-07-10 66.88N to 66.58N162.49W to 163.80W 94.6KB 2015-07-10 69.06N to 64.78N147.59W to 167.48W 94.6KB 2015-07-10 69.06N to 64.78N147.59W to 167.48W 2.8MB 2015-07-10 69.06N to 64.78N147.59W to 167.48W 8.0MB 2015-07-10 69.06N to 64.78N147.59W to 167.48W 94.6KB 2015-07-10 69.06N to 64.78N147.59W to 167.48W 51.5MB 2015-07-10 67.03N to 66.89N162.38W to 162.65W 32.3MB 2015-07-10 67.60N to 67.03N162.45W to 162.84W 34.3MB 2015-07-10 68.18N to 67.61N162.24W to 162.69W 137.3MB 2015-07-10 to 2015-07-11 68.61N to 68.18N160.99W to 162.24W 91.7MB 2015-07-11 68.95N to 68.61N159.61W to 160.98W 121.8MB 2015-07-11 69.06N to 68.86N158.28W to 159.61W 47.2MB 2015-07-11 68.86N to 68.67N156.80W to 158.28W 97.7MB 2015-07-11 68.67N to 68.45N155.74W to 156.79W 140.8MB 2015-07-11 68.51N to 68.26N155.30W to 155.91W 131.8MB 2015-07-11 68.26N to 67.67N153.80W to 155.30W 140.2MB 2015-07-11 65.02N to 64.49N147.59W to 148.22W 140.7MB 2015-07-11 64.49N to 63.72N148.22W to 148.78W 140.4MB 2015-07-11 63.72N to 62.95N148.78W to 149.40W 140.3MB 2015-07-11 62.95N to 62.44N149.40W to 150.83W 140.5MB 2015-07-11 62.44N to 61.88N150.83W to 152.30W 139.7MB 2015-07-11 61.87N to 61.30N152.30W to 153.69W 138.0MB 2015-07-11 61.30N to 60.71N153.69W to 155.04W 140.5MB 2015-07-11 60.71N to 60.18N155.04W to 156.18W 136.2MB 2015-07-11 60.18N to 59.80N156.18W to 157.22W 79.7MB 2015-07-11 59.80N to 59.58N157.22W to 158.32W 70.7MB 2015-07-11 59.61N to 59.51N157.85W to 158.45W 39.9MB 2015-07-11 59.51N to 59.37N156.63W to 157.82W 28.2MB 2015-07-11 59.38N to 59.29N155.93W to 156.62W 114.9MB 2015-07-11 59.42N to 59.28N155.80W to 156.58W 26.9MB 2015-07-11 59.32N to 59.20N156.60W to 157.76W 93.4MB 2015-07-11 59.23N to 58.84N147.59W to 158.48W 34.2MB 2015-07-12 59.52N to 59.09N156.09W to 157.03W 62.2MB 2015-07-12 59.69N to 59.53N155.30W to 156.06W 140.4MB 2015-07-12 59.89N to 59.69N154.16W to 155.30W 140.0MB 2015-07-12 60.38N to 59.89N152.63W to 154.16W 143.5MB 2015-07-12 60.85N to 60.38N151.10W to 152.63W 141.0MB 2015-07-12 61.54N to 60.85N150.00W to 151.09W 140.2MB 2015-07-12 62.39N to 61.55N149.51W to 150.00W 140.7MB 2015-07-12 63.18N to 62.39N149.05W to 149.51W 11.2MB 2015-07-12 63.25N to 63.19N149.01W to 149.05W 142.6MB 2015-07-13 65.20N to 64.86N147.58W to 148.76W 142.2MB 2015-07-13 65.76N to 65.20N148.76W to 149.96W 98.4MB 2015-07-13 66.23N to 65.76N149.24W to 150.01W 88.6MB 2015-07-13 66.33N to 66.23N147.77W to 149.24W 67.4MB 2015-07-13 66.37N to 66.14N146.34W to 147.77W 81.5MB 2015-07-13 66.27N to 66.00N145.34W to 146.33W 104.2MB 2015-07-13 66.57N to 66.28N145.18W to 145.33W 141.5MB 2015-07-13 66.58N to 66.54N145.10W to 145.31W 141.1MB 2015-07-13 66.77N to 66.51N143.84W to 145.29W 61.3MB 2015-07-13 66.80N to 66.63N143.51W to 144.77W 27.9MB 2015-07-13 67.07N to 66.82N144.91W to 146.42W 107.5MB 2015-07-13 67.05N to 66.56N146.46W to 147.37W 94.0MB 2015-07-13 66.54N to 65.91N147.40W to 147.87W 38.7MB 2015-07-13 65.91N to 65.74N147.82W to 147.87W 142.3MB 2015-07-14 65.57N to 64.93N147.59W to 148.20W 135.2MB 2015-07-14 66.19N to 65.57N148.20W to 149.26W 40.4MB 2015-07-14 66.29N to 66.19N148.52W to 149.31W 96.3MB 2015-07-14 66.30N to 66.22N147.44W to 148.51W 89.3MB 2015-07-14 66.41N to 66.25N145.89W to 147.44W 107.6MB 2015-07-14 66.53N to 66.41N145.29W to 145.89W 141.4MB 2015-07-14 66.52N to 66.48N145.34W to 145.56W 141.4MB 2015-07-14 66.53N to 66.47N145.06W to 145.60W 48.7MB 2015-07-14 66.69N to 66.53N143.68W to 145.06W 76.6MB 2015-07-14 66.89N to 66.69N143.88W to 145.46W 37.9MB 2015-07-14 67.00N to 66.68N145.51W to 146.38W 95.6MB 2015-07-14 66.67N to 66.04N146.37W to 146.61W 33.4MB 2015-07-14 66.04N to 65.86N146.61W to 146.64W 141.4MB 2015-08-02 61.78N to 61.16N151.16W to 152.37W 141.5MB 2015-08-02 61.16N to 60.53N152.37W to 153.57W 141.3MB 2015-08-02 60.53N to 59.94N153.57W to 154.59W 140.8MB 2015-08-02 59.94N to 59.57N154.59W to 155.89W 73.7MB 2015-08-02 59.57N to 59.36N155.89W to 157.02W 75.3MB 2015-08-02 59.59N to 59.44N157.03W to 158.18W 105.7MB 2015-08-02 59.61N to 59.42N157.21W to 158.29W 74.9MB 2015-08-02 59.42N to 59.34N156.00W to 157.21W 116.8MB 2015-08-02 59.34N to 59.22N155.88W to 157.03W 140.0MB 2015-08-02 59.22N to 59.10N157.03W to 158.43W 14.9MB 2015-08-02 59.10N to 58.88N147.80W to 158.49W 94.6KB 2015-08-02 64.87N to 58.88N147.80W to 158.52W 94.6KB 2015-08-02 64.87N to 58.88N147.80W to 158.52W 31.7MB 2015-08-02 59.04N to 58.88N147.80W to 158.52W 41.7MB 2015-08-02 59.00N to 58.89N157.34W to 158.45W 96.3MB 2015-08-02 59.30N to 58.91N156.50W to 157.34W 35.4MB 2015-08-02 to 2015-08-03 59.68N to 59.31N155.71W to 156.49W 98.8MB 2015-08-03 59.91N to 59.68N154.67W to 155.67W 141.0MB 2015-08-03 60.46N to 59.91N153.59W to 154.67W 140.7MB 2015-08-03 61.04N to 60.46N152.46W to 153.59W 140.9MB 2015-08-03 61.68N to 61.04N151.41W to 152.46W 141.0MB 2015-08-03 62.41N to 61.68N150.65W to 151.41W 140.9MB 2015-08-03 63.14N to 62.41N149.70W to 150.65W 41.1MB 2015-08-03 63.27N to 63.14N149.26W to 149.70W 95.6MB 2015-08-03 65.03N to 64.91N147.58W to 148.90W 73.2MB 2015-08-03 64.91N to 64.58N148.90W to 149.98W 122.6MB 2015-08-03 64.58N to 64.22N149.99W to 151.14W 48.7MB 2015-08-03 64.21N to 63.94N151.17W to 151.96W 30.3MB 2015-08-03 63.94N to 63.62N151.96W to 152.94W 93.1MB 2015-08-03 63.62N to 63.24N152.95W to 153.76W 144.3MB 2015-08-03 63.23N to 62.98N153.77W to 154.43W 141.2MB 2015-08-03 63.02N to 62.96N154.30W to 154.46W 141.2MB 2015-08-03 63.19N to 62.95N153.71W to 154.51W 69.0MB 2015-08-03 63.62N to 63.19N152.81W to 153.71W 73.9MB 2015-08-03 63.86N to 63.62N151.54W to 152.80W 90.2MB 2015-08-03 64.20N to 63.86N150.38W to 151.52W 49.4MB 2015-08-03 64.33N to 64.20N149.91W to 150.38W 135.7MB 2015-08-04 65.02N to 64.82N147.58W to 148.57W 141.7MB 2015-08-04 64.83N to 64.50N148.57W to 150.12W 141.6MB 2015-08-04 64.50N to 64.12N150.12W to 151.80W 141.7MB 2015-08-04 64.12N to 63.73N151.81W to 153.42W 141.6MB 2015-08-04 63.73N to 63.32N153.43W to 155.01W 141.5MB 2015-08-04 63.32N to 62.89N155.01W to 156.52W 141.2MB 2015-08-04 62.89N to 62.48N156.53W to 157.90W 141.1MB 2015-08-04 62.48N to 61.98N157.91W to 159.45W 57.2MB 2015-08-04 61.98N to 61.58N159.45W to 160.62W 28.3MB 2015-08-04 61.58N to 61.19N160.62W to 161.73W 57.1MB 2015-08-04 61.19N to 60.81N161.74W to 162.83W 20.5MB 2015-08-04 60.82N to 60.56N162.77W to 163.69W 77.4MB 2015-08-04 60.56N to 60.29N163.69W to 164.29W 140.9MB 2015-08-04 60.65N to 60.36N162.51W to 163.87W 65.7MB 2015-08-04 60.73N to 60.65N161.89W to 162.50W 139.7MB 2015-08-04 61.38N to 60.81N161.08W to 161.81W 140.7MB 2015-08-04 62.01N to 61.38N160.20W to 161.07W 140.7MB 2015-08-04 62.62N to 62.01N159.32W to 160.20W 105.9MB 2015-08-04 63.20N to 62.62N158.75W to 159.32W 41.9MB 2015-08-04 63.50N to 63.22N157.98W to 158.75W 72.5MB 2015-08-04 63.57N to 63.50N156.59W to 157.96W 140.8MB 2015-08-04 63.81N to 63.57N155.22W to 156.59W 141.1MB 2015-08-04 64.12N to 63.81N153.30W to 155.22W 141.2MB 2015-08-04 to 2015-08-05 64.37N to 64.12N151.42W to 153.29W 121.0MB 2015-08-05 64.50N to 64.37N149.79W to 151.42W 141.7MB 2015-08-05 64.86N to 64.67N149.06W to 150.84W 141.5MB 2015-08-05 64.67N to 64.47N150.85W to 152.57W 141.5MB 2015-08-05 64.47N to 64.24N152.57W to 154.26W 141.4MB 2015-08-05 64.24N to 64.00N154.26W to 155.82W 141.1MB 2015-08-05 64.00N to 63.47N155.82W to 157.00W 93.4MB 2015-08-05 63.47N to 63.00N157.00W to 158.12W 55.9MB 2015-08-05 63.25N to 63.00N158.13W to 158.75W 91.7MB 2015-08-05 63.50N to 63.25N157.70W to 158.56W 51.1MB 2015-08-05 63.63N to 63.50N157.00W to 157.69W 81.5MB 2015-08-05 63.63N to 63.59N157.50W to 158.60W 69.1MB 2015-08-05 63.75N to 63.59N157.76W to 158.61W 126.6MB 2015-08-05 64.27N to 63.75N157.18W to 157.73W 116.2MB 2015-08-05 64.74N to 64.27N156.84W to 157.18W 94.6KB 2015-08-05 65.02N to 63.00N147.58W to 158.77W 94.6KB 2015-08-05 65.02N to 63.00N147.58W to 158.77W 94.6KB 2015-08-05 65.02N to 63.00N147.58W to 158.77W 14.8MB 2015-08-05 64.74N to 64.70N156.95W to 157.06W 139.4MB 2015-08-05 64.70N to 64.04N157.06W to 157.38W 58.6MB 2015-08-05 64.03N to 63.75N157.38W to 158.29W 28.6MB 2015-08-05 63.76N to 63.64N157.50W to 158.54W 39.9MB 2015-08-05 63.64N to 63.51N157.02W to 157.70W 121.2MB 2015-08-05 63.56N to 63.51N157.72W to 158.15W 105.6MB 2015-08-05 to 2015-08-06 63.57N to 63.26N158.01W to 158.16W 27.9MB 2015-08-06 63.26N to 63.01N158.07W to 158.77W 84.2MB 2015-08-06 63.14N to 63.01N157.36W to 158.65W 140.7MB 2015-08-06 63.45N to 63.15N155.94W to 157.36W 140.6MB 2015-08-06 63.84N to 63.45N153.95W to 155.94W 141.2MB 2015-08-06 64.18N to 63.84N152.04W to 153.95W 141.5MB 2015-08-06 64.49N to 64.18N150.12W to 152.03W 142.7MB 2015-08-06 64.78N to 64.49N148.21W to 150.12W 21.1MB 2015-08-06 64.81N to 64.78N147.98W to 148.21W 141.1MB 2015-08-06 65.10N to 65.05N153.57W to 155.45W 141.1MB 2015-08-06 65.05N to 64.97N155.45W to 157.33W 141.3MB 2015-08-06 64.97N to 64.89N157.34W to 158.91W 140.9MB 2015-08-06 64.89N to 64.77N158.90W to 160.73W 144.3MB 2015-08-06 64.77N to 64.63N160.73W to 162.51W 91.1MB 2015-08-06 64.86N to 64.56N162.52W to 163.65W 42.7MB 2015-08-06 65.34N to 64.87N163.65W to 164.46W 118.6MB 2015-08-06 65.52N to 65.34N163.90W to 164.46W 92.1MB 2015-08-06 65.52N to 65.43N163.88W to 164.70W 40.0MB 2015-08-06 65.36N to 64.91N164.67W to 165.08W 98.1MB 2015-08-06 64.90N to 64.54N165.00W to 165.39W 140.3MB 2015-08-06 65.01N to 64.53N165.55W to 166.49W 140.0MB 2015-08-06 65.76N to 65.01N166.17W to 166.48W 96.5MB 2015-08-06 66.04N to 65.76N165.02W to 166.17W 101.4MB 2015-08-06 66.04N to 65.99N163.44W to 165.01W 109.0MB 2015-08-06 65.99N to 65.93N161.87W to 163.44W 140.4MB 2015-08-06 65.93N to 65.87N160.16W to 161.88W 140.7MB 2015-08-06 to 2015-08-07 65.87N to 65.75N157.87W to 160.15W 140.9MB 2015-08-07 65.75N to 65.61N155.72W to 157.87W 140.8MB 2015-08-07 65.61N to 65.46N153.75W to 155.72W 73.5MB 2015-08-07 65.46N to 65.32N152.91W to 153.74W 539.3KB 2015-08-08 67.84N137.50W 96.7MB 2015-08-08 68.12N to 67.96N135.23W to 136.51W 12.0MB 2015-08-08 68.15N to 68.13N134.92W to 135.10W 70.9MB 2015-08-08 68.30N to 68.18N133.69W to 134.70W 29.3MB 2015-08-08 68.75N to 68.51N133.46W to 133.55W 94.4MB 2015-08-08 69.24N to 68.73N132.75W to 133.54W 33.3MB 2015-08-08 69.52N to 69.27N132.24W to 133.20W 94.3MB 2015-08-08 69.50N to 69.45N133.21W to 134.34W 14.2MB 2015-08-08 69.47N to 64.82N132.24W to 135.31W 76.7MB 2015-08-08 69.09N to 68.76N135.50W to 136.32W 45.6MB 2015-08-08 68.95N to 68.71N134.92W to 135.94W 124.1MB 2015-08-08 68.85N to 68.77N134.62W to 134.91W 104.7MB 2015-08-08 68.82N to 68.71N134.60W to 135.08W 90.2MB 2015-08-08 68.68N to 68.43N134.47W to 135.57W 76.9MB 2015-08-08 68.43N to 68.30N133.54W to 134.47W 141.3MB 2015-08-11 65.63N to 65.26N148.35W to 149.30W 90.9MB 2015-08-11 66.18N to 65.63N148.83W to 149.41W 45.7MB 2015-08-11 66.44N to 66.18N147.28W to 148.82W 120.8MB 2015-08-11 66.71N to 66.44N146.37W to 147.26W 139.4MB 2015-08-11 66.77N to 66.66N146.21W to 146.48W 108.2MB 2015-08-11 66.85N to 66.59N145.91W to 146.47W 104.3MB 2015-08-11 67.03N to 66.86N145.38W to 146.43W 88.3MB 2015-08-11 66.88N to 66.66N143.81W to 145.38W 139.3MB 2015-08-11 66.70N to 66.61N143.09W to 143.80W 54.8MB 2015-08-11 66.62N to 66.42N143.61W to 144.95W 35.6MB 2015-08-11 66.42N to 66.18N144.95W to 146.14W 69.1MB 2015-08-11 66.18N to 66.04N146.16W to 147.25W 78.0MB 2015-08-11 66.04N to 65.70N147.13W to 147.26W 142.1MB 2015-08-12 65.40N to 64.84N147.56W to 148.33W 142.9MB 2015-08-12 65.96N to 65.40N148.33W to 149.47W 141.4MB 2015-08-12 66.44N to 65.96N149.47W to 150.46W 139.5MB 2015-08-12 66.89N to 66.44N150.46W to 151.46W 140.8MB 2015-08-12 67.54N to 66.89N151.46W to 152.42W 141.8MB 2015-08-12 68.08N to 67.54N152.43W to 153.91W 124.6MB 2015-08-12 68.43N to 68.08N153.91W to 155.46W 70.4MB 2015-08-12 68.91N to 68.43N155.46W to 156.12W 68.2MB 2015-08-12 69.57N to 68.91N156.12W to 156.67W 95.3MB 2015-08-12 70.21N to 69.57N156.67W to 157.22W 103.2MB 2015-08-12 70.53N to 70.21N157.23W to 157.55W 141.1MB 2015-08-12 70.64N to 70.43N157.07W to 157.46W 162.1MB 2015-08-12 71.29N to 70.64N156.84W to 157.07W 2.0MB 2015-08-12 71.29N to 64.80N147.57W to 156.84W 20.8MB 2015-08-12 71.30N to 71.16N156.04W to 156.74W 30.9MB 2015-08-12 71.15N to 70.57N156.02W to 156.04W 25.4MB 2015-08-12 70.56N to 70.37N156.02W to 157.54W 52.0MB 2015-08-12 70.36N to 69.84N156.96W to 157.46W 65.6MB 2015-08-12 69.84N to 69.44N156.64W to 157.08W 33.5MB 2015-08-12 69.43N to 68.85N156.23W to 156.64W 40.5MB 2015-08-12 68.85N to 68.43N155.35W to 156.23W 128.9MB 2015-08-12 68.43N to 68.09N153.99W to 155.34W 143.0MB 2015-08-12 68.09N to 67.54N152.66W to 153.98W 143.3MB 2015-08-12 to 2015-08-13 67.54N to 66.93N151.45W to 152.65W 142.2MB 2015-08-13 66.93N to 66.31N150.32W to 151.44W 142.2MB 2015-08-13 66.31N to 65.70N149.26W to 150.31W 41.9MB 2015-08-13 65.70N to 65.51N148.95W to 149.26W 43.0MB 2015-08-13 68.96N to 68.31N133.39W to 133.52W 67.9MB 2015-08-13 69.49N to 68.96N132.29W to 133.38W 49.8MB 2015-08-13 69.53N to 64.75N132.27W to 133.35W 70.5MB 2015-08-13 69.50N to 64.75N132.27W to 134.51W 30.5MB 2015-08-13 69.40N to 69.02N134.55W to 135.68W 85.6MB 2015-08-13 69.02N to 68.69N135.68W to 136.31W 114.3MB 2015-08-13 68.96N to 68.76N134.65W to 135.66W 142.0MB 2015-08-13 68.81N to 68.76N134.58W to 134.81W 142.1MB 2015-08-13 68.82N to 68.75N134.41W to 134.71W 27.2MB 2015-08-13 68.79N to 68.50N134.44W to 135.59W 70.0MB 2015-08-13 68.50N to 68.33N133.59W to 135.26W 21.7MB 2015-08-13 68.33N to 68.31N133.40W to 133.59W 94.6KB 2015-08-13 69.53N to 64.75N132.27W to 148.11W 94.6KB 2015-08-13 69.53N to 64.75N132.27W to 148.11W 94.6KB 2015-08-14 69.53N to 64.75N132.27W to 148.11W 141.7MB 2015-08-14 68.30N to 68.12N133.41W to 134.93W 141.3MB 2015-08-14 68.12N to 67.90N134.93W to 136.84W 141.3MB 2015-08-14 67.90N to 67.63N136.85W to 138.79W 142.0MB 2015-08-14 67.63N to 67.36N138.79W to 140.68W 141.6MB 2015-08-14 67.36N to 67.07N140.68W to 142.51W 140.3MB 2015-08-14 67.07N to 66.82N142.51W to 144.34W 141.7MB 2015-08-14 66.82N to 66.31N144.35W to 145.69W 140.8MB 2015-08-14 66.31N to 65.62N145.70W to 146.72W 43.9MB 2015-08-14 65.62N to 65.41N146.72W to 147.03W 141.4MB 2015-08-14 64.55N to 64.25N150.50W to 152.15W 141.1MB 2015-08-14 64.25N to 64.02N152.16W to 153.69W 140.9MB 2015-08-14 64.02N to 63.63N153.69W to 155.33W 141.6MB 2015-08-14 63.63N to 63.27N155.33W to 156.89W 62.9MB 2015-08-14 63.27N to 63.00N156.89W to 158.26W 32.4MB 2015-08-14 63.25N to 63.00N158.30W to 158.76W 27.3MB 2015-08-14 63.50N to 63.25N157.40W to 158.27W 76.0MB 2015-08-14 63.63N to 63.48N156.99W to 157.40W 39.9MB 2015-08-14 63.75N to 63.63N157.21W to 158.50W 139.6MB 2015-08-14 63.85N to 63.75N158.50W to 160.06W 79.0MB 2015-08-14 63.94N to 63.85N160.06W to 160.84W 94.6KB 2015-08-14 65.03N to 62.98N147.57W to 160.83W 94.6KB 2015-08-14 65.03N to 62.98N147.57W to 160.83W 94.6KB 2015-08-14 65.03N to 62.98N147.57W to 160.83W 48.0MB 2015-08-14 63.94N to 63.90N160.43W to 160.82W 139.0MB 2015-08-14 63.91N to 63.83N158.83W to 160.43W 119.1MB 2015-08-14 63.83N to 63.75N157.43W to 158.82W 32.1MB 2015-08-14 63.75N to 63.60N157.79W to 158.55W 20.6MB 2015-08-14 63.61N to 63.51N157.00W to 158.17W 36.6MB 2015-08-14 63.52N to 63.26N157.09W to 158.06W 109.9MB 2015-08-14 63.32N to 63.21N157.85W to 158.39W 21.2MB 2015-08-14 63.27N to 62.98N158.28W to 158.80W 218.8MB 2015-08-14 to 2015-08-15 63.26N to 62.98N156.96W to 158.10W 139.7MB 2015-08-15 63.60N to 63.26N155.31W to 156.96W 140.7MB 2015-08-15 63.81N to 63.60N153.33W to 155.31W 141.9MB 2015-08-15 64.17N to 63.81N151.54W to 153.33W 141.7MB 2015-08-15 64.49N to 64.17N149.83W to 151.54W 56.3MB 2015-08-15 64.58N to 64.49N149.15W to 149.83W 149.4MB 2015-08-15 65.23N to 64.82N147.56W to 147.88W 141.9MB 2015-08-15 65.88N to 65.23N147.88W to 148.84W 94.7MB 2015-08-15 66.30N to 65.88N148.21W to 149.12W 52.0MB 2015-08-15 66.44N to 66.31N147.29W to 148.21W 14.9MB 2015-08-15 66.66N to 66.41N145.94W to 147.34W 138.2MB 2015-08-15 66.69N to 66.64N145.74W to 145.92W 141.7MB 2015-08-15 66.73N to 66.64N145.70W to 146.06W 94.6MB 2015-08-15 67.03N to 66.68N145.89W to 146.44W 192.3MB 2015-08-15 67.01N to 66.78N144.72W to 146.23W 68.6MB 2015-08-15 66.78N to 66.55N143.61W to 144.71W 49.2MB 2015-08-15 66.54N to 66.29N144.05W to 145.56W 130.6MB 2015-08-15 66.29N to 66.21N145.57W to 145.83W 83.7MB 2015-08-15 66.24N to 66.17N145.82W to 147.41W 65.4MB 2015-08-15 66.17N to 65.91N147.43W to 148.64W 138.2MB 2015-08-15 65.91N to 65.21N148.10W to 148.55W 141.1MB 2015-09-03 65.47N to 64.84N147.59W to 148.29W 120.4MB 2015-09-03 66.06N to 65.47N148.29W to 149.17W 38.4MB 2015-09-03 66.36N to 66.06N147.92W to 149.10W 66.0MB 2015-09-03 66.60N to 66.36N146.65W to 147.91W 79.1MB 2015-09-03 66.72N to 66.60N145.63W to 146.65W 141.7MB 2015-09-03 66.70N to 66.61N145.54W to 145.78W 141.7MB 2015-09-03 66.74N to 66.57N145.51W to 146.04W 48.1MB 2015-09-03 67.01N to 66.70N145.75W to 146.46W 65.8MB 2015-09-03 66.95N to 66.74N144.27W to 145.73W 67.7MB 2015-09-03 66.74N to 66.55N143.71W to 144.44W 141.7MB 2015-09-03 66.55N to 66.23N144.44W to 146.04W 101.3MB 2015-09-03 66.42N to 66.22N146.04W to 147.66W 54.6MB 2015-09-03 66.28N to 65.89N147.79W to 149.13W 106.6MB 2015-09-03 65.89N to 65.37N148.44W to 149.01W 92.2MB 2015-09-04 66.24N to 65.74N149.11W to 150.11W 78.5MB 2015-09-04 66.70N to 66.24N150.11W to 151.49W 12.7MB 2015-09-04 66.74N to 66.56N151.56W to 151.92W 51.5MB 2015-09-04 66.60N to 66.40N151.82W to 153.39W 141.7MB 2015-09-04 66.40N to 66.10N153.39W to 154.85W 141.7MB 2015-09-04 66.10N to 65.65N154.85W to 156.36W 16.6MB 2015-09-04 65.65N to 65.06N156.36W to 156.86W 6.7MB 2015-09-04 65.56N to 65.06N156.94W to 157.16W 67.3MB 2015-09-04 66.10N to 65.59N157.22W to 158.27W 11.0MB 2015-09-04 66.47N to 66.11N158.28W to 159.41W 37.1MB 2015-09-04 66.75N to 66.55N159.72W to 161.25W 56.5MB 2015-09-04 66.82N to 66.75N161.26W to 161.99W 26.7MB 2015-09-04 66.88N to 66.64N161.11W to 162.50W 2.5MB 2015-09-04 66.63N to 66.52N159.92W to 160.71W 32.7MB 2015-09-04 66.44N to 66.14N158.45W to 159.58W 131.3MB 2015-09-04 66.12N to 65.76N157.51W to 158.58W 81.6MB 2015-09-04 65.78N to 65.64N156.35W to 157.50W 141.5MB 2015-09-04 65.77N to 65.35N156.28W to 156.59W 142.1MB 2015-09-04 65.35N to 64.72N156.59W to 156.90W 93.3MB 2015-09-04 to 2015-09-05 64.74N to 64.68N155.22W to 156.70W 141.8MB 2015-09-05 64.74N to 64.70N153.54W to 155.21W 141.7MB 2015-09-05 64.73N to 64.71N151.79W to 153.54W 28.8MB 2015-09-05 64.71N to 64.69N151.41W to 151.78W 1.3MB 2015-09-05 68.57N to 68.56N149.54W 108.3MB 2015-09-05 68.72N to 68.59N149.26W to 149.81W 95.7MB 2015-09-05 69.29N to 68.66N148.74W to 149.37W 42.6MB 2015-09-05 69.69N to 69.30N148.64W to 148.74W 24.3MB 2015-09-05 69.40N to 68.78N148.70W to 149.27W 104.9MB 2015-09-05 68.67N to 68.12N149.25W to 149.38W 140.4MB 2015-09-05 68.11N to 67.30N148.87W to 149.25W 141.3MB 2015-09-05 67.30N to 66.48N148.42W to 148.87W 136.7MB 2015-09-05 66.48N to 65.73N147.92W to 148.42W 142.2MB 2015-09-06 65.37N to 64.85N147.58W to 148.27W 142.0MB 2015-09-06 65.92N to 65.37N148.27W to 149.37W 133.2MB 2015-09-06 66.47N to 65.92N149.37W to 150.57W 18.1MB 2015-09-06 66.70N to 66.47N150.58W to 152.08W 107.9MB 2015-09-06 66.59N to 66.38N152.14W to 153.61W 141.8MB 2015-09-06 66.38N to 66.04N153.62W to 155.12W 78.4MB 2015-09-06 66.04N to 64.61N147.58W to 156.07W 9.8MB 2015-09-06 65.69N to 64.61N147.58W to 156.77W 8.9MB 2015-09-06 65.10N to 64.81N156.73W to 157.02W 135.1MB 2015-09-06 64.81N to 64.69N155.98W to 157.06W 112.9MB 2015-09-06 64.74N to 64.70N154.49W to 155.86W 141.1MB 2015-09-06 64.77N to 64.74N152.56W to 154.49W 141.4MB 2015-09-06 64.77N150.65W to 152.56W 39.6MB 2015-09-06 64.77N to 64.74N150.16W to 150.65W 16.8MB 2015-09-07 66.21N to 66.11N146.76W to 148.29W 99.3MB 2015-09-07 66.11N to 65.75N148.31W to 149.10W 141.5MB 2015-09-07 65.75N to 65.02N148.19W to 148.83W 2.8MB 2015-09-07 65.01N to 65.00N148.18W to 148.19W 143.0MB 2015-09-08 65.22N to 64.83N147.57W to 148.35W 142.9MB 2015-09-08 65.74N to 65.22N148.36W to 149.77W 142.9MB 2015-09-08 66.12N to 65.74N149.77W to 151.12W 141.9MB 2015-09-08 66.09N to 65.96N151.12W to 152.60W 53.3MB 2015-09-08 66.08N to 66.07N152.60W to 153.27W 138.9MB 2015-09-08 66.60N to 66.40N155.45W to 156.96W 141.5MB 2015-09-08 66.40N to 66.35N156.96W to 158.60W 141.7MB 2015-09-08 66.39N to 66.10N158.60W to 160.24W 140.9MB 2015-09-08 66.10N to 65.92N160.24W to 161.61W 140.3MB 2015-09-08 65.92N to 65.75N161.61W to 163.04W 140.5MB 2015-09-08 65.75N to 65.10N163.05W to 164.15W 81.4MB 2015-09-08 65.10N to 64.77N164.15W to 164.83W 141.1MB 2015-09-08 64.68N to 64.57N163.25W to 164.86W 140.9MB 2015-09-08 64.78N to 64.68N161.38W to 163.25W 141.0MB 2015-09-08 64.86N to 64.78N159.46W to 161.37W 140.2MB 2015-09-08 64.92N to 64.86N157.50W to 159.46W 140.6MB 2015-09-08 64.95N to 64.92N155.51W to 157.50W 142.0MB 2015-09-08 64.95N153.63W to 155.51W 141.1MB 2015-09-08 64.95N to 64.93N151.65W to 153.62W 141.5MB 2015-09-08 64.93N to 64.75N149.64W to 151.64W 85.5MB 2015-09-08 64.75N to 64.64N148.54W to 149.63W 142.9MB 2015-09-15 63.85N to 63.31N156.52W to 157.50W 93.4MB 2015-09-15 63.31N to 63.00N157.50W to 158.63W 6.0MB 2015-09-15 63.32N to 63.00N157.97W to 158.76W 29.2MB 2015-09-15 63.48N to 63.38N157.29W to 158.03W 35.3MB 2015-09-15 63.67N to 63.48N157.01W to 157.56W 37.7MB 2015-09-15 63.76N to 63.63N157.70W to 158.64W 141.7MB 2015-09-15 63.79N to 63.76N158.64W to 159.95W 47.4MB 2015-09-15 63.80N to 63.79N159.95W to 160.46W 96.9MB 2015-09-15 63.86N to 63.76N158.93W to 160.36W 131.6MB 2015-09-15 63.78N to 63.75N157.48W to 158.92W 4.9MB 2015-09-15 63.76N to 63.61N157.83W to 158.51W 8.9MB 2015-09-15 63.65N to 63.56N156.98W to 158.07W 7.9MB 2015-09-15 63.51N to 63.47N157.01W to 158.02W 11.6MB 2015-09-15 63.37N to 63.03N158.00W to 158.74W 56.0MB 2015-09-15 to 2015-09-16 63.11N to 62.99N157.96W to 158.74W 141.1MB 2015-09-16 63.42N to 63.11N158.42W to 159.53W 138.8MB 2015-09-16 63.84N to 63.42N159.53W to 160.77W 141.0MB 2015-09-16 64.13N to 63.96N158.96W to 160.57W 141.2MB 2015-09-16 64.31N to 64.13N157.03W to 158.96W 142.0MB 2015-09-16 64.48N to 64.31N155.02W to 157.03W 142.4MB 2015-09-16 64.61N to 64.48N152.95W to 155.02W 136.6MB 2015-09-16 64.70N to 64.61N151.09W to 152.95W 139.6MB 2015-10-05 64.81N to 64.53N147.87W to 148.98W 142.6MB 2015-10-05 64.53N to 64.27N148.98W to 150.38W 142.9MB 2015-10-05 64.27N to 63.97N150.38W to 151.83W 74.0MB 2015-10-05 63.97N to 63.55N151.83W to 152.98W 122.3MB 2015-10-05 63.55N to 63.14N152.98W to 154.01W 135.8MB 2015-10-05 63.14N to 62.82N154.01W to 155.01W 55.3MB 2015-10-05 63.06N to 62.87N154.30W to 155.09W 67.0MB 2015-10-05 62.95N to 62.72N155.09W to 155.54W 17.2MB 2015-10-05 63.17N to 62.84N153.79W to 154.85W 60.7MB 2015-10-05 63.54N to 63.17N152.82W to 153.79W 108.0MB 2015-10-05 63.92N to 63.56N151.77W to 152.79W 142.3MB 2015-10-05 64.30N to 63.93N150.23W to 151.76W 53.3MB 2015-10-05 64.43N to 64.30N149.62W to 150.22W 142.7MB 2015-10-06 65.01N to 64.52N147.18W to 147.72W 143.0MB 2015-10-06 64.52N to 64.20N145.90W to 147.18W 142.3MB 2015-10-06 64.20N to 63.84N145.00W to 145.90W 141.6MB 2015-10-06 63.84N to 63.57N143.91W to 145.00W 121.5MB 2015-10-06 63.57N to 63.27N142.82W to 143.91W 109.6MB 2015-10-06 63.27N to 62.94N142.02W to 142.81W 137.6MB 2015-10-06 63.00N to 62.63N141.57W to 141.95W 142.2MB 2015-10-06 63.11N to 62.69N141.61W to 142.27W 126.0MB 2015-10-06 63.18N to 62.87N141.57W to 142.29W 87.1MB 2015-10-06 63.47N to 63.18N142.29W to 143.64W 77.3MB 2015-10-06 63.81N to 63.43N143.64W to 144.68W 142.3MB 2015-10-06 64.21N to 63.81N144.68W to 146.01W 124.7MB 2015-10-06 64.58N to 64.21N146.02W to 147.07W 109.8MB 2015-10-07 64.93N to 60.33N147.62W to 148.28W 143.6MB 2015-10-07 64.75N to 64.40N148.28W to 149.96W 143.4MB 2015-10-07 64.39N to 63.99N149.96W to 151.69W 5.5MB 2015-10-07 63.99N to 63.98N151.69W to 151.75W 141.5MB 2015-10-07 62.09N to 61.55N158.29W to 159.03W 92.8MB 2015-10-07 61.59N to 61.51N159.03W to 160.41W 67.1MB 2015-10-07 61.51N to 61.24N160.41W to 161.62W 24.2MB 2015-10-07 61.23N to 60.89N161.65W to 162.74W 92.1MB 2015-10-07 60.89N to 60.52N162.74W to 163.75W 65.3MB 2015-10-07 60.49N to 60.33N163.45W to 164.21W 141.4MB 2015-10-07 60.76N to 60.42N162.14W to 163.45W 62.1MB 2015-10-07 60.84N to 60.33N147.62W to 162.14W 141.6MB 2015-10-07 61.17N to 60.75N160.83W to 161.83W 140.4MB 2015-10-07 61.66N to 61.17N159.53W to 160.82W 74.8MB 2015-10-07 61.96N to 61.66N158.66W to 159.53W 143.5MB 2015-10-08 64.91N to 64.72N148.83W to 150.63W 144.2MB 2015-10-08 64.72N to 64.55N150.63W to 152.39W 143.9MB 2015-10-08 64.57N to 64.38N152.40W to 154.34W 143.4MB 2015-10-08 64.37N to 64.05N154.35W to 156.06W 144.1MB 2015-10-08 64.05N to 63.75N156.07W to 157.87W 141.0MB 2015-10-08 63.81N to 63.61N157.85W to 158.53W 114.5MB 2015-10-08 63.62N to 63.50N157.01W to 157.85W 143.9MB 2015-10-08 63.51N to 63.25N157.49W to 158.63W 115.9MB 2015-10-08 63.26N to 62.98N158.04W to 158.80W 144.3MB 2015-10-08 63.58N to 63.02N158.06W to 159.22W 145.0MB 2015-10-08 64.00N to 63.58N159.22W to 160.62W 30.7MB 2015-10-08 63.99N to 63.92N160.62W to 160.84W 134.3MB 2015-10-08 63.88N to 63.61N159.58W to 160.83W 144.1MB 2015-10-08 63.61N to 63.15N158.40W to 159.58W 118.4MB 2015-10-08 63.16N to 63.00N158.07W to 158.76W 150.1MB 2015-10-08 63.42N to 63.16N157.99W to 158.76W 142.6MB 2015-10-08 63.58N to 63.42N157.00W to 158.00W 140.4MB 2015-10-08 63.71N to 63.58N156.99W to 158.02W 143.0MB 2015-10-08 63.92N to 63.71N156.29W to 157.72W 143.1MB 2015-10-08 64.14N to 63.92N154.58W to 156.29W 142.5MB 2015-10-08 64.24N to 64.14N153.13W to 154.58W 143.0MB 2015-10-08 64.48N to 64.24N151.34W to 153.13W 123.8MB 2015-10-08 64.59N to 64.48N149.85W to 151.34W 143.5MB 2015-10-09 65.24N to 64.77N133.08W to 147.46W 143.2MB 2015-10-09 65.90N to 65.24N146.27W to 147.16W 143.9MB 2015-10-09 66.54N to 65.90N145.32W to 146.27W 143.4MB 2015-10-09 66.87N to 66.54N143.70W to 145.32W 143.2MB 2015-10-09 67.18N to 66.88N141.97W to 143.69W 143.1MB 2015-10-09 67.47N to 67.18N140.17W to 141.97W 143.0MB 2015-10-09 67.73N to 67.47N138.36W to 140.17W 142.3MB 2015-10-09 67.97N to 67.73N136.51W to 138.36W 142.4MB 2015-10-09 68.21N to 67.97N134.62W to 136.51W 91.2MB 2015-10-09 68.30N to 68.21N133.60W to 134.61W 139.7MB 2015-10-09 68.91N to 68.32N133.17W to 133.57W 141.3MB 2015-10-09 69.08N to 68.91N133.08W to 134.56W 141.5MB 2015-10-09 69.10N to 68.87N134.56W to 136.18W 141.3MB 2015-10-09 68.87N to 68.36N136.19W to 138.05W 142.1MB 2015-10-09 68.36N to 67.81N138.05W to 139.88W 142.4MB 2015-10-09 67.81N to 67.23N139.88W to 141.68W 143.0MB 2015-10-09 67.23N to 66.73N141.69W to 143.11W 143.0MB 2015-10-09 66.73N to 66.18N143.12W to 144.59W 141.7MB 2015-10-09 66.18N to 65.56N144.60W to 146.15W 71.8MB 2015-10-09 65.55N to 65.24N146.15W to 146.89W 28.9MB 2015-10-11 65.92N to 65.76N147.58W to 147.62W 139.6MB 2015-10-12 67.32N to 66.90N151.54W to 152.63W 142.3MB 2015-10-12 67.81N to 67.32N152.63W to 153.89W 142.4MB 2015-10-12 68.33N to 67.81N153.89W to 155.28W 136.6MB 2015-10-12 68.80N to 68.33N155.29W to 156.00W 138.6MB 2015-10-12 69.41N to 68.80N156.00W to 156.50W 135.9MB 2015-10-12 69.99N to 69.41N156.50W to 157.07W 107.4MB 2015-10-12 70.48N to 69.99N157.07W to 157.52W 142.9MB 2015-10-12 70.47N to 70.19N156.09W to 157.26W 99.7MB 2015-10-12 70.43N to 70.07N156.54W to 157.24W 96.4MB 2015-10-12 70.07N to 69.45N156.34W to 156.88W 130.7MB 2015-10-12 69.45N to 68.84N155.88W to 156.34W 134.4MB 2015-10-12 68.84N to 68.37N155.56W to 155.88W 142.2MB 2015-10-12 68.36N to 67.88N154.13W to 155.55W 141.4MB 2015-10-12 67.88N to 67.29N152.50W to 154.13W 112.9MB 2015-10-12 67.29N to 66.89N151.56W to 152.49W 139.7MB 2015-10-12 66.90N to 64.81N147.59W to 151.54W 142.7MB 2015-10-12 66.38N to 65.77N149.46W to 150.57W 5.2MB 2015-10-12 65.77N to 65.75N149.42W to 149.46W 143.9MB 2015-10-14 63.13N to 62.74N155.00W to 156.31W 143.3MB 2015-10-14 62.74N to 62.25N156.31W to 157.80W 143.7MB 2015-10-14 62.25N to 61.78N157.81W to 159.17W 116.7MB 2015-10-14 61.78N to 61.51N159.18W to 160.56W 112.4MB 2015-10-14 61.49N to 61.14N160.68W to 161.98W 143.4MB 2015-10-14 61.14N to 60.70N161.98W to 163.22W 160.1MB 2015-10-14 60.70N to 60.30N163.22W to 164.29W 95.3MB 2015-10-14 60.47N to 60.32N163.01W to 164.15W 98.8MB 2015-10-14 60.61N to 60.47N162.07W to 163.01W 110.9MB 2015-10-14 61.22N to 60.30N147.58W to 162.29W 105.3MB 2015-10-14 61.84N to 61.22N162.29W to 163.03W 107.6MB 2015-10-14 62.28N to 61.84N163.03W to 164.06W 83.7MB 2015-10-14 62.69N to 62.29N164.06W to 164.66W 141.4MB 2015-10-14 62.96N to 62.69N162.96W to 164.40W 141.4MB 2015-10-14 63.23N to 62.96N161.44W to 162.96W 141.2MB 2015-10-14 63.48N to 63.24N159.92W to 161.44W 141.1MB 2015-10-14 63.74N to 63.48N158.15W to 159.92W 142.4MB 2015-10-14 63.98N to 63.74N156.17W to 158.15W 143.0MB 2015-10-14 to 2015-10-15 64.18N to 63.98N154.16W to 156.16W 143.1MB 2015-10-15 64.35N to 64.18N152.24W to 154.15W 142.8MB 2015-10-15 64.48N to 64.35N150.33W to 152.24W 51.5MB 2015-10-15 64.54N to 64.48N149.66W to 150.33W 144.6MB 2015-10-15 65.02N to 64.76N147.58W to 148.81W 143.9MB 2015-10-15 64.76N to 64.42N148.81W to 150.25W 143.8MB 2015-10-15 64.42N to 64.11N150.26W to 151.72W 112.2MB 2015-10-15 64.11N to 63.76N151.73W to 152.88W 103.7MB 2015-10-15 63.75N to 63.18N152.89W to 153.73W 129.7MB 2015-10-15 63.18N to 62.98N153.74W to 154.41W 143.4MB 2015-10-15 63.76N to 63.16N153.12W to 154.07W 143.1MB 2015-10-15 64.46N to 63.76N152.42W to 153.12W 143.0MB 2015-10-15 65.08N to 64.47N151.81W to 152.42W 143.6MB 2015-10-15 65.52N to 65.08N150.51W to 151.80W 143.0MB 2015-10-15 65.96N to 65.52N149.21W to 150.51W 142.3MB 2015-10-15 66.01N to 65.30N148.45W to 149.22W 139.8MB 2015-10-15 65.30N to 64.75N147.96W to 148.45W 76.0MB 2015-10-15 65.11N to 64.83N147.59W to 147.84W 142.6MB 2015-10-15 65.71N to 65.11N147.74W to 148.59W 135.3MB 2015-10-15 66.18N to 65.71N148.52W to 149.14W 101.4MB 2015-10-15 66.38N to 66.18N147.15W to 148.52W 91.9MB 2015-10-15 66.53N to 66.38N145.68W to 147.15W 141.8MB 2015-10-15 66.62N to 66.53N145.17W to 145.67W 143.0MB 2015-10-15 66.79N to 66.55N145.15W to 145.94W 111.0MB 2015-10-15 67.03N to 66.75N145.76W to 146.55W 141.4MB 2015-10-15 66.99N to 66.76N144.58W to 146.38W 135.2MB 2015-10-15 66.76N to 66.52N143.70W to 144.57W 143.0MB 2015-10-15 to 2015-10-16 66.52N to 65.97N144.14W to 145.40W 142.6MB 2015-10-16 65.97N to 65.38N145.40W to 146.70W 22.2MB 2015-10-16 65.38N to 65.28N146.70W to 146.90W 144.6MB 2015-10-16 65.75N to 65.14N147.84W to 149.04W 143.1MB 2015-10-16 66.35N to 65.76N149.04W to 150.37W 143.8MB 2015-10-16 66.87N to 66.35N150.38W to 151.63W 8.5MB 2015-10-16 66.89N to 66.87N151.57W to 151.60W 142.0MB 2015-10-16 68.22N to 67.73N153.53W to 154.93W 142.9MB 2015-10-16 68.50N to 68.22N154.93W to 155.86W 139.4MB 2015-10-16 69.04N to 68.44N155.73W to 156.08W 142.8MB 2015-10-16 69.68N to 69.04N156.08W to 156.68W 142.8MB 2015-10-16 70.33N to 69.68N156.68W to 157.34W 137.0MB 2015-10-16 70.47N to 70.00N157.03W to 157.50W 140.7MB 2015-10-16 70.00N to 69.38N156.48W to 157.03W 142.6MB 2015-10-16 69.38N to 68.75N155.95W to 156.48W 142.3MB 2015-10-16 68.75N to 68.25N155.06W to 155.95W 142.0MB 2015-10-16 68.25N to 67.68N153.50W to 155.06W 142.2MB 2015-10-16 67.67N to 67.06N152.14W to 153.50W 132.1MB 2015-10-16 67.06N to 66.81N151.57W to 152.13W 142.6MB 2015-10-16 66.93N to 66.43N150.65W to 151.58W 143.0MB 2015-10-16 66.42N to 65.81N149.53W to 150.65W 31.4MB 2015-10-16 65.81N to 65.67N149.28W to 149.53W 143.4MB 2015-11-03 66.68N to 65.82N148.08W to 148.14W 143.2MB 2015-11-03 67.54N to 66.68N148.14W to 148.20W 143.5MB 2015-11-03 68.41N to 67.54N148.20W to 148.26W 143.2MB 2015-11-03 69.30N to 68.41N148.26W to 148.34W 138.0MB 2015-11-03 69.57N to 69.30N148.34W to 148.69W 63.7MB 2015-11-03 69.42N to 68.93N148.68W to 149.08W 84.3MB 2015-11-03 68.92N to 64.79N147.62W to 149.38W 122.4MB 2015-11-03 68.84N to 68.60N148.80W to 149.63W 128.6MB 2015-11-03 69.52N to 68.84N148.54W to 148.84W 58.9MB 2015-11-03 70.04N to 69.52N148.56W to 148.84W 86.4MB 2015-11-03 70.19N to 64.79N147.62W to 148.64W 129.2MB 2015-11-03 70.21N to 64.79N147.62W to 149.57W 94.7MB 2015-11-03 70.04N to 69.71N149.57W to 150.88W 125.5MB 2015-11-03 69.71N to 69.43N150.88W to 151.89W 144.6MB 2015-11-03 69.59N to 69.39N149.87W to 151.78W 144.2MB 2015-11-03 to 2015-11-04 69.39N to 68.60N149.27W to 149.86W 144.2MB 2015-11-04 68.60N to 67.77N148.92W to 149.27W 144.7MB 2015-11-04 67.76N to 66.92N148.59W to 148.92W 109.6MB 2015-11-04 66.92N to 66.31N148.36W to 148.59W 144.2MB 2015-11-05 66.78N to 66.02N148.09W to 148.52W 143.1MB 2015-11-05 67.58N to 66.78N148.39W to 148.69W 143.8MB 2015-11-05 68.45N to 67.59N148.29W to 148.56W 144.9MB 2015-11-05 68.97N to 68.45N148.36W to 148.75W 121.9MB 2015-11-05 68.89N to 68.59N148.75W to 149.60W 100.9MB 2015-11-05 69.24N to 68.64N148.77W to 149.35W 58.6MB 2015-11-05 69.78N to 69.24N148.68W to 148.77W 63.8MB 2015-11-05 70.19N to 69.79N148.05W to 148.84W 144.7MB 2015-11-05 70.55N to 70.19N147.24W to 148.04W 137.6MB 2015-11-05 70.54N to 64.80N147.27W to 148.64W 38.7MB 2015-11-05 70.55N to 64.80N147.27W to 157.59W 142.0MB 2015-11-05 70.20N to 64.80N147.27W to 150.12W 110.1MB 2015-11-05 70.17N to 70.06N150.13W to 152.17W 112.4MB 2015-11-05 70.35N to 70.17N152.18W to 154.12W 102.0MB 2015-11-05 70.46N to 70.35N154.12W to 156.21W 125.5MB 2015-11-05 70.48N to 70.45N156.21W to 157.53W 137.9MB 2015-11-05 70.49N to 70.09N156.65W to 157.61W 141.6MB 2015-11-05 70.08N to 69.59N155.58W to 156.64W 144.7MB 2015-11-05 to 2015-11-06 69.59N to 69.03N154.47W to 155.58W 144.7MB 2015-11-06 69.03N to 68.37N153.24W to 154.47W 145.2MB 2015-11-06 68.37N to 67.69N152.06W to 153.24W 145.4MB 2015-11-06 67.69N to 67.03N150.98W to 152.06W 81.7MB 2015-11-06 67.03N to 66.67N150.43W to 150.98W 796.2KB 2015-11-10 65.05N to 63.60N143.99W to 152.17W 47.8MB 2015-11-10 64.27N to 64.08N147.11W to 148.62W 80.6MB 2015-11-10 64.27N to 64.14N148.74W to 149.78W 110.3MB 2015-11-10 64.14N to 64.04N149.14W to 150.30W 83.0MB 2015-11-10 64.04N to 63.80N150.31W to 151.01W 46.1MB 2015-11-10 63.84N to 63.80N150.96W to 152.13W 17.9MB 2015-11-10 64.13N to 63.83N151.01W to 152.17W 39.3MB 2015-11-10 64.48N to 64.13N149.57W to 151.00W 30.1MB 2015-11-10 64.55N to 64.48N149.28W to 149.57W 117.9MB 2015-11-12 65.04N to 62.98N143.70W to 148.02W 40.9MB 2015-11-12 65.03N to 64.83N148.05W to 149.52W 87.8MB 2015-11-12 64.82N to 62.98N143.70W to 150.75W 11.3MB 2015-11-12 64.38N to 63.97N150.77W to 151.84W 46.9MB 2015-11-12 63.91N to 63.64N152.00W to 152.84W 36.2MB 2015-11-12 63.64N to 63.20N152.84W to 153.76W 28.4MB 2015-11-12 63.18N to 62.98N153.77W to 154.97W 144.3MB 2015-11-12 63.28N to 63.00N153.76W to 154.87W 143.7MB 2015-11-12 63.82N to 63.29N152.46W to 153.76W 63.6MB 2015-11-12 64.16N to 63.82N151.08W to 152.46W 20.6MB 2015-11-12 64.48N to 64.18N149.75W to 150.99W 104.4MB 2015-11-12 64.67N to 64.47N148.59W to 149.46W 111.2MB 2015-11-12 64.88N to 62.98N143.70W to 148.59W 75.1MB 2015-11-12 65.11N to 64.81N147.86W to 148.12W 143.4MB 2015-11-12 65.72N to 65.11N148.12W to 148.74W 143.7MB 2015-11-12 66.20N to 65.72N148.44W to 149.08W 143.9MB 2015-11-12 66.43N to 66.20N146.76W to 148.44W 141.8MB 2015-11-12 67.00N to 66.43N146.17W to 146.76W 46.2MB 2015-11-12 67.03N to 66.88N145.57W to 146.60W 20.3MB 2015-11-12 66.87N to 66.69N144.27W to 145.45W 52.7MB 2015-11-12 to 2015-11-13 66.70N to 66.50N143.70W to 144.74W 2.8MB 2015-11-13 66.48N to 66.47N144.80W to 144.93W

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