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Publications Citing Model Archive

The following 90 publications cited the Model Archive project.

YearCitationDataset or Project
2018Chen, Bangqian; Xiao, Xiangming; Ye, Huichun; Ma, Jun; Doughty, Russell; Li, Xiangping; Zhao, Bin; Wu, Zhixiang; Sun, Rui; Dong, Jinwei; Qin, Yuanwei; Xie, Guishui (2018) Mapping Forest and Their Spatial–Temporal Changes From 2007 to 2015 in Tropical Hainan Island by Integrating ALOS/ALOS-2 L-Band SAR and Landsat Optical Images.IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 11(3): 852-867. https://.org/10.1109/JSTARS.2018.2795595
2018Hislop, Samuel; Jones, Simon; Soto-Berelov, Mariela; Skidmore, Andrew; Haywood, Andrew; Nguyen, Trung (2018) Using Landsat Spectral Indices in Time-Series to Assess Wildfire Disturbance and Recovery.Remote Sensing. 10(3): 460. https://.org/10.3390/rs10030460
2018Umar, M.; Rhoads, Bruce L.; Greenberg, Jonathan A. (2018) Use of multispectral satellite remote sensing to assess mixing of suspended sediment downstream of large river confluences.Journal of Hydrology. 556 325-338. https://.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2017.11.026
2018Van doninck, Jasper; Tuomisto, Hanna; Nagendra, Harini; Rocchini, Duccio (2018) A Landsat composite covering all Amazonia for applications in ecology and conservation.Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.. https://.org/10.1002/rse2.77
2017Adhikari, Pradeep; de Beurs, Kirsten M. (2017) Growth in urban extent and allometric analysis of West African cities.Journal of Land Use Science. 12(42769): 105-124.
2017Botella-Martínez, M. A.; Fernández-Manso, A. (2017) Estudio de la severidad post-incendio en la Comunidad Valenciana comparando los índices dNBR, RdNBR y RBR a partir de imágenes Landsat 8.Revista de Teledetección. (49): 33. https://.org/10.4995/raet.2017.7095
2017Bullock, Eric L.; Fagherazzi, Sergio; Nardin, William; Vo-Luong, Phuoc; Nguyen, Phong; Woodcock, Curtis E. (2017) Temporal patterns in species zonation in a mangrove forest in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, using a time series of Landsat imagery.Continental Shelf Research. 147 144-154.
2017Fuchs, Michael; Awan, Adnan A.; Akhtar, Sardar S.; Ahmad, Ijaz; Sadiq, Simon; Razzak, Asif; Haider, Naghmah (2017) Lithological mapping with multispectral data – setup and application of a spectral database for rocks in the Balakot area, Northern Pakistan.Journal of Mountain Science. 14(5): 948-963.
2017Hanan, Erin J.;Tague, Christina Naomi;Schimel, Joshua P.; (2017) Nitrogen cycling and export in California chaparral: the role of climate in shaping ecosystem responses to fire.Ecological Monographs. 87(1): 76-90.
2017Huang, Chao; He, Hong S.; Hawbaker, Todd J.; Liang, Yu; Gong, Peng; Wu, Zhiwei; Zhu, Zhiliang (2017) A coupled modeling framework for predicting ecosystem carbon dynamics in boreal forests.Environmental Modelling & Software. 93 332-343.
2017Khare, Siddhartha; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Latifi, Hooman; Vijay, Saurabh; Dahms, Thorsten (2017) Seasonal-based analysis of vegetation response to environmental variables in the mountainous forests of Western Himalaya using Landsat 8 data.International Journal of Remote Sensing. 38(15): 4418-4442.
2017Lippitt, Christopher D.; Franch-Gras, Lluis; García-Roger, Eduardo Moisés; Franch, Belen; Carmona, María José; Serra, Manuel (2017) Quantifying unpredictability: A multiple-model approach based on satellite imagery data from Mediterranean ponds.PLOS ONE. 12(11): e0187958.
2017Martínez, S.; Chuvieco, E.; Aguado, I.; Salas, J. (2017) Burn severity and regeneration in large forest fires: an analysis from Landsat time series.Revista de Teledetección. (49): 17. https://.org/10.4995/raet.2017.7182
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2017Pereira, Fabio F.; Farinosi, Fabio; Arias, Mauricio E.; Lee, Eunjee; Briscoe, John; Moorcroft, Paul R. (2017) Technical note: A hydrological routing scheme for the Ecosystem Demography model (ED2+R) tested in the Tapajós River basin in the Brazilian Amazon.Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 21(9): 4629-4648.
2017Rocchini, Duccio; Hofmann, Sylvia; Everaars, Jeroen; Schweiger, Oliver; Frenzel, Mark; Bannehr, Lutz; Cord, Anna F. (2017) Modelling patterns of pollinator species richness and diversity using satellite image texture.PLOS ONE. 12(10): e0185591.
2017Samal, Nihar R.; Wollheim, Wilfred M.; Zuidema, Shan; Stewart, Robert J.; Zhou, Zaixing; Mineau, Madeleine M.; Borsuk, Mark E.; Gardner, Kevin H.; Glidden, Stanley; Huang, Tao; Lutz, David A.; Mavrommati, Georgia; Thorn, Alexandra M.; Wake, Cameron P.; Huber, Matthew (2017) A coupled terrestrial and aquatic biogeophysical model of the Upper Merrimack River watershed, New Hampshire, to inform ecosystem services evaluation and management under climate and land-cover change.Ecology and Society. 22(4):.
2017Santos, Fabián; Dubovyk, Olena; Menz, Gunter (2017) Monitoring Forest Dynamics in the Andean Amazon: The Applicability of Breakpoint Detection Methods Using Landsat Time-Series and Genetic Algorithms.Remote Sensing. 9(1): 68.
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2016Dijak, William D.;Hanberry, Brice B.;Fraser, Jacob S.;He, Hong S.;Wang, Wen J.;Thompson, Frank R.; (2016) Revision and application of the LINKAGES model to simulate forest growth in central hardwood landscapes in response to climate change.Landscape Ecology..
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2016Fetene, Aramde;Hilker, Thomas;Yeshitela, Kumelachew;Prasse, Ruediger;Cohen, Warren;Yang, Zhiqiang; (2015) Detecting Trends in Landuse and Landcover Change of Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia.Environmental Management. 57(1): 137-147.
2016Gizachew, Belachew;Solberg, Svein;Nćsset, Erik;Gobakken, Terje;Bollandsĺs, Ole Martin;Breidenbach, Johannes;Zahabu, Eliakimu;Mauya, Ernest William; (2016) Mapping and estimating the total living biomass and carbon in low-biomass woodlands using Landsat 8 CDR data.Carbon Balance and Management. 11(1):.
2016Hamzeh, Saeid;Naseri, Abd Ali;AlaviPanah, Seyed Kazem;Bartholomeus, Harm;Herold, Martin; (2016) Assessing the accuracy of hyperspectral and multispectral satellite imagery for categorical and Quantitative mapping of salinity stress in sugarcane fields.International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 52 412-421.
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2016MILES, EVAN S.; WILLIS, IAN C.; ARNOLD, NEIL S.; STEINER, JAKOB; PELLICCIOTTI, FRANCESCA (2016) Spatial, seasonal and interannual variability of supraglacial ponds in the Langtang Valley of Nepal, 1999–2013.Journal of Glaciology. 63(237): 88-105.
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2016Valencia, G. M.;Anaya, J. A.;Caro-Lopera, F. J.; (2016) Implementación y evaluación del modelo Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing System (LEDAPS): estudio de caso en los Andes colombianos.Revista de Teledetección. (46): 83.
2016Wang, Wen J.;He, Hong S.;Thompson, Frank R.;Fraser, Jacob S.;Dijak, William D.; (2015) Landscape- and regional-scale shifts in forest composition under climate change in the Central Hardwood Region of the United States.Landscape Ecology. 31(1): 149-163.
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