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Data Quality Review Checklist

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Data Files

  1. Check for integrity of files (Checksum, file size, number of files)
  2. Filenames are descriptive and consistent
    Action: Rename data files, if needed
  3. Check if file format is appropriate and can be opened
    Action: Modify to archive format (non-proprietary) if needed
  4. File organization is consistent and appropriate
  5. Table header information complete and consistent with documentation
  6. Properly versioned, if needed

Documentation files

  1. Documentation matches files received
  2. Dataset and its contents are clearly described
  3. Geospatial and temporal information are complete and described
  4. Variables and units follow standards or are well defined
  5. Publication or manuscript describing the data is provided
  6. Methodology, calibrations, and algorithms provided
  7. Known issues/limitations clearly described
  8. Statements are properly referenced

Parameter Values

  1. Check to ensure valid range
  2. Visualize (plot, map, or both)
  3. Code(s) for missing values defined and used
  4. Values for coded fields defined
  5. Are accuracy and precision stated and reasonable?

Geospatial Information

View a webinar on geospatial informationYouTube.
  1. Spatial Reference System is well-defined for mapped data products
    1. Projection, datum, resolution, etc.
  2. Spatial coordinates are well-defined, following standards
    1. lat / lon match description (geopolitical location, land vs water, correct hemisphere)

Temporal Information

  1. Date and Time (calendar, time units and temporal extent, resolution, and boundary) are defined according to standards