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Publications Citing Global Historical Climatology Network, 1753-1990

The following 5 publications cited the product Global Historical Climatology Network, 1753-1990.

Year Citation
2013 Franke J., Frank, David, Raible, Christoph C., Esper, Jan, Bronnimann, Stefan.; (2013) Spectral biases in tree-ring climate proxies. Nature Clim. Change. 3(4): 360-364.
2012 D'Arrigo, Rosanne., Anchukaitis, Kevin J., Buckley, Brendan., Cook, Ed., Wilson, Rob.; (2012). Regional climatic and North Atlantic Oscillation signatures in West Virginia red cedar over the past millennium. Global and Planetary Change. 84_85 (0): 8-13..
2012 Wiles, G. C., Mennett, C. R., Jarvis, S. K., D'Arrigo, R. D., Wiesenberg, N., & Lawson, D. E.; (2012). Tree-ring investigations into changing climatic responses of yellow-cedar, Glacier Bay, Alaska. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 42 (4): 814-819.
2011 Gadegast, Mathias., Hirt, Ulrike., Opitz, Dieter., Venohr, Markus.; (2011). Modelling changes in nitrogen emissions into the Oder River System 1875_1944. Regional Environmental Change. 12 (3): 571-580. ISBN: 1436-3798..
2000 Los, S.O.; Collatz, G.J.; Sellers, P. J.; Malmstrom, C.M.; Pollack, N.H.; DeFries, R.S.; Bounoua, L.; Parris, M.T.; Tucker, C.J.; Dazlich, D.A.; (2000). A Global 9-yr Biophysical Land Surface Dataset from NOAA AVHRR Data. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 1 (2): 183.<0183:AGYBLS>2.0.CO;2