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Publications Citing Snowmelt Timing Maps Derived from MODIS for North America, 2001-2015

The following 6 publications cited the product Snowmelt Timing Maps Derived from MODIS for North America, 2001-2015.

Year Citation
2021 Hall, D.K., D.S. O'Leary, N.E. DiGirolamo, W. Miller, and D.H. Kang. 2021. The role of declining snow cover in the desiccation of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, using MODIS data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 252:112106.
2020 O'Leary, D., D. Inouye, R. Dubayah, C. Huang, and G. Hurtt. 2020. Snowmelt velocity predicts vegetation green-wave velocity in mountainous ecological systems of North America. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. 89:102110.
2020 Potter, C. 2020. Changes in Growing Season Phenology Following Wildfires in Alaska. Remote Sensing in Earth Systems Sciences. 3(1-2):95-109.
2019 Potter, C. and O. Alexander. 2019. Changes in vegetation cover and snowmelt timing in the Noatak National Preserve of Northwestern Alaska estimated from MODIS and Landsat satellite image analysis. European Journal of Remote Sensing. 52(1):542-556.
2018 O'Leary, D., D. Hall, M. Medler, and A. Flower. 2018. Quantifying the early snowmelt event of 2015 in the Cascade Mountains, USA by developing and validating MODIS-based snowmelt timing maps. Frontiers of Earth Science. 12(4):693-710.
2017 O'Leary, D.S., J.L. Kellermann, and C. Wayne. 2017. Snowmelt timing, phenology, and growing season length in conifer forests of Crater Lake National Park, USA. International Journal of Biometeorology. 62(2):273-285.