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Data Provider Questions

At the beginning the process of archival with the ORNL DAAC, you will be asked to fill out a short online form to help us better understand your dataset or model. These questions should only take a few minutes to answer.

    Information About Your Data Set

  1. Provide a data contact for this data set
  2. Who produced this data set? (Provide author's name, affiliation, e-mail, ORCID ID. In citation order.)
  3. What NASA agency or program funded the development of your data set?
    Please provide grant number(s). (e.g. NNX08AG13G)
  4. Data Set Description

  5. Please provide a draft title for your data set. (maximum 80 characters)
  6. What parameters did you measure, derive, or generate? (comma separated)
  7. What does the data set contain? Please provide a brief description.
  8. Have you analyzed the uncertainty in your data?
    Briefly describe your uncertainty analysis.
    Will the uncertainty estimates be included with your data set?
  9. Temporal and Spatial Characteristics

  10. What date range does the data cover? (YYYY-MM-DD)
    What is a representative sampling frequency or temporal resolution for your data?
  11. What is the geographic location of the collected/generated data within your data set?
  12. Provide a bounding box around your data.
  13. Which of the following best describes the spatial nature of your data?
    (single point, multiple points, transect, grid, polygon, n/a)
  14. What is a representative spatial resolution for these data?
  15. Data Preparation and Delivery

  16. What are the formats of your data files?
    How many data files does your product contain?
    What is the total disk volume of your data set? (MB)
  17. Is this data set final, unrestricted, and available for release?
    What are the reasons to restrict access to the data set?
  18. Has this data set been described and used in a published paper?
    If so, provide a DOI or upload a digital copy of the manuscript with the data set.
  19. Are the data and documentation posted on a public server?
    If so, provide the URL.

If you are interested in archiving your dataset or model product at the ORNL DAAC, fill out this short Submit Data interest form.