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Data Scope and Acceptance Policy

Data Scope and Acceptance Policy

The ORNL DAAC archives data and model products that were generated with funding from the NASA Terrestrial Ecology program and other programs within the NASA Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus area. Priority data for FY 2018 include:

  • Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment
  • Carbon Monitoring System (as funding allows)
  • North American Carbon Program
  • Earth Ventures-Suborbital 2: ACT-America and ATom
  • Other products funded by NASA Terrestrial Ecology program
  • Land validation of Earth Observing System data products
  • Other products from NASA's Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems focus area will be accepted on a case-by-case basis

Data to accompany a journal publication

Many journals now require that data associated with a manuscript be archived before the manuscript can be published. The ORNL DAAC will work with authors to archive their data so that it will be available upon publication of the manuscript.

Data acceptance policy

All submitted data are reviewed based on the priority areas listed above, the scientific impact and community need, and appropriate use of DAAC resources before being accepted into the archive. The ORNL DAAC User Working GroupESDIS, and DAAC staff review may recommend a different data archive center.