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ISLSCP II GPPDI, Net Primary Productivity (NPP) Class B Point Data
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Revision date: September 7, 2011


The Global Primary Production Data Initiative (GPPDI) was set up as a Focus 1 activity of the IGBP Data and Information System, a coordinated international program to improve worldwide estimates of terrestrial net primary productivity (NPP) for parameterization, calibration, and validation of NPP models at various scales.

The GPPDI data collection contains documented field measurements of NPP for global terrestrial sites compiled from published literature and other extant data sources. The point measurements of NPP were categorized as either Class A, representing intensively studied or well-documented study sites (e.g., with site-specific climate, soils information, etc.), Class B, representing more numerous “extensive” sites with less documentation and site-specific information available, or Class C, representing regional collections of half-degree latitude-longitude grid cells. This data set in the ISLSCP II collection represents the GPPDI Class B NPP data. The Class B NPP data file contains biomass dynamics, climate, and site-characteristics data georeferenced to each site. There is one ASCII data file with this data set.

Additional Documentation:

This data set is one of the products of the International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology Project, Initiative II (ISLSCP II) data collection which contains 50 global time series data sets for the ten-year period 1986 to 1995. A complete description of the data, it's derivation, project and workshop descriptions, acknowledgements, and references provided by the ISLSCP II Data Management Staff are included with this data set as two companion files: 1_gppdi_npp_point_doc.pdf , and a technical memorandum, NPP_TM196.pdf.

ISLSCP II is a consistent collection of data sets that were compiled from existing data sources and algorithms, and were designed to satisfy the needs of modelers and investigators of the global carbon, water and energy cycle. The data were acquired from a number of U.S. and international agencies, universities, and institutions. The data and documentation have undergone two peer reviews.

ISLSCP is one of several projects of Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) [] and has the lead role in addressing land-atmosphere interactions -- process modeling, data retrieval algorithms, field experiment design and execution, and the development of global data sets.

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Data Citation:

Cite this data set as follows:

Olson, R. J., J. M.O. Scurlock. 2011.ISLSCP II GPPDI, Net Primary Productivity (NPP) Class B Point Data. In Hall, F.G., G. Collatz, B. Meeson, S. Los, E. Brown de Colstoun, and D. Landis (eds.). ISLSCP Initiative II Collection. Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.

File Information:

The archived data sets for ISLSCP II have been organized by categories. This data set is in the Carbon category.

Data Set Spatial Extent: point measurements throughout the world

Westernmost Longitude: 156.7 W

Easternmost Longitude: 176.6 E

Northernmost Latitude: 75.55 N

Southernmost Latitude: 45.7 S

Projection: Geographic

Data Set Spatial Resolution: 0.5 degree

Data Set Temporal Extent: 1932-1999

Data File Format 

The data file contains various NPP point measurements over a global 0.5 x 0.5 degree grid. There is one ASCII, comma-delimited file with this data set:

gppdi_point_npp.csv: This file contains above-ground, below-ground, and total NPP in gCm-2yr-1 for 2,363 point measurements compiled from the literature with associated ancillary information.

For a description of the parameters, see 1_gppdi_npp_point_doc.pdf  and for a description of the data file, 0_gppdi_npp_point_readme.txt .


Olson R.J., K. Johnson, D. Zheng, and J.M.O. Scurlock (2001a). Global and regional ecosystem modeling: databases of model drivers and validation measurements. ORNL/TM-2001/196, Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, pp 84. See file NPP_TM196.pdf.

Olson, R. J., J. M. O. Scurlock, S. D. Prince, D. L. Zheng, and K. R. Johnson (eds.) (2001b). NPP Multi-Biome: Global Primary Production Data Initiative Products. Available on-line [] from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Data Access:

These data are available through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)  [].

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Telephone: +1 (865) 241-3952