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Average daily maximum temperature in 2015 from Daymet.

2015 Daymet data now available

Daymet is a gridded data set of estimates of daily weather parameters for North America.

Smoothed and gap-filled NDVI for the conterminous US for the period January 1-8, 2000. NDVI is expressed as percent in this figure.

MODIS NDVI data set updated to include year 2014

Year 2014 data has been added to the data set of smoothed and gap-filled NDVI derived from collection 5 MODIS for the US.

Lidar-derived mean vegetation canopy height in 1998 at 100-m (1-ha) resolution at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica.

Canopy height and biomass at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Land-use, canopy height, and aboveground carbon estimates were derived from LiDAR data in March 1998 and March 2005.

The ORNL DAAC mission is to assemble, distribute, and provide data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research, education, and decision-making in support of NASA’s Earth science. Read more about the ORNL DAAC.