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Data Provider Questions

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Dataset Submission Details

At the beginning the submission process with the ORNL DAAC, you will be asked to fill out a short online form to help us better understand your dataset or model. These questions should only take a few minutes to answer.

    Data Contacts and Authors

  1. Who should we contact with questions about this dataset?
  2. Who are the authors of this dataset? (Provide a list in authorship order as for a paper. Include full names, affiliations, e-mail addresses, and ORCID ID, if available. Add as many rows as necessary.)
  3. What NASA agency or programs funded the development of your dataset? Please provide grant numbers. (e.g. NNX08AG13G)
  4. Dataset Description

  5. Descriptive draft dataset title. (maximum 80 characters)
  6. What parameters or variables are provided in the dataset? (comma separated)
  7. Abstract. What, why, where, when, and how about this dataset.
  8. Have you analyzed the uncertainty in your data?
    Describe your uncertainty analysis and any data accuracy considerations. Include the uncertainty information in your data submission.
  9. Temporal and Spatial Characteristics

  10. What date range does the data cover? (YYYY-MM-DD)
    What is a representative sampling frequency or temporal resolution for your data?
  11. What is the geographic location of your data?
  12. Provide a bounding box around your data.
  13. Which of the following best describes the spatial nature of your data?
    (single point|multiple points|transect|grid|polygon|n/a)
  14. What is a representative spatial resolution for these data?
  15. Data Format and Documentation

  16. What are the formats of your data files? (CTRL- or CMD- Left Click to select multiple formats.)
    Approximately how many data files does your product contain?
  17. Related Publications

  18. Provide documentation about your data following the appropriate template for your data type. See Data Submission Guidelines. Upload your documentation file(s) with your dataset.
  19. Are you requesting archival of this dataset to accompany a new journal publication?
    If yes, upload a digital copy of the manuscript with the data. We will not share the paper or post it online.
    If yes, what is the status of the manuscript?
  20. Has this dataset been described and used in an already published paper?
    If so, upload a digital copy of the paper with the dataset.
  21. Related Datasets

  22. Is this dataset related to a previously archived dataset at the ORNL DAAC?
  23. Certification

  24. Data submitted to ORNL DAAC will be published in accordance with the NASA Data & Information Policy. I certify that:
    (I have submitted all required information and documentation for this dataset.
    This dataset is final, unrestricted, and available for immediate release.
    This data set is formatted according to the ORNL DAAC Data Submission Guidelines.
    I understand ORNL DAAC may contact me throughout the archival process.)

If you are interested in archiving your dataset or model product at the ORNL DAAC, fill out our Submit Data Form.