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Submission Help

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Data Upload

Here are two options for uploading data using FTP:

  1. ftp - command line
    1. Type: ftp
    2. enter username and password
    3. Type: cd <ingest_id> to enter your directory
    4. Type: ls to list files in your directory
    5. Type: put <filename> to upload a file
      1. Or: mput to upload multiple files
    6. Here is a list of ftp commands:
  2. Filezilla - cross-plaform, GUI based FTP application
    1. Download if needed
    2. Enter credentials in the Host bar
      1. Host:
      2. Username: your username
      3. Password: your password
      4. Port: blank
    3. Click Quickconnect
    4. Remote Site: change to /<ingest_id>
    5. Drag and drop file from the local site to the remote site

Data Upload Credentials

The data upload account credentials are not the same as the account used to sign into the website. Data upload uses a separate account managed by ORNL.

Reset your password for the ORNL DAAC data upload area by using the "Forgot Your Password" link on

Contact Us if you stil have questions about your data set submission.