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Webinar: NetCDF Why and How: Creating Publication Quality NetCDF Datasets

Speakers: Michele Thornton and Jack McNelis

Hosted by: NASA EOSDIS and the ORNL DAAC
Date: September 4, 2019
Contact for the ORNL DAAC:

Keywords: netCDF, Data Management, Python, OPeNDAP, Web Service, NCO, GDAL, Bash Script


In this webinar we introduce step-by-step methods, software, and tools that you can use to create, visualize, and standardize netCDF files before submitting your data to an archive. The netCDF file format is a recommended format for archival and distribution of multi-dimensional and gridded geospatial data. However, creating and organizing standardized datasets can be challenging for researchers not experienced with netCDF. This webinar focuses on two main topics 1) Why netCDF: What advantages does netCDF have that make it a suitable long-term archive and sharing format and, 2) How netCDF: How can you transform your data from other formats into standardized netCDF files. Demonstration using command line utilities and popular programming languages are provided.

Webinar LinkYouTube

Presentation SlidesPDF


  • GDAL, NCO, ncdump, nccopy
  • Python 3 libraries: netCDF4, gdal, pyproj


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