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Publications Citing ISLSCP II Historical Land Cover and Land Use, 1700-1990

The following 5 publications cited the product ISLSCP II Historical Land Cover and Land Use, 1700-1990.

Year Citation
2018 Yu, H., B. Zhang, and Z. Wang. 2018. Comparative Study on Changes of Croplands Between North Korea and South Korea During 1990-2015. Chinese Geographical Science. 28(6):920-934.
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2015 Levi, L., F. Jaramillo, R. Andricevic, and G. Destouni. 2015. Hydroclimatic changes and drivers in the Sava River Catchment and comparison with Swedish catchments. Ambio. 44(7):624-634.
2014 Tian, H., K. Banger, T. Bo, and V.K. Dadhwal. 2014. History of land use in India during 1880-2010: Large-scale land transformations reconstructed from satellite data and historical archives. Global and Planetary Change. 121:78-88.
2012 Samson, J., D. Berteaux, B.J. McGill, and M.M. Humphries. 2012. Demographic Amplification of Climate Change Experienced by the Contiguous United States Population during the 20th Century. PLoS ONE. 7(10):e45683.