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Publications Citing ISLSCP II Potential Natural Vegetation Cover

The following 7 publications cited the product ISLSCP II Potential Natural Vegetation Cover.

Year Citation
2017 Fetzel, Tamara; Havlik, Petr; Herrero, Mario; Erb, Karl-Heinz (2017) Seasonality constraints to livestock grazing intensity.Global Change Biology. 23(4): 1636-1647.
2017 Kim, John, B. ; Monier, Erwan; Sohngen, Brent; Pitts, G. Stephen; Drapek, Ray; McFarland, James; Ohrel, Sara; Cole, Jefferson (2017) Assessing climate change impacts, benefits of mitigation, and uncertainties on major global forest regions under multiple socioeconomic and emissions scenarios.Environmental Research Letters. 12(4): 45001.
2015 Fang, Keyan; Makkonen, Risto; Guo, Zhengtang; Zhao, Yan; Seppä, Heikki (2015). An increase in the biogenic aerosol concentration as a contributing factor to the recent wetting trend in Tibetan Plateau, Scientific Reports, 5 ().
2014 Bajzelj, Bojana; Richards, Keith S.; Allwood, Julian M.; Smith, Pete; Dennis, John S.; Curmi, Elizabeth and Gilligan, Christopher A. (2014) Importance of food-demand management for climate mitigation. Nature Clim. Change. 4(10): 924-929. .
2014 Baj˛elj, Bojana and Richards, Keith S. (2014) The Positive Feedback Loop between the Impacts of Climate Change and Agricultural Expansion and Relocation. Land. 3(3): 898-916. .
2014 Zhang, W.; Jansson, C.; Miller, P. A.; Smith, B. and Samuelsson, P. (2014) Biogeophysical feedbacks enhance the Arctic terrestrial carbon sink in regional Earth system dynamics. Biogeosciences. 11(19): 5503-5519. .
2013 Rogers B.M., Randerson, J. T., Bonan, G. B.; (2013) High-latitude cooling associated with landscape changes from North American boreal forest fires. Biogeosciences. 10 (2): 699-718.