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Publications Citing Pre-LBA RADAMBRASIL Project Data

The following 2 publications cited the product Pre-LBA RADAMBRASIL Project Data.

Year Citation
2016 Anderson, D. P.;McMurtrie, P.;Edge, K.-A.;Baxter, P. W. J.;Byrom, A. E.; (2016) Inferential and forward projection modeling to evaluate options for controlling invasive mammals on islands.Ecological Applications. 26(8): 2548-2559.
2015 Stockmann, Uta; Padarian, Jose; McBratney, Alex; Minasny, Budiman; de Brogniez, Delphine; Montanarella, Luca; Hong, Suk Young; Rawlins, Barry G.; Field, Damien J. (2015). Global soil organic carbon assessment, Global Food Security, 6 ().