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Publications Citing ISLSCP II Continuous Fields of Vegetation Cover, 1992-1993

The following 4 publications cited the product ISLSCP II Continuous Fields of Vegetation Cover, 1992-1993.

Year Citation
2017 Lu, Xingjie;Wang, Ying-Ping;Wright, Ian J.;Reich, Peter B.;Shi, Zheng;Dai, Yongjiu; (2017) Incorporation of plant traits in a land surface model helps explain the global biogeographical distribution of major forest functional types.Global Ecology and Biogeography. 26(3): 304-317.
2015 Zhu, D.; Peng, S. S.; Ciais, P.; Viovy, N.; Druel, A.; Kageyama, M.; Krinner, G.; Peylin, P.; Ottle, C.; Piao, S. L.; Poulter, B.; Schepaschenko, D.; Shvidenko, A. (2015). Improving the dynamics of Northern Hemisphere high-latitude vegetation in the ORCHIDEE ecosystem model, Geosci. Model Dev., 8 (7).
2014 Bistinas, I.; Harrison, S. P.; Prentice, I. C. and Pereira, J. M. C. (2014) Causal relationships versus emergent patterns in the global controls of fire frequency. Biogeosciences. 11(18): 5087-5101. .
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