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Publications Citing ISLSCP II IGBP DISCover and SiB Land Cover, 1992-1993

The following 7 publications cited the product ISLSCP II IGBP DISCover and SiB Land Cover, 1992-1993.

Year Citation
2017 Hua, Wenjian; Chen, Haishan; Zhou, Liming; Xie, Zhenghui; Qin, Minhua; Li, Xing; Ma, Hedi; Huang, Qinghan; Sun, Shanlei (2017) Observational Quantification of Climatic and Human Influences on Vegetation Greening in China.Remote Sensing. 9(5): 425.
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2015 Ma, Jianyong; Yan, Xiaodong; Dong, Wenjie; Chou, Jieming (2015). Gross primary production of global forest ecosystems has been overestimated, Scientific Reports, 5 ().
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2013 Unger, N.;Harper, K.;Zheng, Y.;Kiang, N. Y.;Aleinov, I.;Arneth, A.;Schurgers, G.;Amelynck, C.;Goldstein, A.;Guenther, A.;Heinesch, B.;Hewitt, C. N.;Karl, T.;Laffineur, Q.;Langford, B.;A. McKinney, K.;Misztal, P.;Potosnak, M.;Rinne, J.;Pressley, S.;Schoon.; (2013). Photosynthesis-dependent isoprene emission from leaf to planet in a global carbon-chemistry-climate model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 13 (20): 10243-10269.
2012 Levavasseur, G., Vrac, M., Roche, D. M., & Paillard, D. (2012). Statistical modelling of a new global potential vegetation distribution. Environmental Research Letters. 7 (4): 44019.