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Publications Citing LBA-ECO CD-08 Tree Inventory Data, Ducke Reserve, Manaus, Brazil: 1999

The following 4 publications cited the product LBA-ECO CD-08 Tree Inventory Data, Ducke Reserve, Manaus, Brazil: 1999.

Year Citation
2016 Gebara, Jonas; Barbosa, Antenor Pereira; Azevedo, Isabel Maria Gon?alves; Gimenez, Bruno Oliva (2016) Population structure and production of Copaiba Oleoresin between valleys and hillsides of the mining area of Trombetas River-Par?1.Revista ?rvore. 40(1): 51-60.
2012 Newton, P., Peres, C. A., Desmouličre, S. J., & Watkinson, A. R.; (2012). Cross-scale variation in the density and spatial distribution of an Amazonian non-timber forest resource. Forest Ecology and Management. 276 (0): 41-51.
2011 Peter Newton (2011) Opportunities for conservation and livelihoods in Amazonian extractive reserves.School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy .
2010 Robertson, Amanda L., Malhi, Yadvinder., Farfan-Amezquita, Filio., Aragao, Luiz Eduardo O. C., Silva Espejo, Javier Eduardo., Robertson, Matthew A.; (2010). Stem respiration in tropical forests along an elevation gradient in the Amazon and Andes. Global Change Biology. 16 (12): 3193-3204.