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Publications Citing Pre-LBA Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX) Data

The following 10 publications cited the product Pre-LBA Carbon in the Amazon River Experiment (CAMREX) Data.

Year Citation
2020 Rios-Villamizar, E.A., J.M. Adeney, M.T.F. Piedade, and W.J. Junk. 2020. New insights on the classification of major Amazonian river water types. Sustainable Water Resources Management. 6(5):
2020 Rios-Villamizar, E.A., J.M. Adeney, W.J. Junk, and M.T.F. Piedade. 2020. Physicochemical features of Amazonian water typologies for water resources management. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 427:012003.
2020 Villamizar, E.A.R., J.M. Adeney, M.T.F. Piedade, and W.J. Junk. 2020. HYDROCHEMICAL CLASSIFICATION OF AMAZONIAN RIVERS: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS . Caminhos de Geografia. 21(78):211-226.
2019 Hastie, A., R. Lauerwald, P. Ciais, and P. Regnier. 2019. Aquatic carbon fluxes dampen the overall variation of net ecosystem productivity in the Amazon basin: An analysis of the interannual variability in the boundless carbon cycle. Global Change Biology. 25(6):2094-2111.
2017 Forsberg, B.R., J.M. Melack, T. Dunne, R.B. Barthem, M. Goulding, R.C.D. Paiva, M.V. Sorribas, U.L. Silva, and S. Weisser. 2017. The potential impact of new Andean dams on Amazon fluvial ecosystems. PLOS ONE. 12(8):e0182254.
2017 Hsu, L., E. Mayorga, J.S. Horsburgh, M.R. Carter, K.A. Lehnert, and S.L. Brantley. 2017. Enhancing Interoperability and Capabilities of Earth Science Data using the Observations Data Model 2 (ODM2). Data Science Journal. 16:
2014 Hartmann, J., N. Moosdorf, R. Lauerwald, M. Hinderer, and A.J. West. 2014. Global chemical weathering and associated P-release -- The role of lithology, temperature and soil properties. Chemical Geology. 363:145-163.
2011 Bustillo, V., R.L. Victoria, J.M.S.d. Moura, D.d.C. Victoria, A.M.A. Toledo, and E. Collicchio. 2011. Factors driving the biogeochemical budget of the Amazon River and its statistical modelling. Comptes Rendus Geoscience. 343(4):261-277.
2011 Stallard, R. F., Elements, (2011). Carbon and Water Cycles Amazon River Basin Applied Biogeochemistry: Review. International Mineralogical Association magazine. (February 7, 2011)
2010 Taylor, P.G. and A.R. Townsend. 2010. Stoichiometric control of organic carbon-nitrate relationships from soils to the sea. Nature. 464(7292):1178-1181.