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Publications Citing Site Averaged AMS Data: 1987-1989 (Betts)

The following 10 publications cited the product Site Averaged AMS Data: 1987-1989 (Betts).

Year Citation
2016 Larsen, M. A. D.;Rasmussen, S. H.;Drews, M.;Butts, M. B.;Christensen, J. H.;Refsgaard, J. C.; (2016) Assessing the influence of groundwater and land surface scheme in the modelling of land surface–atmosphere feedbacks over the FIFE area in Kansas, USA.Environmental Earth Sciences. 75(2): .
2000 De Ridder, Koen; (2000). Remote sensing of parameters that regulate energy and water transfer at the land-atmosphere interface. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part B: Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere. 25 (2): 159-165.
1999 Dai, Aiguo; Trenberth, Kevin E.; (1999). Effects of Clouds, Soil Moisture, Precipitation, and Water Vapor on Diurnal Temperature Range. Journal of Climate. 12 (8): 2451.<2451:EOCSMP>2.0.CO;2
1999 Franks, Stewart W.; Beven, Keith J.; (1999). Conditioning a multiple-patch SVAT Model using uncertain time-space estimates of latent heat fluxes as inferred from remotely sensed data. Water Resour. Res. 35 (9): 2751-2761.
1999 Matsuyama, Hiroshi; Nishimura, Teruyuki; Sato, Nobuo; (1999). Validation of the Atmospheric Forcing of ISLSCP Initiative I CD-ROM and Outputs from the JMA-SiB Using FIFE Observations. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II. 77 (1B): 199-215.
1998 Bosilovich, Michael G.; Sun, Wen-yih; (1998). Monthly Simulation of Surface Layer Fluxes and Soil Properties during FIFE. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1170-1184.<1170:msoslf>;2
1998 Colello, G. D.; Grivet, C.; Sellers, P. J.; Berry, J. A.; (1998). Modeling of Energy, Water, and CO2 Flux in a Temperate Grassland Ecosystem with SiB2: May-October 1987. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1141-1169.<1141:moewac>;2
1998 Schmugge, T. J.; Schmidt, G. M.; (1998). Surface Temperature Observations from AVHRR in FIFE. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1239-1246.<1239:stofai>;2
1997 Peters-Lidard, C. D.; Zion, M. S.; Wood, E. F.; (1997). A soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer scheme for modeling spatially variable water and energy balance processes. J. Geophys. Res. 102 (D4): 4303-4324.
1997 Smirnova, Tatiana G.; Brown, John M.; Benjamin, Stanley G.; (1997). Performance of Different Soil Model Configurations in Simulating Ground Surface Temperature and Surface Fluxes. Monthly Weather Review. 125 (8): 1870-1884.<1870:podsmc>;2