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Publications Citing Global Fire Emissions Database, Version 2 (GFEDv2)

The following 13 publications cited the product Global Fire Emissions Database, Version 2 (GFEDv2).

Year Citation
2017 Li, Jialin; Zhang, Meigen; Wu, Fangkun; Sun, Yele; Tang, Guiqian (2017) Assessment of the impacts of aromatic VOC emissions and yields of SOA on SOA concentrations with the air quality model RAMS-CMAQ.Atmospheric Environment. 158(): 105-115.
2015 Brown-Steiner, B.; Hess, P. G.; Lin, M. Y. (2015). On the capabilities and limitations of GCCM simulations of summertime regional air quality: A diagnostic analysis of ozone and temperature simulations in the US using CESM CAM-Chem, Atmospheric Environment, 101 ().
2014 Díaz Isaac, Liza I.; Lauvaux, Thomas; Davis, Kenneth J.; Miles, Natasha L.; Richardson, Scott J.; Jacobson, Andrew R. and Andrews, Arlyn E. (2014) Model-data comparison of MCI field campaign atmospheric CO2 mole fractions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 119(17): 2014JD021593. .
2014 Zhang, H. F.; Chen, B. Z.; van der Laan-Luijk, I. T.; Machida, T.; Matsueda, H.; Sawa, Y.; Fukuyama, Y.; Langenfelds, R.; van der Schoot, M.; Xu, G.; Yan, J. W.; Cheng, M. L.; Zhou, L. X.; Tans, P. P. and Peters, W. (2014) Estimating Asian terrestrial carbon fluxes from CONTRAIL aircraft and surface CO2 observations for the period 2006–2010. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14(11): 5807-5824. .
2012 Universidade de Aveiro, Departamento de Ambiente e Ordenamento (2012) Characteristics of gas and particle emissions from wildfires.Dissertação apresentada à Universidade de Aveiro para cumprimento dos requisitos necessários à obtenção do grau de Doutor em Ciências e Engenharia do Ambiente. .
2011 Aan de Brugh, J. M. J.;Schaap, M.;Vignati, E.;Dentener, F.;Kahnert, M.;Sofiev, M.;Huijnen, V.;Krol, M. C.; (2011) The European aerosol budget in 2006. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 11 (3): 1117-1139.
2011 Paulot, F.;Henze, D. K.;Wennberg, P. O.; (2011) Impact of the isoprene photochemical cascade on tropical ozone. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 11 (9): 25605-25654.
2011 Paulot, F.;Wunch, D.;Crounse, J. D.;Toon, G. C.;Millet, D. B.;DeCarlo, P. F.;Vigouroux, C.;Deutscher, N. M.;González Abad, G.;Notholt, J.;Warneke, T.;Hannigan, J. W.;Warneke, C.;de Gouw, J. A.;Dunlea, E. J.;De Mazière, M.;Griffith, D. W. T.;Bernath, P.;Ji; (2011) Importance of secondary sources in the atmospheric budgets of formic and acetic acids. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 11 (5): 1989-2013.
2011 Zyryanov, D., Foret, G., Eremenko, M., Beekmann, M., Cammas, JP., DIsidoro, M., Elbern, H., Flemming, J., Friese, E., Kioutsioutkis, I.; (2011). 3-D evaluation of tropospheric ozone simulations by an ensemble of regional Chemistry Transport Model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 11 (10): 28797-28849.
2010 C.A. Alves, C. Gonçalves, A. Vicente, T. Nunes, F. Mirante, L. Tarelho, A. Caseiro and C.A. Pio; (2010) Emissions of trace gases and aerosols from wildfires in Portugal in summer 2009 - Experiemental results from ground base measurements.VI International Conference on Forest Fire Research. D. X. Viegas (Ed.) .
2010 Millet, D. B.;Guenther, A.;Siegel, D. A.;Nelson, N. B.;Singh, H. B.;de Gouw, J. A.;Warneke, C.;Williams, J.;Eerdekens, G.;Sinha, V.;Karl, T.;Flocke, F.;Apel, E.;Riemer, D. D.;Palmer, P. I.;Barkley, M.; (2010) Global atmospheric budget of acetaldehyde: 3-D model analysis and constraints from in-situ and satellite observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 10 (7): 3405-3425.
2010 SASAKAWA, M.;SHIMOYAMA, K.;MACHIDA, T.;TSUDA, N.;SUTO, H.;ARSHINOV, M.;DAVYDOV, D.;FOFONOV, A.;KRASNOV, O.;SAEKI, T.;KOYAMA, Y.;MAKSYUTOV, S.; (2010) Continuous measurements of methane from a tower network over Siberia.Tellus B. 62 (5): 403-416.
2009 Millet, Dylan B.;Atlas, Elliot L.;Blake, Donald R.;Blake, Nicola J.;Diskin, Glenn S.;Holloway, John S.;Hudman, Rynda C.;Meinardi, Simone;Ryerson, Thomas B.;Sachse, Glen W.; (2009) Halocarbon Emissions from the United States and Mexico and Their Global Warming Potential. Environmental Science & Technology. 43 (4): 1055-1060.