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Publications Citing Monthly Climate Data for Selected USGS HCDN Sites, 1951-1990, R1

The following 18 publications cited the product Monthly Climate Data for Selected USGS HCDN Sites, 1951-1990, R1.

Year Citation
2019 Mazrooei, A. and A. Sankarasubramanian. 2019. Improving monthly streamflow forecasts through assimilation of observed streamflow for rainfall-dominated basins across the CONUS. Journal of Hydrology. 575:704-715.
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2012 Matthew S. Mayernik, Michael D. Daniels, Bob Dattore, Ethan Davis, Kathryn M. Ginger, Karon M. Kelly, Mary R. Marlino, Don Middleton, Jennifer Phillips, Gary Strand, Steven F. Williams, Steven Worely, Michael J. Wright (2012) Data Citations within NCAR/UCP.. National Center for Atmospheric Research Library
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