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Publications Citing Land Surface Model (LSM 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, Atmospheric Studies

The following 4 publications cited the product Land Surface Model (LSM 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, Atmospheric Studies.

Year Citation
2016 Jepsen, S. M.;Harmon, T. C.;Shi, Y.; (2016) Watershed model calibration to the base flow recession curve with and without evapotranspiration effects.Water Resources Research. 52(4): 2919-2933.
2013 Choi H.I., Liang, Xin-Zhong, Kumar, Praveen.; (2013). A Conjunctive Surface-Subsurface Flow Representation for Mesoscale Land Surface Models. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 14 (5): 1421-1442.
2012 Blackledge, J., Coyle, E., McCoy, N., Kearney, D., Sunderland, K., & Woolmington, T.; (2012). Analysis of Wind Velocity and the Quantification of Wind Turbulence in Rural and Urban Environments using the L_vy Index and Fractal Dimension. ISAST Transactions on Computers and Intelligent Systems. 4 (0).
2012 Muraoka, H., Noda, H. M., Nagai, S., Motoka, T., Saitoh, T. M., Nasahara, K. N., et al.; (2012). Spectral vegetation indices as the indicator of canopy photosynthetic productivity in a deciduous broadleaf forest. Journal of Plant Ecology..