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Publications Citing Biome-BGC: Terrestrial Ecosystem Process Model, Version 4.1.1

The following 32 publications cited the product Biome-BGC: Terrestrial Ecosystem Process Model, Version 4.1.1.

Year Citation
2023 Bosela, M., Á. Rubio-Cuadrado, P. Marcis, K. Mergani?ová, P. Fleischer, D.I. Forrester, E. Uhl, A. Avdagi?, M. Bellan, K. Bielak, F. Bravo, L. Coll, K. Cseke, M. del Rio, L. Dinca, L. Dobor, S. Drozdowski, F. Giammarchi, E. Gömöryová, A. Ibrahimspahi?, M. Kašanin-Grubin, M. Klop?i?, V. Kurylyak, F. Montes, M. Pach, R. Ruiz-Peinado, J. Skrzyszewski, B. Stajic, D. Stojanovic, M. Svoboda, G. Tonon, S. Versace, S. Mitrovic, T. Zlatanov, H. Pretzsch, and R. Tognetti. 2023. Empirical and process-based models predict enhanced beech growth in European mountains under climate change scenarios: A multimodel approach. Science of The Total Environment. 888:164123.
2021 Crockett, E.T.H., S. Vennin, J. Botzas-Coluni, G. Larocque, and E.M. Bennett. 2021. Bright spots of carbon storage in temperate forests. Journal of Applied Ecology. 58(12):3012-3022.
2021 Ostrogovi? Sever, M.Z., Z. Barcza, D. Hidy, A. Kern, D. Dimoski, S. Miko, O. Hasan, B. Grahovac, and H. Marjanovi?. 2021. Evaluation of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Model Biome-BGCMuSo for Modelling Soil Organic Carbon under Different Land Uses. Land. 10(9):968.
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2017 Verma, S., J. Marshall, C. Gerbig, C. Rodenbeck, and K.U. Totsche. 2017. The constraint of CO<sub>2</sub> measurements made onboard passenger aircraft on surface-atmosphere fluxes: the impact of transport model errors in vertical mixing. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 17(9):5665-5675.
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2016 Sandor, R., Z. Barcza, D. Hidy, E. Lellei-Kovacs, S. Ma, and G. Bellocchi. 2016. Modelling of grassland fluxes in Europe: Evaluation of two biogeochemical models. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 215:1-19.
2014 Keenan, T.F., J. Gray, M.A. Friedl, M. Toomey, G. Bohrer, D.Y. Hollinger, J.W. Munger, J. O'Keefe, H.P. Schmid, I.S. Wing, B. Yang, and A.D. Richardson. 2014. Net carbon uptake has increased through warming-induced changes in temperate forest phenology. Nature Climate Change. 4(7):598-604.
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