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Publications Citing SAFARI 2000 Surface Albedo and Radiation Fluxes at Mongu and Skukuza, 2000-2002

The following 4 publications cited the product SAFARI 2000 Surface Albedo and Radiation Fluxes at Mongu and Skukuza, 2000-2002.

Year Citation
2015 Cui, Shengcheng; Zhen, Xiaobing; Wang, Zhen; Yang, Shizhi; Zhu, WenYue; Li, Xuebin; Huang, Honghua; Wei, Heli (2015). Toward a new radiative-transfer-based model for remote sensing of terrestrial surface albedo, Optics Letters, 40 (16).
2015 Lattanzio, A.; Fell, F.; Bennartz, R.; Trigo, I. F.; Schulz, J. (2015). Quality assessment and improvement of the EUMETSAT Meteosat Surface Albedo Climate Data Record, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 8 (10).
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