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Publications Citing Satellite AVHRR Extracted Data (FIFE)

The following 8 publications cited the product Satellite AVHRR Extracted Data (FIFE).

Year Citation
2000 De Ridder, Koen; (2000). Remote sensing of parameters that regulate energy and water transfer at the land-atmosphere interface. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part B: Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere. 25 (2): 159-165.
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1998 Qiu, J.; Gao, W.; Lesht, B. M.; (1998). Inverting optical reflectance to estimate surface properties of vegetation canopies. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 19 (4): 641-656.
1998 Schmugge, T. J.; Schmidt, G. M.; (1998). Surface Temperature Observations from AVHRR in FIFE. Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 55 (7): 1239-1246.<1239:stofai>;2
1997 Goetz, S. J.; (1997). Multi-sensor analysis of NDVI, surface temperature and biophysical variables at a mixed grassland site. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 18 (1): 71-94.
1996 Privette, J. L.; Emery, W. J.; Schimel, D. S.; (1996). Inversion of a vegetation reflectance model with NOAA AVHRR data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 58 (2): 187-200.
1995 Kalluri, S. N. V.; Dubayah, R. O.; (1995). Comparison of atmospheric correction models for thermal bands of the advanced very high resolution radiometer over FIFE. J. Geophys. Res. 100 (D12): 25411-25418.
1995 Oleson, K. W.; Sarlin, S.; Garrison, J.; Smith, S.; Privette, J. L.; Emery, W. J.; (1995). Unmixing multiple land-cover type reflectances from coarse spatial resolution satellite data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 54 (2): 98-112.