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Publications Citing SAFARI 2000 Modeled Fuel Load in Southern Africa, 1999-2000

The following 3 publications cited the product SAFARI 2000 Modeled Fuel Load in Southern Africa, 1999-2000.

Year Citation
2005 Ito, A. 2005. Estimates of CO emissions from open biomass burning in southern Africa for the year 2000. Journal of Geophysical Research. 110(D19):
2004 Korontzi, S., D.P. Roy, C.O. Justice, and D.E. Ward. 2004. Modeling and sensitivity analysis of fire emissions in southern Africa during SAFARI 2000. Remote Sensing of Environment. 92(2):255-275.
2004 Svoray, T. and M. Shoshany. 2004. Multi-scale analysis of intrinsic soil factors from SAR-based mapping of drying rates. Remote Sensing of Environment. 92(2):233-246.