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Publications Citing BigFoot Land Cover Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2003

The following 7 publications cited the product BigFoot Land Cover Surfaces for North and South American Sites, 2000-2003.

Year Citation
2018 Kim, J.H., T. Hwang, Y. Yang, C.L. Schaaf, E. Boose, and J.W. Munger. 2018. Warming-Induced Earlier Greenup Leads to Reduced Stream Discharge in a Temperate Mixed Forest Catchment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 123(6):1960-1975.
2017 Kim, J., T. Hwang, C.L. Schaaf, D.A. Orwig, E. Boose, and J.W. Munger. 2017. Increased water yield due to the hemlock woolly adelgid infestation in New England. Geophysical Research Letters. 44(5):2327-2335.
2012 Chai, L., Y. Qu, L. Zhang, S. Liang, and J. Wang. 2012. Estimating time-series leaf area index based on recurrent nonlinear autoregressive neural networks with exogenous inputs. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 33(18):5712-5731.
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2006 Salomon, J.G., C.B. Schaaf, A.H. Strahler, Feng Gao, and Yufang Jin. 2006. Validation of the MODIS bidirectional reflectance distribution function and albedo retrievals using combined observations from the aqua and terra platforms. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 44(6):1555-1565.