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Publications Citing Radiosonde Data: NOAA (FIFE)

The following 3 publications cited the product Radiosonde Data: NOAA (FIFE).

Year Citation
1998 Schmugge, T.J. and G.M. Schmidt. 1998. Surface Temperature Observations from AVHRR in FIFE. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 55(7):1239-1246.<1239:stofai>;2<1239:stofai>;2
1998 Wai, M.M.K. and E.A. Smith. 1998. Linking Boundary Layer Circulations and Surface Processes during FIFE 89. Part II: Maintenance of Secondary Circulation. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 55(7):1260-1276.<1260:LBLCAS>2.0.CO;2<1260:LBLCAS>2.0.CO;2
1995 Kalluri, S.N.V. and R.O. Dubayah. 1995. Comparison of atmospheric correction models for thermal bands of the advanced very high resolution radiometer over FIFE. Journal of Geophysical Research. 100(D12):25411.