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Publications Citing Biomass Allocation and Growth Data of Seeded Plants

The following 8 publications cited the product Biomass Allocation and Growth Data of Seeded Plants.

Year Citation
2019 Easdale, T.A., S.J. Richardson, M. Marden, J.R. England, J. Gayoso-Aguilar, J.E. Guerra-Carcamo, J.K. McCarthy, K.I. Paul, L. Schwendenmann, and A.M. Brandon. 2019. Root biomass allocation in southern temperate forests. Forest Ecology and Management. 453:117542.
2017 Matthies, D. 2017. Interactions between a root hemiparasite and 27 different hosts: Growth, biomass allocation and plant architecture. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 24:118-137.
2016 Lang, M., A. Lilleleht, M. Neumann, K. Bronisz, S.G. Rolim, M. Seedre, V. Uri, and A. Kiviste. 2016. Estimation of above-ground biomass in forest stands from regression on their basal area and height. Forestry Studies. 64(1):70-92.
2016 Starko, S. and P.T. Martone. 2016. An empirical test of 'universal' biomass scaling relationships in kelps: evidence of convergence with seed plants. New Phytologist. 212(3):719-729.
2015 Hatton, I.A., K.S. McCann, J.M. Fryxell, T.J. Davies, M. Smerlak, A.R.E. Sinclair, and M. Loreau. 2015. The predator-prey power law: Biomass scaling across terrestrial and aquatic biomes. Science. 349(6252):aac6284-aac6284.
2012 Poorter, H., K.J. Niklas, P.B. Reich, J. Oleksyn, P. Poot, and L. Mommer. 2012. Biomass allocation to leaves, stems and roots: meta-analyses of interspecific variation and environmental control. New Phytologist. 193(1):30-50.
2009 Teobaldelli, M., Z. Somogyi, M. Migliavacca, and V.A. Usoltsev. 2009. Generalized functions of biomass expansion factors for conifers and broadleaved by stand age, growing stock and site index. Forest Ecology and Management. 257(3):1004-1013.
2007 ENQUIST, B.J., A.J. KERKHOFF, T.E. HUXMAN, and E.P. ECONOMO. 2007. Adaptive differences in plant physiology and ecosystem paradoxes: insights from metabolic scaling theory. Global Change Biology. 13(3):591-609.