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Publications Citing RLC Vegetative Cover of the Former Soviet Union, 1990

The following 5 publications cited the product RLC Vegetative Cover of the Former Soviet Union, 1990.

Year Citation
2019 Wang, C.C., S. Reinhold, A. Kalmykov, A. Wissgott, G. Brandt, C. Jeong, O. Cheronet, M. Ferry, E. Harney, D. Keating, S. Mallick, N. Rohland, K. Stewardson, A.R. Kantorovich, V.E. Maslov, V.G. Petrenko, V.R. Erlikh, B.C. Atabiev, R.G. Magomedov, P.L. Kohl, K.W. Alt, S.L. Pichler, C. Gerling, H. Meller, B. Vardanyan, L. Yeganyan, A.D. Rezepkin, D. Mariaschk, N. Berezina, J. Gresky, K. Fuchs, C. Knipper, S. Schiffels, E. Balanovska, O. Balanovsky, I. Mathieson, T. Higham, Y.B. Berezin, A. Buzhilova, V. Trifonov, R. Pinhasi, A.B. Belinskij, D. Reich, S. Hansen, J. Krause, and W. Haak. 2019. Ancient human genome-wide data from a 3000-year interval in the Caucasus corresponds with eco-geographic regions. Nature Communications. 10(1):
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2015 Niemeyer, B., U. Herzschuh, and L. Pestryakova. 2015. Vegetation and lake changes on the southern Taymyr peninsula, northern Siberia, during the last 300 years inferred from pollen and Pediastrum green algae records. The Holocene. 25(4):596-606.
2011 Fokeeva, E.V., A.N. Safronov, V.S. Rakitin, L.N. Yurganov, E.I. Grechko, and R.A. Shumskii. 2011. Investigation of the 2010 July-August fires impact on carbon monoxide atmospheric pollution in Moscow and its outskirts, estimating of emissions. Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics. 47(6):682-698.
2011 SHUMAN, J.K., H.H. SHUGART, and T.L. O'HALLORAN. 2011. Sensitivity of Siberian larch forests to climate change. Global Change Biology. 17(7):2370-2384.