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Publications Citing Global Distribution of Root Nutrient Concentrations in Terrestrial Ecosystems

The following 4 publications cited the product Global Distribution of Root Nutrient Concentrations in Terrestrial Ecosystems.

Year Citation
2017 Li, Tingting; Zhang, Qing; Cheng, Zhigang; Wang, Guocheng; Yu, Lijun; Zhang, Wen (2017) Performance of CH4MODwetland for the case study of different regions of natural Chinese wetland.Journal of Environmental Sciences. 57(): 356-369.
2016 Li, Tingting;Xie, Baohua;Wang, Guocheng;Zhang, Wen;Zhang, Qing;Vesala, Timo;Raivonen, Maarit; (2016) Field-scale simulation of methane emissions from coastal wetlands in China using an improved version of CH4MODwetland.Science of The Total Environment. 559(): 256-267.
2014 Smithwick, Erica A. H.; Lucash, Melissa S.; McCormack, M. Luke and Sivandran, Gajan. (2014) Improving the representation of roots in terrestrial models. Ecological Modelling. 291: 193-204. .
2006 Treseder, K.K.; (2006). Global Distributions of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi. Ecosystems. 9 (2): 305-316.