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Publications Citing NPP Multi-Biome: Grassland, Boreal Forest, and Tropical Forest Sites, 1939-1996, R1

The following 6 publications cited the product NPP Multi-Biome: Grassland, Boreal Forest, and Tropical Forest Sites, 1939-1996, R1.

Year Citation
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2018 Urrego-Mesa, A., J. Infante-Amate, and E. Tello. 2018. Pastures and Cash Crops: Biomass Flows in the Socio-Metabolic Transition of Twentieth-Century Colombian Agriculture. Sustainability. 11(1):117.
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2007 Adams, M.A. 2007. Nutrient Cycling in Forests and Heathlands: an Ecosystem Perspective from the Water-Limited South. 10:333-360.