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Publications Citing NPP Multi-Biome: Global Primary Production Data Initiative Products, R2

The following 20 publications cited the product NPP Multi-Biome: Global Primary Production Data Initiative Products, R2.

Year Citation
2017 Gang, Chengcheng; Zhang, Yanzhen; Wang, Zhaoqi; Chen, Yizhao; Yang, Yue; Li, Jianlong; Cheng, Jimin; Qi, Jiaguo; Odeh, Inakwu (2016) Modeling the dynamics of distribution, extent, and NPP of global terrestrial ecosystems in response to future climate change.Global and Planetary Change. 148(): 153-165.
2017 Simova, Irena;Storch, David; (2017) The enigma of terrestrial primary productivity: measurements, models, scales and the diversity-productivity relationship.Ecography. 40(2): 239-252.
2017 Xia, Jianyang; McGuire, A. David; Lawrence, David; Burke, Eleanor; Chen, Guangsheng; Chen, Xiaodong; Delire, Christine; Koven, Charles; MacDougall, Andrew; Peng, Shushi; Rinke, Annette; Saito, Kazuyuki; Zhang, Wenxin; Alkama, Ramdane; Bohn, Theodore J.; C (2017) Terrestrial ecosystem model performance in simulating productivity and its vulnerability to climate change in the northern permafrost region.Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 122(2): 430-446.
2015 Ardo, Jonas (2015). Comparison between remote sensing and a dynamic vegetation model for estimating terrestrial primary production of Africa, Carbon balance and management, 10 (1).
2015 Gang, Chengcheng; Wang, Zhaoqi; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Yizhao; Li, Jianlong; Cheng, Jimin; Guo, Liang; Odeh, Inakwu; Chen, Chun (2015). Projecting the dynamics of terrestrial net primary productivity in response to future climate change under the RCP2. 6 scenario, Environmental Earth Sciences, 74 (7).
2015 Gillman, Len N.; Wright, Shane D.; Cusens, Jarrod; McBride, Paul D.; Malhi, Yadvinder; Whittaker, Robert J. (2015). Latitude, productivity and species richness, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 24 (1).
2014 Zhang, W.; Jansson, C.; Miller, P. A.; Smith, B. and Samuelsson, P. (2014) Biogeophysical feedbacks enhance the Arctic terrestrial carbon sink in regional Earth system dynamics. Biogeosciences. 11(19): 5503-5519. .
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2010 Mao, J., Dan, L., Wang, B., Dai, Y., Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, (2010). Simulation and evaluation of terrestrial ecosystem NPP with M-SDGVM over continental China. 27 (2): 427-442. ISBN: 0256-1530..
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2001 Prince, Stephen D.; Haskett, Jonathan; Steininger, Marc; Strand, Holly; Wright, Robb; (2001). Net primary production of U.S. midwest croplands from agricultural harvest yield data. Ecological Applications. 11 (4): 1194-1205.[1194:NPPOUS]2.0.CO;2