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Publications Citing NPP Tropical Forest: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1967-1999, R1

The following 5 publications cited the product NPP Tropical Forest: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1967-1999, R1.

Year Citation
2016 Lomas, Pedro L.; Giampietro, Mario (2016) Environmental accounting for ecosystem conservation: Linking societal and ecosystem metabolisms.Ecological Modelling. 346(): 43027.
2013 Kuruppuarachchi K., Seneviratne, G.; (2013) Predicting aboveground biomass increment of tropical forests from litter-fall. Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Sciences). 42 (1): 35-40.
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2005 Neeff, Till; (2005). Spatial modeling of primary and secondary forest growth in Amazonia. Forest Ecology and Management. 219 (2-3): 149-168.
2001 Clark, Deborah A.; Brown, Sandra; Kicklighter, David W.; Chambers, Jeffrey Q.; Thomlinson, John R.; Ni, Jian; Holland, Elisabeth A.; (2001). Net primary production in tropical forests: An evaluation and synthesis of existing field data. Ecological Applications. 11 (2): 371-384.[0371:NPPITF]2.0.CO;2