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Publications Citing NPP Multi-Biome: NPP and Driver Data for Ecosystem Model-data Intercomparison, R2

The following 28 publications cited the product NPP Multi-Biome: NPP and Driver Data for Ecosystem Model-data Intercomparison, R2.

Year Citation
2017 Rabin, S. S.; Melton, J. R.; Lasslop, G.; Bachelet, D.; Forrest, M.; Hantson, S.; Kaplan, J. O.; Li, F.; Mangeon, S.; Ward, D. S.; Yue, C.; Arora, V. K.; Hickler, T.; Kloster, S.; Knorr, W.; Nieradzik, L.; Spessa, A.; Folberth, G. A.; Sheehan, T.; Voulgar (2017) The Fire Modeling Intercomparison Project (FireMIP), phase 1: experimental and analytical protocols with detailed model descriptions.Geosci. Model Dev.. 10(3): 1175-1197.
2016 Alton, Paul B.; (2016) The sensitivity of models of gross primary productivity to meteorological and leaf area forcing: A comparison between a Penman–Monteith ecophysiological approach and the MODIS Light-Use Efficiency algorithm.Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 218-219(): 11-24.
2016 Lu, Yaojie;Duursma, Remko A.;Medlyn, Belinda E.; (2016) Optimal stomatal behaviour under stochastic rainfall.Journal of Theoretical Biology. 394(): 160-171.
2016 Steinacher, M.;Joos, F.; (2016) Transient Earth system responses to cumulative carbon dioxide emissions: linearities, uncertainties, and probabilities in an observation-constrained model ensemble.Biogeosciences. 13(4): 1071-1103.
2015 Cleveland, Cory C.;Taylor, Philip;Chadwick, K. Dana;Dahlin, Kyla;Doughty, Christopher E.;Malhi, Yadvinder;Smith, W. Kolby;Sullivan, Benjamin W.;Wieder, William R.;Townsend, Alan R.; (2015) A comparison of plot-based satellite and Earth system model estimates of tropical forest net primary production.Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 29(5): 626-644.
2015 Pacifico, F.; Folberth, G. A.; Sitch, S.; Haywood, J. M.; Rizzo, L. V.; Malavelle, F. F.; Artaxo, P. (2015). Biomass burning related ozone damage on vegetation over the Amazon forest: a model sensitivity study, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15 (5).
2014 Forzieri, Giovanni; Feyen, Luc; Cescatti, Alessandro and Vivoni, Enrique R. (2014) Spatial and temporal variations in ecosystem response to monsoon precipitation variability in southwestern North America. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 119(10): 2014JG002710. .
2014 Hararuk, Oleksandra;Xia, Jianyang;Luo, Yiqi; (2014) Evaluation and improvement of a global land model against soil carbon data using a Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo method. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 119 (3): 403-417.
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2008 Del Grosso, S., Parton, W., Stohlgren, T., Zheng, D., Bachelet, D., Prince, S., Hibbard, K., Olson, R.; (2008). GLOBAL POTENTIAL NET PRIMARY PRODUCTION PREDICTED FROM VEGETATION CLASS, PRECIPITATION, AND TEMPERATURE. Ecology. 89 (8): 2117-2126.
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